Know-How Exalted Sun In 12th House (Aries Sign) Can Affect Your Kundli

Exalted Sun In 12th House

Lately, many people have asked me about the effects of the 12th house— the house of expenses. Also, they asked me what happens when a malefic planet sits in the 12th house. More specifically, a few have written to me asking about the exalted Sun in the 12th house. So, here is some important information you must know about the exalted Sun in 12th house in the Aries zodiac sign.

Planet Sun in Aries zodiac sign

  • Sun in Aries zodiac sign will be exalted. It is a very auspicious presence and provides a pleasant life.
  • Sun in Aries sign also brings respect and authority.
  • The person will have a long and luxurious life. He/she will have more luck and command in a foreign land.

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Sun in the twelfth house

  • The 12th house is one of the most spiritual houses in our astrological chart.
  • It represents issues related to spirituality, secrets, karma, charity, confinement, institutions, suffering, cosmic consciousness, meditation, escapism, and service to humanity.
  • When the Sun sits in this house, the native shall often become an intuitive being.
  • Moreover, they become extremely sensitive to other people’s feelings and emotions.
  • 12th house also indicates prayer, clandestine activities, foreign life, distant lands, imagination, dreams, bedroom, cloister, enclosure, etc.
  • Individuals with the Sun placed here are compassionate, caring, and self-sacrificing.
  • A loss of boundaries about oneself and others often occurs when planet placement occurs in the 12th house.
  • So, wherever the Sun sits in the chart, we are forced to find our oneness with God and who we truly are.
  • The person with Sun in the 12th house will have two faces to life, one is a fantasy life, and the other will be socially restricted reality.
  • He/she will also have fantasies and may live in an imaginary world.

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Exalted Sun in 12th House and Aries sign

  • The person with Sun in the 12th house (Aries) may not have too many friends. However, he/she shall maintain a good outlook with people in both personal and professional arenas.
  • They shall enjoy solitude but believe in maintaining a healthy relationship with people.
  • Moreover, they tend to detach from their father. In fact, in some cases, they shall lose their father at a young age.
  • Also, the person may tend to be secretive and have hidden assets and confidential information.
  • Though Sun exalts here, it is still in Vyaya sthan— the house of expense, which may result in loss of identity. Though Spiritually it is a very good placement of Sun due to exaltation yet socially there will be some trouble with lack of recognition.
  • Also, the person has to work hard to make his/her mark when it comes to fame.
  • The placement of exalted Sun in 12th house (Aries sign) also has certain losses.
  • It might make you suffer from eyesight issues. Also, you shall confront unexpected financial losses, loss of identity, and increased expenditure.
  • The placement of the Sun in the 12th house has both good and bad things to offer. However, when you look at it from an overall perspective, it is a favorable place for the Sun. Also, there are more benefits than losses.

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