Know The Date, Time & Rituals of Holika Dahan 2023 With Other Dos & Dont’s To Remember

Details about Holika Dahan 2023, Holika Dahan puja rituals, and others dos and donts to keep in mind

Unlike any other holidays on the globe, people observe Indian holidays at home. While Holika Dahan celebrates the triumph of virtue over evil, Holi is a celebration of colours. Holika Dahan 2023 will occur on March 7, 2023. People from all religions and cultures light the Holi pyre at nightfall on this day. In public places like community centres, parks, close to shrines, and other open areas, people gather firewood and other stuff for bonfires. 

Holika Dahan 2023: Date, Time & Shubh Muhurat

It’s crucial to understand to perform the Holika Dahan in 2023 on the Shubh Muhurat. Moreover, Pradosh Kaal is the auspicious time to carry out the Holika Dahan ceremonies.

EventDate & Time
SunriseMarch 7, 2023, 06:28 AM
SunsetMarch 7, 2023, 06:28 PM
Full Moon StartingMarch 06, 2023, at 04:17 PM
Full Moon Ending07 March 2023, 06:10 PM
Holika Dahan 2023 MuhurtaMarch 07, 2023, from 06:28 PM to 08:56 PM
Bhadra Mukha TimingsMarch 07, 2023, from 02:58 PM to 05:06 PM
Bhadra Poonch Timings07 March 2023, 04:53 PM to 06:10 PM
Bhai Dooj 20239 March 2023, Thursday
Basoda 2023 (Shitala Ashtami)15 March 2023, Wednesday

One should refrain from performing any beneficial task during Bhadra (an unfavourable season), which dominates the initial part of this tithi.

Importance of Holika Dahan in Hindu scriptures

Holika Dahan is observed one day before the hue celebration of Holi. And it is much fanfare and displayed on the day of the Full Moon and in the Hindu month of Phalgun. Based on the Solar calendar 2023, the festival of colors occurs between February and March. 

It also goes by the names “Choti Holi” and “Kamadu Chita” in various regions of India. It is among those holidays that cut beyond the boundaries of religion. Despite being a significant Hindu holiday, many natives around various nations and cultures celebrate it with joy and happiness. Additionally, the festival emphasises fairness and fraternity with an abundance of colour and pleasure.

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How Lord Vishnu saved Prahalad?

The tale of Holika Dahan starts with the legend of Hiranyakashyap. He was a powerful evil monarch who had immortality and the ability to assume any shape, rendering him unbeatable by Lord Brahma. Because Hiranyakashyap was so strong, everybody revered him as a deity.

However, his son Prahlad, a follower of Lord Vishnu, declined to acknowledge his dad as a deity. Hiranyakashyap made several attempts to impress Prahlad with his grandeur, but failed each time. Hiranyakashyap, who had grown weary of Prahlad’s intransigence, turned to his sister Holika for assistance.

Holika had the ability to withstand fire as a gift from Lord Brahma. For Prahlad to perish in the fire, Hiranyakashyap instructed Holika to sit with Prahlad on her lap. To others’ amazement, only Holika burned when she and Prahlad touched the flames; Prahlad was unharmed.

This occurrence demonstrated that Prahlad was under the protection of Lord Vishnu. It honours this victory of righteousness over evil because Holika, who possessed the blessing of not smouldering, was devoured by the flames. However, Prahlad was devoted to Lord Vishnu and managed to live.

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Holika Dahan & Holashtak in 2023

Choti Holi or Holika Dahan is a holiday honouring the triumph of virtue over wickedness. On this specific day this year, as a form of adoration, you must sacrifice grains to the holy fire. Likewise, you should perform Havan using the same grains. Customarily, you should return the residual ashes to the home., while the sacred altar preserves them. Days before the Choti Holi 2023, start gathering wood, dried twigs, cow dung cakes, and other materials.

Every year, the 8-day period known as Holashtak precedes the festival of Holi. It begins on Shukla Paksha, the Ashtami tithi of the Phalguna month, and lasts till Purnima, or at the very least, Holika Dahan. March 1 is the start date for Holashtak 2023. Holashtak, the eight days leading up to the Holi festival, is regarded negatively by Hindus in North India. Holashtak in 2023 will end on March 7th, 2023. This period serves as a reminder that Holi is approaching.

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How to perform Holika Dahan in 2023?

You would want a few unique items if you want to host a mini Holi 2023 Puja. They are Roli, Mauli, Akshat, turmeric, Batashe (sweets), tint, fruits, a wreath of certain flowers, yarns, and uples composed of cow dung, Ganga Jal, or pure water, etc.

  • During Falgun Shukla Purnima, people must rise earliest in the morning, shower, and commit to conduct Holika Vrat.
  • Afternoon: Prepare the Holika Dahan location by properly cleaning it with fresh water and gathering the necessary Holika Dahan supplies.
  • Create Holika and Prahlad idols using cow dung.
  • Burn Holika after evening worship, finishing three scorching Holi parikramas after that.
  • While lighting five different types of grains on fire, recite the praises of Lord Narasimha.
  • After finishing the holy fire’s phases, cover Holika with a raw string and present Arghya.
  • Add to the blaze cow manure, dried gramme thread, barley, wheat, etc.
  • Holi is also a time to add colour (Gulal) and to give water to the eternal flame.
  • Finally, gather the remaining ashes, bring them inside, and lay them on your shrine.

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Preparations to make for Choti Holi in 2023

  • People start storing firewood at a well-known public location on Basant Panchami day. Moreover, dry leaves, sticks, bushes, or other combustible materials are also taken into account.
  • Effigie Prahalad and Holika on a stack of wood on the fortuitous day of 2023 Choti Holi. Additionally, construct an effigy of an inflammable material, and Prahlad’s using a non-combustible one.
  • To expel all bad spirits, followers recite the Rakshoghna Mantra, a Mantra from Rigveda. 
  • Fire the heap of firewood at the proper moment or Muhurta.
  • Holika Dahan celebrates the triumph of virtue over evil. People do “parikrama” and perform songs and dances around the blaze.
  • Moreover, you can roast barley over the Holika fire and bring home to people as a lucky charm.

Remember these points while keeping fast on Holi

  • Married ladies must execute a rite in the afternoons before the Holika Dahan in 2023. The women should observe a strict fast till the sunset puja is over.
  • In the evening, bathe and make a puja thali using roli, rice, turmeric, five cow dung cakes knotted together, and moli (red-coloured thread). Women should perform a pooja known as “Thandi Holi” before Holika Dahan for the well-being of their families.
  • Ask Lord Vishnu’s blessings to bring pleasure and prosperity into their life by making many sacrifices to Holika. Following the puja, family members should break the fast by indulging in delectable cuisine.

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What to remember on Choti Holi in 2023?

  • In 2023, worship Holika Dahan only at an auspicious time.
  • Along with this, put some wheat, peas, and linseed in the fire at the time of Holika Dahan. Along with this, eating wheat ears cooked on fire is good for health.
  • According to astrology, while worshipping Chhoti Holi 2023, the person’s face should be towards the east or north direction.
  • Furthermore, by participating in Holika Puja, you can increase happiness and prosperity in your life.
  • Astrologically, the universe is most active during Holi. Hence it is prudent to perform rituals related to the planet ruling the eighth house of one’s birth chart.
  • Donating things related to your zodiac sign is beneficial for the native.
  • One should keep fast before worshipping Holika.
  • While fasting on this day, you should eat satvik food.
  • Do not keep your head uncovered during Holika Dahan. Cover your head with a cloth or scarf while performing the puja.
  • Along with this, you should not touch the things lying on the road on Holika Dahan this year.
  • According to astrology, do not consume meat and alcohol on the day of Holika Dahan.
  • You should not wear black or blue coloured clothes on this day. The blue colour is a symbol of negativity.
  • The newly married women should not see burning Holi. It is a symbol of a burning body. Moreover, it means that you are burning your old body. It is the reason why newly married girls should not see the fire of Holi.
  • If a newly married girl sees the Holi fire, she has to face many problems in her married life.

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