Lockdown- What Each Zodiac Sign Would Stock Up

Quarantining- What Each Zodiac Sign Would Stock Up in Lockdown

As we all know it is a tough time for people all around the world. In the recent past few weeks, people noticed a great number of deaths across the globe. It further has led to the situation of lockdown. As nobody is allowed to step out of their homes, people have stocked all the essential goods at their house. It will further stop the spread of Coronavirus. There are a few specific things that every zodiac sign would stock up during the lockdown.

Let’s find out what are those specific things.

Aries/मेष (21st March to 19th April)

Beer, Drugs, Cannabis, and the bong.

Why? Oh! Aries loves everything that’s illegal. So, the idea of carrying these things home and stacking them with all the essential is necessary for them. Further, all you will do in lockdown is sip the beer and hit the chicken dinner.

Taurus/वृषभ (20th April to 20th May)

You are the most charming, attractive and sensual Zodiac. However, whatever single penny you have in your bank account has can get you.

You are not much. All this time, you will stay at home and have whatever is available at your place.

Gemini/मिथुन (21st May to 20th June)

To you, even the whole world is not enough. Perhaps, you may bring everything and fit on your shelves. However, it will still be less for you. Not that you are going to use everything. But, you still want it so, you will store anyway.

Besides, all that you’d be doing during quarantine is eating food at home and getting fat.

Cancer/कर्क (21st June to 22nd July)

For Cancerians, it has to be all the Good Food to make a good mood.

In addition to this, you need good movies, good music, a lot of sleep. You don’t sleep much, though. Daydreaming is life. So, you will stock up as much as good food to complement the major hours of your binge-watching.

Leo/सिंह (23rd July to 22nd August)

Windex for your mirror. Scrubbing bubbles. There’s nothing that avoids fascination with yourself.

So, you are not much stressed about the lockdown. After all, you have your self. What else does a lion want except attention and obsession? Be it your cooking time, bathing time or sleeping time, you know how to give yourself some credit.

Virgo/कन्या (23rd August to 22nd September)

Nothing. What would you need in an emergency? You have everything. You stocked up four months ago, just in case.

There’s no failing for you. So, there is never being late or stocking up last. Phone loaders and battery services backup, food, and other essentials, you have everything.

Libra/तुला (23rd September to 22nd October)

A flame fit. You could be at home, and you will always look pretty good.

Besides, you don’t need too many things. As you are pretty organized already, you always have a good amount of stock at your home. So, for lockdown, you will be going to store to compliment your essential store.

Scorpio/वृश्चिक (23rd October to 21st November)

Lubricant. Why? Hmmm!!!!

Is any Scorpion reading this? You know your dirty soul wouldn’t be resting during the lockdown. So, if you are quarantining with your partner, it is a perfect idea to stock up some lube for you. Oh! you might actually have it in your stock already. So, bingo, have a nice quarantine.

Sagittarius/धनु (22nd November to 21st December)

My condolence. I know how tough it is for a wanderer like you to bear the lockdown. You might have stocked up essential goods, snacks, coffee, and chocolates. However, you are dreaming of everything but the plane ticket to California.

According to the fire in your soul, as soon as this lockdown ends, you are gonna fly at least to one of your favorite places.

Capricorn/मकर (22nd December to 19th January)

Food, food, good food, more food, and everything in the food.

For a Capricorn, the genre of good food is essential to stock up in on their shelved during the lockdown. Besides, I know you’re already reading about this, just convert your money to gold. You are not losing hope for a better future. Thus, all this time you will save your money for better use.

Aquarius/कुंभ (20th January to 18th February)

Aquarians love diet coke, coffee, and juices. So, you will definitely stock up these things for all the inevitable things that you would encounter.

Juice in the morning, Diet coke at noon and coffee in the evening is your ideal quarantine. Besides, you are also a fan of thriller shows. So, you might end up watching a few good ones with your homies this social distancing.

Pisces/मीन (19th February to 20th March)

For a Piscean, it is important to stock up sufficient colors & sheets, books, and music to cry to.

Oh! and the sweets. Especially chocolate is love. So, you will be stocking every possible flavor perhaps. Complimenting to your taste, your favorite music is all that you need to go through this lockdown.

Please tell us in our comment section how correct my prediction went. In addition, you can give us suggestions on how to well spend a quarantine. The best 5 comments will get a free session with our Expert Astrologers.

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