Sun And Moon Conjunction In 7th House: Impact On Love, Career And More

Sun And Moon Conjunction In 7th House

The Sun is the prime self that rules all the planets in astrology. Not only it illustrates our conscious mind but also depicts the creative forces we have in ourselves. On the other hand, Moon associates with the mind and its functionality. It controls our versatility and emotions. But with Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house, things might go a little different.

Speak to our astrologers at AstroTalk and know if you have the Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house.

But if you already know that your Sun conjuncts Moon in seventh house, then read what the placement has for you.

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Factors affecting conjunction of Sun and Moon in seventh house

The seventh house in your Kundali deals with your relations and connections with your lifelong partner or partners in general. The attraction towards the opposite person and the commitments and involvement in a relationship or marriage, etc., are the areas the seventh house is responsible for.

Furthermore, the level of understanding everything and passion and desperation to have things in life is also seen with the combination of Sun and Moon in 7th house. However, along with the same, few more factors influence this conjunction. Have a look at them:

  • Zodiac sign it is in: With the house, the zodiac sign also matters. So, if there is a Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house with the zodiac sign is Aries, you shall have auspiciousness and spark in your relationship. If the same occurs in the Scorpio zodiac sign, you might be a little opposing towards your person.
  • Exaltation factor: With the Sun and Moon combination in 7th house, both planets rule and influence the chart equally. But, if either of them exalts, then it shall show its results more than the other one. So, if the Sun exalts in the seventh house, you will be a dominating personality around your partner. While, if the Moon is exalted, you would immensely be connected with your person but emotionally.

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Positive effects of Sun and Moon combination in 7th house

Sun and Moon in seventh house shall be good and auspicious for the native. But in what manners, have a look it:

  • Alluring personality: You would go through blissful times in life and have an appealing personality. You shall be a fair-looking person with an attractive physique.
  • Lavishing lifestyle: With being famous, you would also possess high status in life.
  • Successful career: Exceptionally brilliant business skills and a knack for achieving great heights in life, you would also be successful in the professions you choose. Plus, there are even chances that you get offers from foreign countries in terms of profession. Also, there would be many earnings from foreign places. You can expect pleasant partnerships all through the course of life.
  • Blissful relationship/marriage: Regarding relationships as well, the position of Sun-Moon in seventh house of your Kundali will be great. You shall have a sensual relationship with your partner. Moreover, you will have high sexual desires and enjoy a blissful and intimate relationship with your person. You two will share great compatibility and would have great understanding. And, if you are a married person, then expect your spouse to be very rich and of high status.
  • Overseas trips: Also, with the combination of Sun and Moon in 7th house, you shall have multiple short trips and tours in foreign countries. You will grab abroad connections and grasp immense benefits from the same, professionally as well as personally.

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Negative effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house

There might be many ill impacts of Ketu in 7th house. Give it a glance:

  • Personality problems: You shall be egoistic and arrogant with ego all ruling your nature. With that, you might be crocked and jealous at the same time, suffering from a fickle mind and a very short temper. You might also have rigidness in your behavior and believe in keeping life somewhat hidden and self-centered. Moreover, with Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house, you shall have a showing-off sort of personality. You will do things just to have your name in the “Headlines.”
  • Disturbed public image: With less hair, your image in public, and people around wouldn’t be very clear. You might always be into suspicious things and motives.
  • Troubles in career establishment: Obstacles and hurdles might surround you often. Career-wise, you can expect quarrels and issues with your fellow mates all the time, and attaining a high position would be hard too.
  • Authoritative mess: When Sun conjuncts Moon in seventh house, you might also face problems with authorities and governments. There are pretty high chances that you may face loss via government or government officials. Also, humiliation and ill behavior from people at the workplace could be there too.
  • Mismanaged relationship: As for the relationship, you can expect major ego clashes with your spouse or partner. Your partner might often have heated arguments with you as well.
  • Health issues: Your mother might possess health problems. She shall lack happiness and might not be contended whatever she has in her life. You too might have ego tucks with your mother with the Sun-Moon conjunction in 7th house.

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Conjunction of Sun and Moon in seventh house remedies

Consulting our expert astrologers at AstroTalk, we have got some gratifying and easy-peasy remedies. So, those who wish to wipe off the debilitating effects of the conjunction of Sun and Moon conjunction in 7th house of your natal chart may follow these:

  • Don’t take salt prior to noon. Moreover, lessen the amount of salt in your diet.
  • Initiate anything after having a bit of sweet water.
  • Another remedy for ill Sun and Moon in 7th house is serving and rearing a cow without horns or a black cow. But, remember not to be in any milk-selling business or work.
  • Also, you should give a small part of your chapati to fit prior to having your meals, both at lunch and dinnertime.
  • Avoid heated conversations with your parents, especially your mother or any motherly figure in your house.

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