Javed Akhtar Birthday: Know The Planets, Their Dashas & Yogas That Made Him A Skilled Lyricist

Javed Akhtar lyricist and writer

In modern India, the name Javed Akhtar connotes romance, aesthetics, and Urdu poetry. This well-known lyricist and songwriter was born in Gwalior on January 17, 1945. His life narrative is a roller coaster, and the list of accolades to his name is endless and continually rising. Moreover, Javed Akhtar is a person of many talents and is well-known as a poet and lyricist in Indian cinema. 

Being the son of a well-known Urdu poet Jaan Nisar Akhtar and the author and educator Safia Akhtar, he grew up with talent and literature all around. It influenced his life greatly and made a great difference in his professional life and the heritage he still carries. Today, people warmly welcome his work and appreciate it in famous movies like Panipat, Gully Boy, Tumhari Sulu, Gold, etc.

Let us dig deep into his horoscope and know the Yogas and planets in his Kundli that helped him build such a successful career.

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A look at Javed Akhtar & his career

  • Javed Akhtar came to Mumbai after several years of struggling in Bhopal. He believed that everyone who is an artist should at least once try their luck in the renowned Indian film business, also referred to as— The city of dreams. 
  • For the movie Seeta Aur Geeta, released in 1969, he got his first significant break.
  • However, if we count his major contributions, in 1981, Javed Akhtar made his debut as a lyricist with the romance drama movie, Silsila, directed by Yash Chopra. 
  • After a good debut, he wrote multiple hit songs for Bollywood films. 
  • Akhtar earned his first National Film Award for Best Lyrics for Saaz, by Sai Paranjpe, in 1996. 
  • Moreover, he received four more National Awards for the films Border (1997), Godmother (1998), Refugee (2000), and Lagaan (2001) after this newly discovered recognition.

Major Dashas played role in his success

Mercury Mahadasha

  • This poet, lyricist, and screenwriter received the Sahitya Akademi Award, the Padma Shri Award in 1999, and the Padma Bhushan Award in 2007. During this period, he was under the Mercury Mahadasha.
  • Since Mercury was in the 8th house of his Kundli house, his good efforts gained him respect from society. 
  • With that, happiness also came to him in the form of wealth, success, and fulfilling family life. 
  • Also, this period proved to be one of the best and highest points in his life. 

Saturn Mahadasha

  • The next Mahadasha that mattered in his life was the Saturn Mahadasha. During this period, he got some good projects. 
  • He co-wrote the scripts for some of the most well-known Hindi films, including Seeta Aur Geeta (1972), Zanjeer (1973), Deewar (1975), Sholay (1975), and Mr. India (1975), alongside writer Salim Khan (1987). 
  • Since Saturn is in the 2nd house of the Kundli of Javed Akhtar, during this time, he got the results of his hard work in the best possible manner. 
  • His creative side was his best tool and helped him perform multiple experiments with the skills he had.

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Important Yogas and planets in the horoscope of Javed Akhtar

Javed Akhtar was born on January 17, 1945, in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, at 02:00 PM. In the horoscope of Javed Akhtar, the planetary distribution says a lot about him and the growth in his career.

The planets that were the highlight of his Kundli:

Kundli of Javed Akhtar showing planets and their position in different houses (जावेद अख्तर की कुंडली में ग्रह और विभिन्न घरों में उनकी स्थिति)


The natal chart of Javed Akhtar shows the planet Mercury in the 8th house under the sign of Sagittarius. This planetary position indicates a creative and analytical mind. It became the reason he has such a great drive toward literature and similar art forms. Moreover, as per the horoscope of Javed Akhtar, this placement also demonstrates that there may be tension, but there had been good news when it came to making choices about creative careers.


Venus in Javed Akhtar Kundli is in the 10th house and gets governed by the Aquarius sign. It helped him get the desired career he ever craved for. Moreover, the placement also gave him recognition and respect in society, advanced professional life, and honour. 


Because Saturn is in the 2nd house with the Gemini sign in Javed Akhtar horoscope, he had a hard-working persona with a humble and unbiased tone. This placement also helped him get such an excellent financial status, fame, and all the other luxuries in life. Plus, it also became the reason he had a never-give-up attitude. So, in all, it added to his success list.

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Important Yogas in his horoscope

Javed Akthar is a poetic master and wordsmith who is renowned for his unmatched body of work. Let us look at the planetary Yogas that give him this brilliant creativity and penmanship.

Sunapha Yoga

Sunapha Yoga forms when there tends to be more than one planet (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury) on the 2nd house from the planet Moon. It gave him a pleasant personality that one can hardly ignore. Moreover, it helped him with the luck and wise choices he made in his life. Also, Sunapha Yoga in the Kundli made him wealthy and proud with incredible popularity. 

Adhi Yoga 

Adhi Yoga forms when the benefics are in the 6th, 7th, and 8th houses from the Moon. Moreover, it represents the person being a kind and reliable individual. His upbeat demeanour makes him popular with others, which, in turn, also makes his life prosperous.

Lakshmi Yoga 

Lakshmi Yoga actually invites Lakshmi into the horoscope. Therefore, according to Javed Akhtar Kundli, he got wealth, luxury, and an extraordinary way of earning and making money because of this Yoga. Moreover, it was also the reason he had and is still earning fame and a reputation in his life.

Happy Birthday, Javed Akhtar. We wish you a prosperous life ahead.

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