Secrets to foreign travel and settlement through your horoscope

These days each individual is keen to move abroad either for education or employment and tourism purposes. India’s population living abroad is the largest in the world i.e. about 30 million up to 2018. 
We, astrologers, are getting a number of queries from the natives- with regard to visits in Canada, the USA or the Middle East and Australia. The rise in the number of international migrants reflects the increasing importance of international migration.

 Ancient classical books explicate that a person who stays abroad would be considered as unfortunate. Now the present scene has been totally changed. With the development of modern technology, today people can enjoy travel without missing their family. Mobile Phones and social media are chains between foreign countries and the home country. Now distances have been short, therefore, people are more drawn to foreign visits.
At the present natives consider overseas settlement is considered as an achievement and success. 

Most natives travel foreign countries for the following reasons.

  •  For Admission in higher studies i.e. for education purpose.
  • Settlement in abroad
  • For marriage purpose
  • For short tours.
Foreign settlement

Astrological houses responsible for foreign travel

The whole zodiac is 360 degrees and for the purpose of astrology, it has been divided into 12 parts of 30 degrees each. Out of the 12 houses, some important houses which are responsible for abroad visits are following:

First House:  It represents self, the native and personality of an individual. Connection of this house to 7 and 12 indicate foreign travel.

Third House: This house signifies short journeys, because it is 12th from the 4th house. 4th house symbolize motherland house.

Fourth House: 4th house represents a place of residence, a home. For foreign settlement, one of the conditions is malefic planets or aspect of these planets on this house is necessary. Thus affliction to this house is necessary for departing from the country.

Seventh House: This house signifies, travel, partnership business and spouse. Its connection with the 12th house is also essential for foreign visits. It is also observed that spouse may be from foreign country. 

Eighth house: This house has also a key role to go out of the country.  It indicates Sea Travel. In modern times it is also called as the house of Occult and research house. 

Ninth house: 9th house represents a long journey. This is the most important house which signifies foreign travel. Well placed 9th house lord indicates the person will prosper in a foreign land. This house also represents spiritual learning as well as higher education. Its connection with the 12th house is a strong combination for the foreign journey.

Tenth house: 10th house represents occupation. This is also the house of Karma. Its relation with 9th, 3rd or 12th houses shows that natives will travel abroad for occupational purposes.

In case, you are interested to know more about Houses and what each of these houses originally represent, you may click here to learn about the 12 houses in Vedic Astrology!

Some of the important combination for foreign settlement

I have analyzed a number of horoscopes of different people and for the purpose of study, I hereby give the important combinations:

  • Affliction to the fourth house necessary. It means there should not be any beneficial planet in this house. If it is so, the aspect of a malefic planet is necessary.
  • 4th house is the house of motherland- if it is afflicted and connected with 12th house or exchange with it- chances of foreign travel will be there.
  • Connection of 3rd house or it’s lord with 7th, 9th, and 12th houses indicate foreign tours. 3rd house is the 12th house from the 4th house.
  • 5th house is a house of education, intelligence, and creativity. A connection between 5th, 9th, and 12th house represents that the native is likely to visit abroad for educational purpose. He may also go for presenting any paper to a foreign country.
  • If the 1st, 7th and 12th house is connected to each other, then native will go abroad for a business deal. This combination also indicates native can go abroad after marriage.
  • The 9th house is the house of advance education, luck, and long travel. Its connection with 5, 9, 12 and 7 indicates that natives will travel abroad for getting an education or religious needs. He may also settle or stay longer in a foreign land thereafter education in case of afflicted 4th house. 
  • If more planets are in Moveable and dual signs, it also indicates foreign travel frequently.
  • 10th house is a house of profession and career. Its connection with the 12th house- indicates a career in a foreign country.
  • In addition to the above, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Lagnesh in 12th also indicate foreign travel or settlement.
  • If there is no yoga in D-1 Chart, we should also go through the D-9 chart for foreign combinations.

Effective remedies for foreign settlement

Some time natives go again and again for the visa interviews. But despite yoga for foreign settlement in the horoscope they repeatedly get rejected. To remove these obstacles, I would recommend reciting Mantra of planets of 3rd, 7th, 9th, and 12th houses.

Mantra for each individual differs depending on the Dasha, Mahadasha, and Antardasha they are going through.

Presume 9th lord is Saturn, in 12th house- it will be better to recite Saturn Mantra- (Om pram prim prom sah shancharaya nama). Similarly, if 7th lord is Mar and is in the 12th house- Recite Mar Mantra- Om kram krim krom sah bhomaya nama. The reciting of these mantras will remove some obstacles to getting the visa.

For more remedies, Consult Astrologer Rajendra Kumar Sharma.

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