Know The Date, Time & Effects of Rahu and Mercury Conjunction 2023 in Aries


When Rahu and Mercury conjunction occurs in a zodiac sign skills like communication, intelligence, speech, etc., get affected. On March 31, 2023, the Mercury-Rahu conjunction will be in the Aries zodiac sign. Because of it, you might have an explosive nature. However, on the other hand, you might become exotic and innovative in conversation. Let us read more about the effects of the Mercury and Rahu conjunction 2023 in the Aries sign. 

Mercury and Rahu conjunction 2023 in Aries: Date, time, and duration

A transit occurs when a planet leaves one sign after finishing its passage there and enters another. Except for Rahu and Ketu, all seven visible planets follow a certain motion. Rahu and Ketu, however, move in the opposite direction. Every time a planet moves from one sign to another, impacts occur on the lives of the natives.

The Rahu-Mercury conjunction in Aries will be on March 31, 2023, to April 6, 2023. It will remain in the Aries zodiac sign for 68 days.

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Rahu in Aries as per astrology

Rahu is a malefic planet and brings negative changes in the life of a native. However, it might not always be true. According to the ancient discipline of astrology, Rahu is a shadow planet, which means it may not have an actual physical existence. Moreover, Rahu in the Kundli of a person denotes the descent of Karma from earlier births. Also, as per astrology Rahu is the reason behind every delusion. For skilled warriors, the planet Rahu is said to be powerful. It is the head without a body that never stops eating and yearns for worldly success and material possessions. 

Rahu in Aries is typically associated with bravery and a fondness for taking big chances in life. They only take chances, though, if they are positive that they will succeed. The best aspect is that persons with Rahu in Aries are frequently quite fortunate, and taking chances may often pay off for them. In reality, this stance suggests rashness that is advantageous. Such a position is also excellent for love, but only when the individual has encountered several obstacles.

Rahu in Aries also provides a person with a feeling of self-preservation. It brings assertiveness and a forward-thinking mindset. People with such a placement should make an effort to be self-sufficient and adhere to their own opinions. To succeed in life, they must nurture their personality. Moreover, they should also have confidence. They should be aware that to thrive in life, one must be themselves.

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Mercury in Aries as per astrology

Imagine being extremely thoughtful, achieving heights in professional life, and having great friendships. It is the result of favourable Mercury in your Kundli. Mercury is a significant planet with a massive effect on how intelligent and communicative we are. It shows the degree of light beaming through our intellectual mind and how we can build relationships and articulate our views. 

The ruling planet of the fire sign Aries is Mars. Additionally, Mars and Mercury are antagonistic and detrimental to one another regarding gender and element. However, in Vedic astrology, Mercury in Aries is a neutral position. It makes the natives witty and intelligent. They are always ready with useful solutions and ideas. Also, it exemplifies typical innovation with quick mentees and a smart mind.

One’s personality is bold, robust, courageous, and honest when Mercury is in Aries. It encourages a person’s interest in the performing and visual arts. They are strong and can excel in any sector owing to their outstanding communication skills.

Meaning of Mercury & Rahu conjunction

The conjunction of Rahu and Mercury in Vedic Astrology predicts that something substantial and major will happen to natives through conversation, interaction, speech, composition, analytical power, and other ways. Interaction, speech, and knowledge, all rapidly and significantly improve when Mercury and Rahu are in conjunction. Mercury appeals to Rahu because he is impartial and non-judgmental. A person’s ability to think creatively and intelligently may increase if Mercury and Rahu are in harmony. They might also like debating.

The conjunction of Mercury and Rahu denotes that the native is intelligent and witty. Due to their exceptional intellectual gifts, the native in this conjunction would be capable of doing great things.

Additionally, this conjunction suggests that the native may occasionally not have a steady mindset. Rahu’s influence implies that the native may struggle to make decisions or is a little unstable in their thinking. The native is drawn to movies and other forms of amusement because of this conjunction. Moreover, he may also be gifted in extracurricular activities and have a natural ability to entertain people. Due to Rahu and Mercury’s influence, the natives may also experience delusions and tend to daydream. 

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Effects of Rahu and Mercury conjunction 2023

When Rahu and Mercury conjoin, it forms the Madhya Yoga. This conjunction also destinies the person to have highs and lows in his or her life. However, the Mercury and Rahu conjunction 2023 in the Aries sign will have both favourable and unfavourable impacts on the natives. 

Positive effects of Mercury-Rahu conjunction in Aries

  • With the 2023 Mercury-Rahu conjunction in Aries, natives will have outstanding communication skills. Natives will be clever and have innate abilities that shall enable them to achieve high standards of professional excellence. 
  • They will succeed in their careers thanks to their intelligence and strong communication abilities. 
  • If you are into writing, playwriting, or storytelling, the Rahu-Mercury conjunction will help the natives enhance these respective fields.
  • They can also succeed in branding, publicity, and other market-related trends.
  • During the Rahu & Mercury conjunction in Aries, natives will be excellent in trade and commerce and grow their business internationally. 
  • Moreover, both men and women will speak in a way that the general public and well-known people find endearing and entertaining.
  • Also, because of the Rahu Mercury conjunction 2023, natives may work in a field that necessitates brief trips for professional or business purposes.

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Negative effects of Mercury-Rahu conjunction in Aries

  • Natives will be witty and have the innate ability to manipulate and bend the truth to convey it in a way that benefits themselves with their good communication skills. 
  • They might also find their abilities exploited by lying or acting manipulatively if they wish to. 
  • Native people might talk in a lower voice and a little less slowly than others, conceal much of their personal information, act secretively, and swiftly adjust to their surroundings which might deceive people. 
  • If malefic influence is strong, it may cause stuttering, lisping, confused speech, problems with mathematics and numbers, poor memorization, and even cause the native to have only an incomplete education.
  • With the malefic influence being strong, the native may also engage in document tampering or forgery to conceal or commit fraud, internet fraud, become identity thieves who commit scams, and experience depression.
  • If the malefic influence is strong, natives may frequently have any skin condition or develop black or brown blotches on their bodies.
  • With the Mercury and Rahu conjunction 2023, natives may work in a field that requires frequent short trips to conduct business or complete tasks.
  • Moreover, natives might purposefully manipulate, twist, or trick the public or the masses.
  • If the malefic influence is strong, the native might find it difficult to accumulate wealth and finances. The person would be a spendthrift and might find it difficult to save money.

The findings in the conjunction of Mercury and Rahu vary from horoscope to horoscope and are usually general. The outcomes also depend on other factors such as house, degree, Jupiter, benefic involvement, etc. This conjunction affects people more verbally and intellectually than physically since when two or more planets are involved, their energies will always add up or blend and form new energy.

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