Ketu In 8th House: Meaning, Impact And Remedies

Ketu In 8th House

Ketu is an ill planet that creates steepness with everything that involves materialism and uneventful activities. Plus, it cuts your strings from all lavishness and neediness and shows you the way towards spirituality. With Ketu in 8th house of your Kundali, you will feel a wishful inclination towards understanding the true meaning of your life. Not just this, it also affects various areas and pushes you into a dilemma of optimism and pessimism.

But, is that all? Well, no! Ketu in eighth house strongly impacts our lives in various other manners.

Speak to our astrologers to know if you have Ketu in 8th house of your Kundali.

However, if you already hold the information, read more on how Ketu in the eighth house affects various aspects of your life.

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What affects Ketu in eighth house?

General impacts of Ketu in the eighth house influence the natives in various areas of life. You shall see Ketu hitting hard on longevity, losses or gains, wealth, and accumulation of it. Not just this, when Ketu sits in the eighth house of your chart, you might confront changes in your health and career and, on top of it, accidental and sudden happenings and mishappenings.

However, Ketu itself gets influenced by many factors in a natal chart like strength, planetary aspects, and conjunctions. But, in the eighth house of your birth chart, a major impact could be seen via the following factors:

  • Placement with Jupiter: On one side is a malefic planet Ketu. While, on the other hand, we have Jupiter. When the two sit together in the eighth house, the ill effects of Ketu get a little weak. You would seek misery and misfortunes but will possess the wisdom to fight them off. Also, when Jupiter conjuncts Ketu in eighth house of your Kundali, relief in sufferings would be there too.
  • More than one benefic planet: Ketu does possess evil tendencies. With influencing the inner energies, it strongly affects the wealth sector by being in eighth house. However, if Ketu is placed with more than one benefic planet at a time, i.e., making a trine or triple conjunction, Ketu would show positivity in your chart. The friendly planets for the same could be Venus and Mercury, making Venus-Ketu-Mercury triple conjunction.

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Positive effects of Ketu in 8th house

With the presence of the shadow planet Ketu in eighth house, the positive impacts are as follows:

  • Alluring personality: Personality-wise, you would possess a good character and will be fluent in your speech and actions. You shall be a person with charismatic charm and courageous nature. All great traits of being a person who people would want by their side shall be in you.
  • Undivided concentration: Also, with the auspicious position of Ketu in eighth house of your natal chart, you will be a dedicated person with immense concentration. Love for studies will be on your fingertips and you would love to possess knowledge about different areas of life.
  • Excellence and knowledge: Professionalism will be superbly settled in you if Ketu places well in the eighth house. Being excellent at sports, you will focus on your career and goals. The same shall make you successful and help you attain high positions in life.
  • Positive wealth factor: You shall accumulate wealth and have enough money to live a life of contentment. Your tilt will be towards industrious matters. But, in the end, you shall end up being into business, more in the trading sector. However, refraining from loans would be good due to Ketu in 8th house of your birth chart. Because solving that crisis might become a little tricky task for you.
  • Longevity: If Ketu places well in 8th house of your natal chart, you would also seek longevity, i.e., long life and an auspicious and pleasant one too.

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Negative effects of Ketu in 8th house

The evil effects of the shadow planet Ketu in 8th house of your horoscope might not be terrible. However, it does sturdily influence various areas with being in the eighth house. Let us look at all of them below:

  • Unimpressive personality: You shall possess a dull and senseless personality. Inexpressive and lost nature will be your identity, and you would suffer from an inferiority complex most of your life. Moreover, your complexion will never be appealing, and you might remain dissatisfied with yourself almost all the time.
  • Financial crisis: Financially too, things will not run stable. You shall possess troubles in returning money to someone you have taken a loan from. If conditions go terrible, there are even possibilities that you confront constant loss and downfalls in your business and workplace.
  • Prone to mishappenings: Danger alert! Yes, Ketu in eighth house in your Kundali directly hits the accidental area of your life. Thus, if placed ill or malefic, you would become prone to accidents and injuries. High possibilities are there that attracts danger and risk of falling from heights. Post middle age, your health shall deteriorate frequently.
  • Involvement in sinful activities: You might also lead yourself in secretive and sinful activities. You may get into works and scenarios, which would be totally unaware of people. Also, with the ill placement of Ketu in 8th house, you shall acquire a double-faced life, one face always away from people’s eyes.

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Ketu in eighth house remedies

After discussing thoroughly with our elite astrologers at AstroTalk, we have listed below some effective and easy remedies to wear off the malefic effect of Ketu in 8th house of your Kundali. Follow these and get rid of ill Ketu in eighth house of your chart:

  • Donate or offer 200gm of gram pulse in a yellow cloth in a temple or shrines.
  • Also, apply Saffron tilak on your forehead and worship Lord Ganesha every Wednesday to curb the negative effects of Ketu in 8th house.
  • Take care of a black dog. Feed the dog with food. You can also pet one and treat it like your family member. On the other hand, please make sure that you don’t tie him on the terrace and keep him away from the cold.
  • Another remedy for the ill impacts of Ketu in 8th house is to donate black and white blankets to poor people in a temple or in shrines.
  • You must flow off white and black sesame in flowing river.
  • Plus, you should get a piercing and wear gold earrings in the ear.

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