Karwa Chauth 2019- Why it needs your attention

Karwa chauth 2019

Karva Chauth or Karwa Chauth celebrates the feeling of love and togetherness that shimmers forever. According to Hindu calendar Panchang, there are numerous fasts that occur every month. In Kartik month Krishna paksh Chaturthi is celebrated as karwa Chauth. Moreover, Karwa Chauth 2019 falls on Thursday, 17th October and the approx moonrise time on is 8:20 pm.

On this occasion, women keep Nirjala Fast to seek blessings of celestial bodies for the long life of their husbands. As a matter of fact, women who observe fast on Karwa Chauth performs the strict ritual of abdication of both food and water for an entire day.

Why Karwa Chauth 2019 is special?

This year, the occasion is hovering enormous special verities. First, this year after 70 years it is taking place on a Thursday which makes it extremely auspicious. Besides, this year Karwa Chauth falls in the Rohini Nakshatra. Together the Rohini Nakshatra and Moon Yoga make Markandeya and Satyabhaag Yoga.

Karwa Chauth 2019

In Hindu Astrology, it has Mangal Yoga which is extraordinarily Mangalkaari or prosperous. Especially for the newlyweds, this year Karva Chauth will bring a flood of joy and bliss.

Dos on Karwa Chauth 2019

  • Wear bright auspicious colored clothes. Especially the women who observe fast on the occasion
  • Respect compliments both the environment and the family. Thus, offer respect to your husband and family members for more positivity in the house.
  • The aroma and color of mehndi add to the happiness of a couple. Therefore, apply mehndi and do all Srinagar as this day you mustn’t look less bright than the moon itself.
  • Sargi plays a significant part in the entire Karva Chauth fast. Hence, eat the Sargi properly before sunrise.

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Don’ts on Karwa Chauth 2019

  • It would be better to avoid cutting and stitching on the occasion of Karwa Chauth 2019
  • Colors play an important role in Hindu festivals. Hence, on the occasion of Karwa Chauth avoid wearing colors like white, beige, etc.
  • It may not be very prosperous to donate white articles like white cloth, rice, milk, etc. Thus, avoid it.
  • Shringaar or beauty articles are one of the most valuable parts of a woman’s life. Hence, on the occasion, do not throw them.
  • Perhaps avoid looking in the mirror first when you wake up.
  • Further, Sargi items like good mithai etc are given by mother in law as a blessing. Thus, you must eat it in order to seek blessings.

Vrat Vidhi and Pooja

Women observe Nirjala fast on the festival of Karva Chauth. As such, let us know the practice of worship on this day. First of all, as we know, the rituals of Karva Chauth fast begin before dawn. Thus, all women must, therefore, wake up that day before sunrise.

Karva Chauth

After waking up, take a bath and eat the food you’ve received by your mother-in-law in the form of Sargi before the auspicious time of Vrat. According to the rituals, you cannot consume water during the fast. Therefore, drink a sufficient amount of water before the fast begins.

The fast of Karva Chauth 2019 is as beneficial as difficult it is. This year the duration of the fast will be 13 to 14 hours. In the evening, an earthen altar is built and the deities are invoked there and worshiped as karva. Also, place an earthen lamp, sandalwood, roli, and vermilion on the plate and light a lamp of ghee.

The Puja should start one hour before the moon rises. Also, do listen to the Karva Chauth Katha during worship. After that, when the moon appears in the sky, offer Arghya to it and see the moon with a sieve. Finally, drink water from husband’s hand and break your fast.

These were the major details about Karwa Chauth 2019. Also, you may like to read about Secrets to foreign travel and settlement through your horoscope.

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