Sun And Moon Conjunction In 3rd House: Impact On Love, Career And More

When Sun and Moon are in the same house in a natal chart, you are born either in Shukla Paksha Pratipada, Krishna Paksha Chaturdashi, or Amavasya. And with Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house native shall confront multiple possibilities all through your life.

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But if you already know that your Sun conjuncts Moon in third house, then read what the placement has for you.

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Factors affecting conjunction of Sun and Moon in third house

When the Sun conjuncts Moon in third house, there shall be simplicity between them. We need the Sun for self-confidence, and the Moon effortlessly and instinctively gives. On the other hand, we need the Moon for a sense of well-being and soundness, and the Sun lets the Moon do the same.

However, certain planetary points or factors influence the Sun and Moon in third house. Have a look at them:

  • Nature of the Ascendant: If you are a Leo ascendant and possess the Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house, you must expect the Moon to rule your life more than the Sun. As Sun acts as a malefic planet than benefic for Leo ascendants, Sun would negatively. A direct impact would be on your relations with your father (negatively), and other failure-type possibilities could be there as well. However, if you are a Cancer ascendant, expect the Moon is showing weakness. While for a Capricorn ascendant, the situations will be way different than both scenarios.
  • Triple conjunction with Saturn: This triple conjunction shall bring multiple and mixed results to you. Sun and Moon in third house would help in good imagination. And, the Sun and Saturn will influence time management. While the Moon and Saturn would affect your way of expressing things. However, when Saturn combines with Sun and Moon in 3rd house, you shall be full of creative interests. However, a tiny tinge of laziness would be around too.

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Positive effects of Sun and Moon combination in 3rd house

With the conjunction of Sun and Moon in third house, you shall seek many positive results. You shall be brave and powerful in nature. By showing dignity around, you would feel pleased about your surroundings. Also, you would achieve victory over your enemies and attain great name and fame in society. You shall grasp support not only from your family but also from famous folks and peeps around.

Plus, when Sun conjuncts Moon in 3rd house, everyone around you would respect you, and you will possess support from governmental organizations and similar firms. In your workplace, you will rise and shine because of your own promotions and efforts. Also, with your self-efforts, you would be successful in many other aspects of your life.

Plus, there will be all sorts of traveling all your life, the reason being educational, professional or trips. You will be extremely talented, and the same would help you in accumulating good wealth. However, you might change your professions very frequently, but that would settle in later ages of your life with a Combination of Sun and Moon in 3rd house.

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Negative effects of Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house

Of course, the Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house does give negative results. Not much, but yes, when Sun conjuncts with Moon in third house you might suffer through some misery. You might have a short temper and be emotional. Your nature shall turn into something near to crook and arrogant. Egoistic values might increase in your personality and use harsh words when communicating or speaking.

Plus, with Sun and Moon in 3rd house, you might also possess speech issues. Initiating communication might become a hard task for you. However, when you start speaking, you shall be unstoppable. Not just this, with Sun-Moon conjunction in 3rd house, your parents shall also suffer. They might have health issues and ailments regarding neck and ear. There are even chances that your parents will be very emotional about you and your siblings (if any).

Furthermore, adding to the ill effects of the Combination of Sun and Moon in third house, bone-related issues and other minor problems would run all your life. You would be extremely sensual in nature, and physical workouts would be your enemy. Digestive issues and mental stress because of your health would be there too. You might feel jealous of your siblings and possess disputes with the same. In fact, your siblings too shall confront health problems in the mid-ages of your life.

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Conjunction of Sun and Moon in third house remedies

So, if you are someone with malefic conjunction of Sun and Moon in 3rd house, you may look to these following remedies and solve your crisis of an afflicted Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house:

  • Serve folks in the temple with milk or rice. With it, give rice or silver in donation after a birth of a girl child in your house. However, if there is the birth of a male child, donate jaggery and wheat.
  • Another remedy for Sun and Moon conjunction in 3rd house is feeding the red ants with wheat flour.
  • You should worship Goddess Durga and serve small girls sweets and food. Plus, praise them by touching their feet. However, you should never consume onion during Navratra. With it, make sure you make Halwa in pure ghee and black Chana on Ashtami or Navmi.
  • Your father is representative of the Sun while your mother is of Moon. Therefore, touch your parent’s feet every day in the morning.
  • Always offer water and food to the guests coming to your home to avoid the ill effects of Sun and Moon in 3rd house.
  • Lastly, give respect to the elder ones in your family. Especially the fatherly and motherly figures like- Aunts, Uncles, Grandfather, Grandmother, etc.

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