Sun And Moon Conjunction In 6th House: Impact On Love, Career And More

Sun And Moon Conjunction In 6th House

The Sun in astrology is the King of your chart. It is the giver of all life forms. It shows your motivation to live your life and impacts the creative life force behind it. The same way planets revolve around the Sun, your life revolves around it too. On the other hand, Moon is the Queen of your chart. It depicts your mind and emotions that rule you all over. Your thinking and feeling process and response towards the world are all because of the Moon in your chart. And, the Sun and Moon conjunction in 6th house combines the traits of both the planets.

Speak to our astrologers at AstroTalk and know if you have the Sun-Moon conjunction in 6th house.

Whereas if you already know that you own the combination of Sun and Moon in sixth house, read what the placement has for you.

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Factors affecting conjunction of Sun and Moon in sixth house

The sixth house in astrology is regarding hostilities, loans and debts, challenges and hurdles, and obstacles in life. It shall give you the strength to get over the problems and push you towards the capabilities to solve any crisis. Besides that, Sun and Moon in 6th house also let you tackle matters like disputes, legalities, etc.

With Sun-Moon conjunction in 6th house, both the planets would solely influence the chart. But with that, there are other points as well that affect this Sun and Moon in 6th house. Have a look at them:

  • Strength and weakness of planets: The Sun and Moon conjunction in 6th house depend on both planets- Sun and Moon. However, the strength and weakness of the planets will also matter. If the Sun is strong, it shall show its qualities and would dominate the conjunction. However, if the Moon is strong, the Moon’s effects will be high. It might not dominate but will show its influence in terms of emotions.
  • Degree of conjunction: The authority of the conjunction sets via degree. There could be chances that the planet is in the same house but shall not influence each other much because of the not-so-close connection. However, if Sun conjuncts Moon in sixth house, surrounding the degree from 5 to 15, i.e., Sun at 5 degrees and Moon at 15, Sun would rule the placement. However, if the distance increases, the domination of the Sun will not be much on the Moon.

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Positive effects of Sun and Moon combination in 6th house

With the combination of Sun and Moon in sixth house, the positive impacts are as follows:

  • Wealth and recognition: You can expect a wealthy status in society. With name and fame, everybody will value you. You would have power and position at your workplace. People would listen to whatever you would say.
  • Successful professional life: Careers like politics and related professions will interest you. Furthermore, if you build a career in the same, you can expect great success and recognition. In whatever arenas you put your efforts into, success will surround you from all edges and ends. Regarding competitions in life or promotions, you can expect success and appreciating results. Plus, you can also try for government jobs. As with Sun and Moon conjunction in 6th house, you will effortlessly grab one.
  • Victory over enemies: You will attain victory over enemies, and the same will not be able to affect you much. You will influence them and understand their tricks and acts before they plan something against you.
  • Successful relationship/marriage: Regarding relationships and marriage, you will have a sensual connection with your partner. And, the two of you will share an intimate bond, more of a sentimental one. Yes, you will have a close connection with your mate, and with the efforts of you two, this connection will grow with time.
  • Appealing personality: You will have a charismatic personality when Sun conjuncts Moon in sixth house. And, due to the same, you might catch an evil eye or be under the influence of negative energy. However, on the other hand, there are chances that you might become a tantric or knowledgeable person of occult sciences.

Know if you are under an evil eye effect simply by consulting our astrologers.

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Negative effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in 6th house

The evil effects of the combination of Sun and Moon in sixth house might not be severe. Let us look at all of them below:

  • Personality issues: There shall be many drifts in your personality. You will be a short-tempered and emotional being. Plus, you might be egoistic and arrogant by attitude and crooked by nature. Even though you will be brave and intelligent, you shall not have a clear image of life in your eyes.
  • Hindrances: Hurdles and all sorts of troubles will be there at every step of life. From professional life to personal, nothing would come to you the easy way.
  • Troublesome public image: Also, your image in public might not be clear too. People would take you as a secretive personality. There are even chances that you suffer from humiliation in public with the Sun-Moon conjunction in 6th house of your Kundali.
  • Trouble having a government job: Although you will effortlessly grab a government job, yet there shall be constant issues with government in your life. The same will lead you to severe mental stress.
  • Health ailments: Other health ailments would be there too, with the combination of Sun and Moon in 6th house. From cough, cold to digestive issues, all would come in your life from time to time. In fact, your childhood would be either under health issues or injuries and accidents.

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Conjunction of Sun and Moon in sixth house remedies

Consulting our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of the conjunction of Sun-Moon conjunction in 6th house may follow these:

  • Donate jaggery to monkeys and wheat flour or Bajra to red ants.
  • You should not arrange free water in public if you have bad Sun and Moon in 6th house of your chart.
  • Never drink milk post-sunset and keep Gangajal in a silver pot.
  • When the ill Sun conjuncts Moon in sixth house, you should donate saffron or honey in the temple or to poor folks.
  • On the other hand, you must donate milk to Pundit in the temple and bow and pray at the temple daily.

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