Lockdown 2| PM Modi Speech- 7 Matters of Concern

Lockdown 2.0 PM Modi Speech- 7 Matters of Concern

At 10 AM, 14th April, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the public in the midst of the Coronavirus battle. The PM announced that it would extend the lockdown to 3 May. Notably, Lockdown 2 has occurred to ensure the end of the raging hotspot of COVID-19. The PM announced that it would extend the lockdown to 3 May. Notably, Lockdown 2 has occurred to ensure the end of the raging hotspot of COVID-19.

However, areas where new hotspots are not being established and the situation is under control, some relaxation can occur as of April 20. Nonetheless, that will all depend on how much coronavirus is under control. A comprehensive guideline will be released on Wednesday. Around the same time, the Prime Minister pursued seven things from the public to fight the coronavirus. Read ahead about the 7 matters of concern-

Elders are the most crucial

The patients of coronavirus in India has a higher number of adults. According to studies, among the aggregation, there is a greater chance of elders to come in the effect of Coronavirus. Hence, it is important to take care of elders. If you have any elder member in your family, you must take significant precautions. If India has to fight corona, the pillar of the home should be healthy.

Following the Guidelines

Lockdown is extended to keep the Indian public safe. As there have been many casualties and we have suffered the loss of 339 lives. To halt the threat of death due to Coronavirus, the government had to proffer Lockdown 2. Besides, during the lockdown, PM Modi has asked to follow the guidelines strictly.

Immunity to Fight Against Coronavirus

To fight against Coronvirus, it is significant to strengthen our immunity. In PM speech, he asked people to take steps to boost immunity. In order to successfully beat the threat of Corona, people have to be healthy. Lockdown 2.0 has taken place to offer everyone a chance to stay home and stay safe.

Ayush App

In PM Modi’s speech, he asked everyone to down the Ayush App. In order to boost our immunity system, Yoga and meditation are ideal suggestions. Thus, the AYUSH app can be a great help during this tough time.

Help the Poor

In PM Modi speech live, he mentioned that the time of pandemic is tough for the poor. Therefore, you must help them. In order to save the Indian population to step toward starvation, it is important to help the poor.

Wages and Workers

Be compassionate to the people working with you in your business, your industry. You should not expel anyone or fire from the job. As it is the time of the pandemic, it is important to have sympathy for people working for you. Also, provide them whatever wages you can. During this tough time, don’t let any person suffer starvation.

Warriors Against COVID-19

Our doctors, nurses, scavengers, policemen are the real hero against Coronavirus.

Therefore, we should all respect them. Since the day COVID-19 hit our country, these heroes are serving us day and night. Regardless of their family concerns, health concerns, and emotional matters, they have been working to help the people of India. As we know, many-many doctors, nurses, cleaning staff, policemen are working very hard amid pandemic to save the country, they deserve the highest respect. Therefore, PM Narendra Modi has asked to show our gratitude towards them.

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