Lockdown Extends- 4 Matters to Look Out in PM Modi’s Meeting

Lockdown Extends- 4 Matters to Look Out in PM Modi's Meeting

According to the last meeting, PM Modi mentioned that the lockdown cannot be lifted in one go all across the country. As the situations are only falling out of hands and there are more than 7500 cases of Coronavirus in India. The Indian States like Punjab, Odisha have already stated in favor of continuing the lockdown. Thus, there is a higher probability that lockdown extends until the end of April month.

The spread of COVID-19 has been varied across India. While States like Maharashtra have over 1500 cases, Tamil Nadu has over 900 cases. Whereas the number of patients in Odisha is 50 and in states like Ladakh, Assam, and Chhattisgarh the count is below 30. Thus, in such a situation, the Chief Ministers are required to pass a decentralized response.

Moreover, there are a few things that require their prime attention. Here are the 4 crucial questions that the government should take under concern during the final meeting-

The Fall of Economy

In the consecutive two years, economic growth declined from 8.3% in FY17 to 7% and to 6.1%. Additionally, in FY20, it declined to 5%. The nationwide lockdown has drawn a tremendous impact on the overall domestic consumption. According to the expert, the situation will remain the same and keep an impact on the the supply, consumption, and export till June.

With a decline in the economy, spending capacity, people are already losing their jobs. Not just daily wages workers but also people who work in many other sectors like import and export are losing their jobs. As a result, people are willing to spend less and explore new resources. In such a situation, States are further requiring to seek the Centre for the timely payment of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) compensation.

Issue of Livelihood

As we know due to the falling economy livelihood has become questionable for many people. Significantly, people who work on daily wages, insurance sectors, the manufacturing sector, and the import & export sector will have to suffer the loss. Amid all this, it would be captivating to witness how the Central and State government tackle this situation. Also, what measures the government would take to ensure the lives as well as livelihood.

Access of People to Essentials

The 21days lockdown which was scheduled to be lifted on 14th April has led to a distortion in the entire supply chain. Particularly, the supply of essential goods, medical, and other daily use items are greatly affected. Besides, some areas in UP have been sealed completely. Thus, access to essentials will be tough for everyone.

Meanwhile the meeting, people are expecting the Chief Ministers to raise the issue in front of the central. It is important to ensure a powerful supply chain for essential goods before the lockdown extends.

Workers and Daily Wages

All over India, people who were working on the basis of a daily wage are suffering the most during the lockdown situation. On the other hand, the agriculture sector of India is taking the beat-up of the economy. The State Governments are taking measures to ensure the crops are not affected during the lockdown. Farmers in several states have permission to use the combined harvesters. However, it is hardly preventing the impact of the entire situation on the selling of crops.

As the Rural Economy has taken a very sore turn, the States are demanding a special allowance from the central government. Proper plan and help from the Central can revive the condition of the Economy. Especially, it can ensure the farmer and daily wage workers do not starve prior to the lockdown extends.

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