Know How You Should Play Holi In 2023 According To Your Zodiac Sign

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One of India’s greatest highly awaited holidays, Holi is the festival of colour, fraternity, harmony, and fortune. It unites individuals regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs and goes by the name Vasant Utsav for this reason. On the Pratipada during Krishna Paksha during the season of Chaitra, the celebration of Holi is usually celebrated with tremendous fervour. If Pratipada lasts for two days, Dhulandi day is observed on the initial day. Holi 2023 will be on March 8, 2023. Let us see in detail about this festival of colors and how you should play Holi according to your zodiac sign!

One of the most well-known holidays in Hindu mythology, this celebration is also referred to as Dhulandi, a term that is common in the province of Haryana. This festival of colours is a time for laughter and joy when people set aside any resentments and don the hues of camaraderie and compassion. Additionally, they show love to one another by feeding each other.

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Holi 2023 in Barsana: Date of Rangotsav in Braj Dham

Holi UtsavDateLocation
Laddumar HoliMarch 1, 2023Barsana
Lathmar HoliMarch 2, 2023Barsana
Lathmar HoliMarch 3, 2023Nandgaon
Phoolwali HoliMarch 5, 2023Vrindavan and Mathura
Chhadi Mar HoliMarch 6, 2023Gokul
Widow HoliMarch 7, 2023,Vrindavan
Holika DahanMarch 7, 2023Mathura
DhulandiMarch 8, 2023Mathura

Holi in different parts of India

  • In the Kumaon area of Uttrakhand settlements, Khadi Holi is celebrated. The people participate in the festival by donning traditional attire, singing Khari songs, and dancing in groups. While moving into tolis, they smile and folks they see. With variations such as Baithika Holi and Mahila Holi, this festival of colours is a typical celebration in this area.
  • In Punjab, a holiday termed Hola Mohalla, or “Warrior Holi,” is observed. People perform martial arts demonstrating spirit and heartfelt singing.
  • A celebration of the commencement of spring is the Basant Utsav. A unique event is held at Shantiniketan on this occasion. Both men and women wear saffron clothes and sing and dance to enjoy the festivities.
  • Contrarily, Dol Jatra is an integral feature of the major Holi celebrations. The Radha and Krishna statues are carried through the streets in a parade on Dol Purnima. Besides, people shower the parade with colors to add rejoicing to the parade.
  • Goa hosts a huge spring event Shigmo. The Hindus celebrate it as one of their main holidays. Likewise, the farmers do local folk rituals and public dances here.
  • Yaosang, another form of Holi, is a seven-day celebration in Manipur, which begins mostly on a Full Moon night. Thabal chongba, a Manipuri traditional dance, becomes the centerpiece of the festival.

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Holi in 2023 for each zodiac sign

While there are many ways to celebrate Holi in 2023, our astrologers have got you the ways in which you can make your festival of colours a lucky and joyful one, according to your zodiac sign.


Combine red with rose, yellow, or white as well because these colours will bring you happiness and prosperity this Holi in 2023. Jupiter as well as Sun will add extra hues to your life. Moreover, if, before playing Holi you apply tilak on the idol of Lord Ganesha, there will be a friendly competition with your buddies, which shall boost you in your professional life.


Taurus men and women must celebrate the Rangotsav in 2023 using turquoise, greenish, white, and other bright shades. However, remember to steer clear of dark hues and favour warm tones over darker ones. Offer argh to Surya Deva on the morning of Badi Holi and it shall bring you luring luck.


For Gemini, our astrologers suggest efficient, environment-friendly, and natural colours. Before beginning the Dhulandi customs, visit the Shiv Mandir with your family. It will attract luck and abundance to you this festive season.


You could host a party and make all the required preparations well in advance. Instead of using regular, drier coloured powder, prefer to play Holi with liquid colours. Provide great cuisines that everyone enjoys consuming and become the ideal hosts for the day. Furthermore, in the morning, make sure you start your festival by applying Gulal to the elders.

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Utilise the following colours when playing Holi in 2023: Red, magenta, greenish, yellow, or mild tones of yellow. Offer water with kumkum in it to Surya Deva in the morning. Following the same, touch your father’s toes and the evil vibes and negativity from your life will wear off this festival.


Since you adore all hues of cyan, you can utilise green, ocean blue, and royal blue to celebrate Holi 2023. These shades will promote wealth and prosperity. Moreover, these respective shades will also become the reason for your happiness.


Commense the Rangotsav 2023 with your significant other since it will let you set off on a positive trajectory of love and dedication. However, if you’re single, venerate a young lady as a queen, touch her foot, and perform Gulaal.


For Scorpio people, this festival of colors should be dry and all about Gulaal. You may utilise crimson red, pink-red, fuchsia, or white to entice prosperity and happiness. At the same time, involve no water Holi rule this year to make it one of the blessed ones.


All tones of yellow, crimson, and gold are favourable and fortunate. You should approach your tutor or mentor before using Gulaal. If you don’t have a teacher or mentor close by, begin your Holi celebration by worshipping Lord Shiva.


Saturn is hostile to the colour black. As a result, Capricorn should avoid wearing this colour. For Dhulandi in 2023, individuals must wear additional vivid colours such as turquoise, white, royal blue, and yellow.


Aquarius people should utilise purple, white, pink, and floral. Moreover, you should visit the Shani temple and offer a turquoise Gulaal to Lord Shani for good luck. If there are no Shani temples in your area, you might go to the Shiv temple and seek his favour by presenting blue Gulaal.


Caramel yellow, wildfire yellow, citrus yellow, mauve, rose red, and white is appropriate colours for Pisces. All these colours will improve their quality of life and bring abundance to the life of the Pisces men and women.

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