PM Modi Says Lockdown May Be Extended: Astrological Analysis

PM Modi Says Lockdown May Be Extended Astrological Analysis

PM Modi on Lockdown Extend

PM Narendra Modi in his recent speaking mentioned that the lockdown may have to last for some more time. As India is battling against COVID-19 pandemic, to ensure the safety of people lockdown may stay in place even after April 14. Additionally, PM told the leaders of several parties in the Parliament for an extension of the lockdown owing to the National Health Emergency.

He (PM Modi) mentioned that he has been speaking to Chief Ministers and District Collectors and the common conclusion is that it is not smooth to lift the lockdown. We require to be strict and implement uncompromising social distancing. Thus, lifting the lockdown will not be possible at once. In addition to this, PM has called another meeting on 11th April with all Chief Ministers. Further, the Centre would pass any final decision on the lockdown.

He also mentioned that the government is making a priority to save each and every life. Alongside this, the challenging economic situation due to COVID-19 is another factor that the government is committed to overcoming.

COVID-19 Cases in India So Far

Global health took a sore turn in October 2019. It all began with Coronavirus Outbreak in the Central part of China. Further, in a very short time period, more than a thousand people were infected. Countries like the USA, UK, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Iran, and Switzerland are the worst affected countries. Here, people had to suffer a huge death rate due to COVID-19.

In India, the first case of the Coronavirus pandemic was reported on 30th January 2020. The Virus originated from China. Today, there are 5,734 total cases are confirmed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It includes 473 recoveries and 166 deaths. According to the experts, the number of cases could be much higher as the testing rates in India is the lowest in the world.

As of today, most of the cases are from the Urban areas & cities in India. The virus spread has not reached the rural areas yet.

In an operation that lasted five days, Delhi Police last week evacuated 2,361 people from the Markaz Banglewali mosque in Nizamuddin. This is the biggest cluster outbreak of COVID-19 in India. The meeting of the Tablighi Jamaat was the reason behind 20% of total reported cases so far, with 19 casualties across different states. Health Ministry stated that the pace would’ve been slower unless the cases related to the Jamaat incident had not occurred.

Astrology Prediction: Lockdown to Continue Till June

Across the globe, people worry about one single question “when will coronavirus end?”. There are many-many ancient books, predictions, and writings in which sages and astrologers have mentioned about the virus outbreak.

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According to our Expert Astrologers, the virus will begin to recede when the sun crosses Rahu and occupies the Revathi Star. This is a huge observation that is awaited by everybody. This significant event will enable the epidemic to mitigate its impact on the world. Besides the major source of life on the Earth, Sun will enter Aries which will make the tension around the world come at ease. People will start experiencing a betterment in Global Health. There will be growth in the Medical section and things will start falling back at their places.

In addition to this, Mars, the significator of strength and valor will enter Air Sign Aquarius from Earth Sign Capricorn on 4th May. It will bring the negativity to come to an end. From the mid of May, there can be auspicious situations. It will lead to a gradual lifting of the lockdown around the end of May or the beginning of June. Till then, people will have to patiently wait and take precautions to avert another announcement for the lockdown extend.

Stars suggest that the outbreak is going to end in a jolt. According to our astrologers, April is going to be a crucial month. The fear of Coronavirus is likely to increase among people. As a result, the global economy, health, and democracy will suffer a great loss. The effect of Coronavirus will, however, come to an end in September.

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