Know The Yogas In Shankar Mahadevan Kundli That Made Him A Great Musician

Shankar Mahadevan Kundli Analysis

Music is the one thing we all connect to irrespective of our moods, emotions, and social differences. Being the land of music enthusiasts and lovers, our India produced one of the greatest singers whose songs made it to our Spotify playlists and music DVDs forever. With the song, “Breathless” Shankar Mahadevan made his musical breakthrough alongside poet-lyricist Javed Akhtar. It then developed into one of the most recognizable songs that India ever produced.

Shankar Mahadevan was a software engineer by profession, but he entered the music business because of his passion for music. He currently sings songs in the following languages: Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, and Carnatic. His collaboration with Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendonsa has been another success story for him as a cinema music composer. Through song creation for movies like Mission Kashmir, Kal Ho Na Ho, and Viswaroopam, the band produced music that instantly connected with audiences. Being one of the most well-liked musicians in India, he has contributed several albums to the industry that have broken records.

Let’s analyse his horoscope closely to learn about the planets and yogas in his Kundli that contributed to his transformation from a software engineer to an amazing musician.

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Shankar Mahadevan and his career

Shankar, who was born into a Tamil Iyer family from Pallakad, Kerala, was raised in Chembur, Mumbai. He began studying Carnatic music as a young child and was able to play the Veena by the time he was five. After earning a degree in computer science, he joined Oracle as a software developer.

Breathless, a musical album Shankar released in 1998, helped propel him to popularity. The title track Breathless, which is almost three minutes long without any verses, stanzas, or breaks, was designed to sound like he sang it in a single breath.

For his song Kandukondain Kandukondain, Shankar won his first National Film Award for playback singing in 2000. He thereafter went on to establish himself as a talented musician in Tamil cinema. He has since worked with well-known composers like AR Rahman and singers of diverse genres.  Also, he has been having success with the Fusion-Jazz group SILK. In addition to the national prize, he also received Filmfare, star screen, and Yesudas Awards.

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Dashas that played role in his success

Ketu Mahadasha

When Shankar Mahadevan’s breathlessness got published, he was in the Ketu Mahadasha period. His spiritual development and enlightenment were aided by this time. It also brought him great money. This time frame shows that growth has occurred in all areas, particularly a career. During his time in the Ketu Mahadasha, he attained new heights. He received awards and was at a very high point in his life. During this time, he worked with numerous musicians and gained renown. 

Venus Mahadasha

Following that, he experienced the Venus Mahadasha period. He gained a significant position and amount of authority throughout this Dasha period. He benefited from growing more and had financial security as the Dasha time progressed. Moreover, he collaborated on numerous projects and established the renowned trio. He also fell in love during this Dasha time and got married. The venus Dasha period states that relationships would be stable and have an abundance of love.

Moon Mahadasha 

Currently, he is in his Moon Mahadasha period. He will feel a great deal of satisfaction when the Moon Mahadasha is in a positive state. Due to the impacts of the Moon Mahadasha, he is set to have a lot of positive outcomes. During this time, a lot of positive events and heartwarming connections will enter his life. He is currently seen as a judge in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa and is up to several projects where we can hear him come up with regional songs.

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Important yogas & planets in Shankar Mahadevan Kundli

He was born on March 3, 1967, in Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, at 02:00 PM. The planetary arrangement in the Kundli of Shankar Mahadevan reveals a lot about him and the development of his profession.



Mercury, the planet of the Aquarius zodiac sign, is in the 9th house of his Kundli. He experienced success since the planet blessed him with the protection of the Aquarius sign and the conjunction of the planet Mercury in the ninth house. Because of the same, he spent many years working to have an amazing talent for singing, which is why he had such a successful career.


The 10th house, which represents the Pisces zodiac sign, is ruled by the planet Venus. Venus is conjunct in this house, which portends a wonderful career path for him personally. This position implies that he will put considerable passion and dedication into everything he works on in his life.


As per the horoscope of Shankar Mahadevan, his 5th house corresponds to the Libra zodiac sign. In the same, the planet Mars marks its placement. Because of it, he will naturally possess the capacity to be exceedingly productive and persistent via devotion. Moreover, he will rely on this quality to achieve respectable riches in his lifetime. He also has a keen intellect and has been blessed with a good education throughout his life.

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Yogas that made an impact

People have always loved Shankar Mahadevan for his music concerning his humble nature. Let’s have a look at his Yogas and see how this impacts his life.

Sunapha Yoga

Sunapha Yoga provided him with a lovely demeanour that is difficult to overlook. Additionally, it aided in his good fortune and intelligent life decisions. Also, Sunapha Yoga in the Kundli brought him fame, prosperity, and pride.

Adhi Yoga 

Adhi Yoga presents himself as a kind and reliable individual. His upbeat demeanour makes him popular with others. Due to this Yoga in his Kundli, he lived a prosperous life and amassed a substantial amount of wealth.

Malavya yoga

Malavya yoga bestowed upon him a lovely and devoted wife. Moreover, it ensures professional success, a luxurious life a comfortable one, and national fame. His extraordinary career becomes the reason for his outstanding success since Malavya Yoga is strong in the birth chart of Shankar Mahadevan. Hence, it is one of the most significant yogas in his Kundli.

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