Quarantine- 6 Zodiac Signs that Will Rock their Social Distancing

Quarantine- 6 Zodiac Signs that Will Rock their Social Distancing

Our world is under the attack of a deadly disease. We pray for people who had to suffer the loss of their family members during the Coronavirus threat. Now, that the Covid-19 alert has finally made a large section of people stay in their homes for introvert zodiac signs, it is not a big deal. They can stay home and stay happy with it. However, Zodiacs who are extrovert and can’t stay home for a long time might be facing an issue. Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Capricorn are the signs that must be having a tough time during quarantine and social distancing.

Then, there are a few Zodiac Signs who can rock their Social distancing. As they love solitude, they will create further opportunities for them to utilize their current time. So who are they? Let’s figure out.

Aries/मेष during Quarantine (21st March to 19th April)

Aries, the fiery Ram, the first of the Zodiac circle is one of the shyest and mouse zodiacs. For them, social attention, chattering around, wandering are the least exciting things.

They are commonly happy in their own space. They prefer being alone and silent. Yet, they analyze a lot. They have a phenomenal trait to enjoy their own company. For them, their bed & blanket, books or games or movies are enough to help them keep going.

Thus, for them, it is not a bit tough to quarantine and chill. Their marvelous personal stuff is enough for them.

Cancer/कर्क during Quarantine (21st June to 22nd July)

Cancer, a sign that has nothing to do with the real world. Though, they love spending time outside. Going out and gossiping around is the last thing a Cancerian wants.

These people live in their own world. They love being alone, imagining things and having fun around their own fantasies. A world of fantasy, yeah, that’s where a Cancerian commonly wanders. It is where their comfort lies. As the outer world doesn’t lure them much, they are completely okay with staying home, watching films, writing stories, and making changes in their living spaces.

6 Zodiac Signs that Will Rock their Social Distancing

Leo /सिंह during Quarantine (23rd July to 22nd August)

Say things like quarantine, apocalypse, zombie attack in front of Leos and the first thing they will imagine is their bed. FYI, Leo, the Lions are also Leo the Lazys. These people just love being in their bed, scrolling through their phone.

For a Leo, it is a golden opportunity to stay in their room for hours, wear the same pajama for a week and sip the soup. For fun, these people just love cooking good food. So, if you have a great taste bud and you have a Leo around, regardless of your zodiac sign, you will enjoy.

Is any Capricorn reading this? Have a stay with Leo. You will also get the chance to enjoy your time during social distancing amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Virgo/कन्या (23rd August to 22nd September)

Virgo, a perfect person who is never on a halt! Nay.

These people love being in bed. As a matter of fact, you can expect a Virgo to go to sleep at 11 in the night and wake up at 12 pm the next noon. These people can break any record of sleeping and be lazy. However, their unpredictable nature doesn’t guarantee this either.

On the 6th or 7th day of quarantining you can expect them to organize a Karaoke for themself, pour some wine and wear shimmering clothes to enjoy every bit of their time.

Libra /तुला during Quarantine (23rd September to 22nd October)

Libran, the enigmatic zodiac sign that has a huge crush on being a shrinking violet or a wallflower. Commonly, they are like ” leave me alone and let me live in peace”. These people go through a lot of struggles in order to tolerate the people around them. Therefore, quarantine for a while is like a bliss for them. They would just sit back and watch their favorite show this whole time.

Besides this, you may also find them stalking, reading books, learning and growing. They know how to turn a difficult time into a productive one.

Pisces/मीन (19th February to 20th March)

To be frank, Pisceans are the fishes that love being at their home. It is a water sign that is popular for its outgoing and yet extremely introvert nature.

Their mind embraces the depth of the ocean. Mostly, these people are artistic. They are blessed with talents of painting, singing, drawing, and so on. These people commonly look for a chance to stay home and read through the best books of their collection. Pisceans can easily stay in their house and live an exciting life their way. Things like quarantine and social distancing are just another excuse for these people to enjoy in their comfy blankets or in their messy painting room.

Also, tell us in the comment section if I predicted the same for your Zodiac Sign. Well, you can give us some exciting suggestions too for making quarantine happier and healthier. Ps. we hope you are washing your hands regularly, using sanitizers and staying home. After all, this is how these signs will actually rock their quarantine.

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