Jupiter Transit in Capricorn November 2020 – Remedies for 12 zodiac signs

Jupiter Transit in Capricorn November 2020 – Remedies for 12 zodiac signs

On Friday, 20 November 2020, at 06:26, Jupiter is transiting from Sagittarius to Capricorn. In this way, this transit of Jupiter will offer many changes, which will bring worldwide impact. The effect of this transit will also be seen because Saturn and Mars are already in Capricorn. Here, the coming together of three important planets is also an important event in terms of astrology. The transit of the three planets together in tension increases the tension. Let us know the influence of Jupiter Transit in Capricorn November 2020 on all 12 zodiac signs and remedies –


Aries natives will sense changes in their work field. At the same time, there will be a change in their homes as well which will have a long-term impact. Also, there will be positive results of hard work.

Remedy – Get blessings of teachers and elders.


The people of the Taurus sign will get the support of luck. Suddenly all their works will be completed and give positive results. However, this period can increase the level of hard work. Their inclination may remain in the religious field and the spiritual aspects. They will spend time with younger siblings.

Remedy – Do Jalabhishek on Shivling regularly.

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Gemini natives are required to work properly during this time. Additionally, their expenses will not come down and health problems may occur. They may suffer from some pain and skin diseases in the lower abdomen. However, there are chances that an ancestral property may benefit them.

Remedy – feed green fodder to the cow.


The people of the Cancer zodiac are more inclined towards married life and love affairs. During this time, their research work will be done better. However, there is a need to take care of health. There can be complaints of injury and pain.

Remedy – Add saffron in Kheer and distribute it among the poor.

Leo sun sign

The Lions of the zodiac will have to do a little more hustle during this time. During this period, they must stay away from disputes and debates. Also, the problems may be slightly increased for the people employed. They must take care of their health and avoid opponents and do not make any decision in haste.

Remedy – Light the earthen lamp in front of Lord Vishnu in the temple.


The natives of Virgo in the education sector can do very well in this period. At this time, a sudden relocation and change may take place. There will be some concern about children, so the natives must take care of.

Remedy – Chant the Gayatri Mantra regularly.

Libra zodiac

During the transit, the natives born under the Libra zodiac will be restless, but soon the situation will be better. There may be concern about the mother. In addition, some problems related to the heart may occur. Don’t make a change of job idea right now.

Remedy – Read Shri Sukta Path.


For Scorpio natives, this time will increase their hard work. They will feel excitement during this period. However, in such a situation it would be better to avoid doing anything in haste. Also, they should control their anger and pay attention to family matters. Eventually, luck will support.

Remedy – Recite Hanuman Chalisa on Tuesday.


For Sagittarius natives, expenses during transit will increase and savings will become less. The time of the winners will be slightly more expensive. During this time, keep an eye on health and pay attention to family or family confusion can increase.

Remedy – feed roti/bread to the dog.


For Capricorns, this time can increase some stress. There will be ups and downs in married life. It will be better to avoid excess anger.

Remedy – Recite Shani Strot on Saturday.


Time can bring great hard work for Aquarius people. Even now, mentally, they are more into thinking. The sum of the relocation also appears. Natives must take care of health and use the vehicle carefully.

Remedy – Light a mustard oil lamp on the peepal tree on Saturday.


Pisces people will be more tired during this time. Due to the problem of sugar and obesity, there may be trouble. There are chances of sudden traveling plans. Take care of the child a little more.

Remedy – worship banana tree.

So, these were the remedies for all 12 zodiac signs to follow during Jupiter Transit in Capricorn in November 2020.

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