Ketu In 3rd House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

Ketu or south node in astrology is often seen as a shadow that shall affect the house it sits in a twisted manner. Also known as the tail of the dragon, Ketu is closely connected with mystical forces via behavior, tendencies, and thoughts. It is often hard to predict what Ketu might brew in your birth chart. As for Ketu in 3rd house in your Kundali, it would influence your siblings’ connection with you. Along with it, your interests, habits, and inclinations are also affected by Ketu.

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However, if you already hold the information, how Ketu in the third house affects various aspects of your life.

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What affects Ketu in third house?

Ketu is an intuitive planet and holds all sorts of problems and trouble when placed wrong or debilitated. However, there are certainly other factors as well that influence the placement in your natal chart. Let us have a look at them:

  • Sign lord of the third house: Ketu in third house shall show its effects according to the lord of the third house. In this case, it is Mercury. Ketu in the third house, shall enhance its ill effects on the house. You might find things hard when dealing with a career. Detachment with siblings and comparison feelings with them could be there too. With eccentric behavior, you shall also behave strangely and dominate in your relations.
  • Placement with Mars: Ketu would act like Mars with Ketu in 3rd house of your chart. Possessing all Martian traits, your desires, aggression, harshness, and irritation shall enhance. On one side, your presentation skills shall improve. However, on the other hand, you might become a victim of boastfulness and desperate desires.
  • Transit in the third house: When Ketu shifts to the third house with the transit for 18 months, it shall associate with the third house for variable results. Obstacles, delays, and issues would surround you. You might confront problems in many final outcomes of life. There are even chances that Ketu in 3rd house might act as Marak in your Kundali.
  • Rahu in the ninth house: There could be ill conjunction in your chart with Rahu in 9th house of your Kundali. You might wander around for happiness. If the balance isn’t there between Ketu and Rahu in the third and ninth house, you might even lose balance in your life. Gentleness and ill impressions and expressions might become your second name.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 3rd house

Ketu in third house might not give many brilliant results. However, it might not be as bad as you think it is. Therefore, you would possess great results in the majority of aspects of your life. From marriage to finance, it would highly affect it all. You might achieve success in creative parts. With siblings, your relations would be stronger than imagined.

Combine the effects of Ketu with other planets would get you immense success professionally. An authoritative position in the workplace and beautiful behavior via habits would be there as well. You shall attain recognition with the support of your siblings and other family members. You will be a charitable and talented person with immense positivity and wealth surrounding you. With materialistic pleasure, you would also attain all sorts of luxuries.

Moreover, with Ketu in 3rd house of your natal chart, you shall set a better example for people around you. Enlightenment will be there to high degrees. Enemies would stay away from you or would fail in their intentions of hurting you. Also, longevity and strength will come from within, and you shall also enjoy good food and different cuisines effortlessly.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 3rd house

Ketu is the planet with more malefic effects than benefic. And with Ketu in 3rd house of your Kundali, you might suffer from many health ailments. Arm and shoulder troubles and mental issues like hallucination could be there too. There might also be chances that you suffer from despondent thought. Also, there could be times in life when you get into conflicts with siblings. Not just this, there could be loss or troubles with younger brothers and sisters as well.

Furthermore, with planet Ketu in third house, you might feel anxious about things in your life. Fearful thoughts and over-analysis about the future and related issues might surround you. Plus, misunderstandings and worries will be there all your life. You might run into useless controversies and fruitless discussions and regret the same later.

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Ketu in third house remedies

Dealing with the ill effects of Ketu in 3rd house is very hard. Therefore for the same, you may look to these remedies if you are suffering from an afflicted case of Ketu in third house:

  • Flow off saffron or gram in flowing water to spare off from the malefic Ketu.
  • Put on Saffron tilak each day prior to leaving for work.
  • Moreover, you must wear gold jewelry either in hand, ear, neck, or nose to improve the financial conditions you possess and keep away from the ill effects of Ketu in third house.
  • You can also float off wheat and jaggery along with rice and milk in the flowing water to wear off the effect of Ketu in your chart.
  • Attach a copper stone at your main entry’s door.
  • Wear double-color clothes for your vital things and on a daily basis as well.
  • Another remedy for Ketu in 3rd house is to donate black and white-colored blankets at some religious place.
  • Also, don’t leave ropes or woolen balls lying in the house. You must either give them to somebody or take them in use.

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