Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 – How it Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 - How it Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

In Vedic Astrology, Venus represents beauty, comfort, fashion, luxury, romance, and art. It is the Lord of Taurus and Libra. It is a glamorous planet that signifies parties, eyesight, music, dance, etc. On the other hand, Scorpio is a fixed sign that belongs to the Water element. Scorpio is the 8th zodiac in the zodiac circle. Venus was in its own sign from 23rd October to 17th November. Now, it all set to enter a different sign. Venus transit in Scorpio signifies the expansion of luxury, comfort, expense, and entertainment.

Venus transit in Scorpio Dates
December 11, 2020, Friday at 05:30

Let’s see how it will affect you –

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Aries

For Aries natives, Venus will take place in your 8th House. It is the house of sudden events. Also, death, longevity, sudden gains, and sudden losses are a part of this house. The 8th house is also called Randhra Bhava in Hindi.

Herein, the transit will not bring any good results. As this dominion represents evil thoughts and losses, you may have to be prepared for them. Aries natives are recommended to take good care of health in such a situation. Unnecessary pleasure and extravagance in luxury may have a detrimental effect on your body and cause diseases related to Venus. Secretly, some indigenous people would seek pleasures, which can also contribute to the financial crisis.

The transit will bring you several ups and downs that you do not want to have at this point in time. However, to deal with the stress, take control of yourself. Eat right and rest well. Gradually, you fix the situation as you always do.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Taurus

For Taurus, Venus transit will take place in your 7th house. It is also called Yuvati Bhava. It is the house of partnership. All the partnerships either personal or professional fall under the realm of 7th house. It is the house that reflects all the good and bad sides of all the relationships.

This Venus transition will carry you positive updates. It will improve your fitness, and you’ll get rid of some of your serious diseases. Your appearance and voice will become appealing during this time and individuals will be naturally attracted to you. Through this period, you will gain love. This transit will prove beneficial to you from a financial perspective and you will reap profits in the business.

As the 7th house is the house of partners, the energy of Venus will help you come closer to your partner.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Gemini

For Geminis, the transit will occur in your 6th house. It is also called Ari Bhava which represents enemies and difficulties. The 6th house is the house of debts, problems, obstacles, and defeat. It is also the house of health, sickness, and daily life.

As a result of the transit in this house, you may have to experience some health issues. Therefore, take extra care of your health.

A spike in your costs can be seen as a consequence of this movement, which may also become unmanageable over a certain phase. You therefore are recommended to wisely manage your money and prepare a budget. For the students of the Taurus sign, this transit will be favorable. You will get the desired results in education. However, instead of getting distracted, you should try to concentrate on their studies.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Cancer

For the native of Cancer sign, the gleaming energy Venus transit will take place in your 5th house. It is also called Putra Bhava. The 5th house rules over playfulness, romance, sex, pleasure, comfort, children, creativity, and intelligence.

As a result of the transit, you will finally get relief and spend some blissful time with your loved ones. Natives who are in a relationship or married can expect a great deal out of the transit. You will have some extra special moments and enjoy the pleasures of love.

Gradually, if you have any financial trouble, it will go away. The transit will give you financial freedom. Your revenue will grow steadily as a result of this transit, and your financial situation will begin to become stronger than before. Through the artistic expressions, you will freely display your emotions, which will help you to benefit both financially and socially. You will expand your social circle because of this and exhibit any of your amazing qualities during the whole transit. Your brain will participate fully in these tasks that will not be justifiably interpreted before people’s eyes.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Leo

For Leo, Venus will enter your 4th House. This house is also known as Bandhu Bhava. It is the house of possessions, lands, roots, vehicles, real estate, and relationship with mother.

It will be a very pleasing period for you. Additionally, the transit will bring you several kinds of gains. You will acquire money and materialist possessions through several mediums.

At your job, this time period will be beneficial for you since you will excel in the efforts. In order to face adverse circumstances, you would be forced to concentrate so much on your job. However, through your work and effort, that will induce a feeling of achievement inside you. It will make you finally succeed in getting your social and work life a little better. Throughout this time, your mother will also get positive results and also be satisfied. The wealth of your household will improve along with your social standing and honor.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Virgo

For Virgo, Venus transit will take place in your 3rd house. It corresponds with mental inclination. Your grasping abilities, journeys. brother, interests, habits, neighbors, and communication fall under the governance of the 3rd dominion of astrology.

Herein, Venus transit will speed up your effort. It will stimulate your hunger for success, comfort, and luxury. It will make you work harder than ever.

This transit will bring closeness between you and your sibling. You will also help your siblings and support them financially as well as emotionally as much as possible. Also, you would put yourself in a very solid position during this time and will not refuse to do something for others.

As it is the house of journeys, during this time period, by visiting religious places or going on short-distance journeys, you can feel a lot better. You may also go to a movie or dinner. This will help to strengthen your friendship on a deeper level with your siblings.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Libra

For Libra, Venus is your sign lord. Thus, when it transits from one sign to another, it brings a great impact on you. Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 will take place in your 2nd house. It is the house of possessions. Also known as Dhana Bhava, this house rules over cars, furniture, investment, etc.

During this period, you will resolve all the tension between you and your family. The positive energy will induce a positive environment in your home. As a result, you will give your family some extra time and have special moments. Only if you will set aside your impolite tone, things will turn out to be joyous for you.

Your desire to reach riches will be accomplished with the influence of this transit. Also, there are possibilities for unexpected gains. It will certainly make your financial situation stronger. Furthermore, through in-laws, some natives may achieve a token of their love for you.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Scorpio

For Scorpio, Venus transit will take place in your first house. It is also called the house of the ascendant or Lagna Bhava. It is the house of self. The 1st house rules of the physical body, self-expression, ego, temperament, habits, childhood, and health.

Venus transit in this house means blossoming of love within you. This period will bestow you with a great deal of romance, pleasure, and joy. You will feel the need to love and to be loved. All you have to do during this time is to understand the one person that you love. For natives who are married, will find it the best time of the year and increase emotional closeness with their partners.

Any conflict or disagreement that goes on between you and your partner will be solved. In your relationship, love and passion will grow, and you will get ample opportunity to enjoy fabulous moments with your spouse. Along with this, y our business will grow in this time span and you will get good results, leading to financial advantages.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Sagittarius

For Sagittarius, Venus transit will occur in your 12th house. It is the last house of astrology. Therefore, it signifies the end of the physical journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey. This is the house of self-undoing.

This house has a great impact on health. However, the transit of Venus in the 12th house is not favorable. It will bring you both physical and mental stress. Therefore, you will need to pay attention to your health and eating habits.

You need to be careful of your opponents as a result of this transit of Venus, as they will remain effective in this period and try their hardest to offend you financially as well as socially. Other than that you can be stressed out by an unexpected increase in your expenditures, as it would get out of control and may put you in trouble. Therefore the budget accordingly.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Capricorn

For Capricorn, Venus transit will take place in your 11th house. It is also called Labha Bhava. It is the house of gains. All kinds of income, increase in wealth, monetary profit is a part of this house.

Venus signifies luxury and money. Thus, Venus transit in the 11th house will bring numerous moments of content, pleasure, entertainment, and monetary benefits. Venus is also the planet of love. Therefore, you can expect a romantic tie-up. Natives who are married can expect a blissful time with their spouse.

It is also a favorable period for students of the Capricorn sign. During this time, your urge to get enrolled at one of your favorite colleges can also be accomplished. Even in your tests, you are more likely to receive successful scores. You are encouraged to keep a positive relationship with your seniors, as at the right moment, this friendship will help you reap the benefits.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Aquarius

For Aquarius, Venus will enter your 10th house. It is also known as Karma Bhava. It rules over your professional life. Your profession, area of occupation, reputation, prestige, designation fall under the rule of the 10th house.

Venus in the Karma Bhava means rain of luxury. As a result, you will go exceptionally well in your career and achieve great height during the transit. It is a favorable period for you both in personal and professional life. You will spend a great time with your loved ones. On the other hand, you will work hard and acquire what you deserve.

The transit will also be favourable for your domestic life there will be unity between the family and friends. As members will treat each other well, a feeling of joy and contentment can thrive. Some natives will ask for support in their job from their families, which will help them develop the efficiency. In terms of revenue, you can expect benefit.

Effect of Venus Transit in Scorpio 2020 on Pisces

For Pisces, Venus will enter your 9th House. It is also called Dharma Bhava. It is the house that rules over religion and spiritual inclination. All your good karma, religious instincts, immigration, higher learning, and ethics are governed by this house.

Venus signifies comfort and luxury. Whereas 9th house is the dominion of donations and charity. This contrasting situation will form mixed results for you. At this time, you will go on trips, which in nature can be long-distance. With this, you will spend a significant amount of money, but you will also gain happiness and enjoy it the most.

During this time, you will spend a great amount of time with your family and earn more of their love and support. Also, this transit will bestow upon you a great amount of success. However, you will need to take care of your health.

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