Lord of Ascendant/Lagna in Different Houses


It’s easy to see astrology as a tricky pseudoscience, especially when you are not familiar with your natal chart, your Kundli, the basic meaning of astrological houses, what each one represents considering each play a significant role in our lives. In astrology, you must have heard of Sun signs or Zodiac signs. It’s the signs most people are familiar with but equally important is your Ascendant.

Ascendant is basically your outer persona. It includes your physical appearance, temperament, nature, personality and your sense of knowing yourself. Your Ascendant or Lagna also reveals the way you present yourself.

To get a recap of what each house represent and what part does each of these play in our lives and how they affect us you can click here.

Who is the Lord of Ascendant?

You do not need to muster up the energy to find an astrologer to tell you who the lord of your Ascendant is. Here’s how you can find it out yourself. Take your Horoscope/Kundali(you can make your Kundali as per your birth details using FREE KUNDALI) and observe the numbers written in each house.

Following are the numbers, and each one of them represents a particular sign.

1- Aries
2- Taurus
3- Gemini
4- Cancer
5- Leo
6- Virgo
7- Libra
8- Scorpio
9- Sagittarius
10- Capricorn
11- Aquarius
12- Pisces

Each sign has a lord. Below are the lords of these signs.

Sun- Leo
Moon- Cancer
Mars- Aries, Scorpio
Mercury- Gemini, Virgo
Jupiter- Sagittarius, Pisces 
Venus- Taurus, Libra
Saturn- Capricorn, Aquarius

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 1st House

1st house is the house of self. Ascendant lord is at home in the first house. Native’s focus throughout life is upon himself.

 Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 1st House

The person is always concerned about how he’s looking, how much attention he’s getting, his overall health and the kind of progress he’s making. It’s a very good position for the ascendant lord. Therefore, the native will be independent and self-motivated.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 2nd House

Person’s focus throughout life is on Family. His life will always revolve around things related to family, wealth, and overall holdings.

Native may be fortunate regarding wealth and has good financial conditions or earns well. They are usually great orators and have a good command over communication.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 3rd House

If the ascendant lord is favourably placed in the 3rdhouse, the native will be courageous (since its the house of courage).

Native focuses on making self-efforts and making oneself better throughout his life. Whatever they gain in life is all because of their own efforts and hard work. Most of the time, this placement is seen in the horoscopes of the Businessmen and entrepreneurs. Native is always seen putting efforts somewhere or the other.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 4th House

4th house is the house of happiness, so if the lord of ascendant is placed in this house, the native may be connected to his roots and is surrounded with relatives and is blessed with all sorts of happiness.

Lagna sitting in 4th House

He will be having a lot of movable and immovable assets like land and vehicles etc. All these results will be seen when the lord of ascendant is placed favourably in the 4th house otherwise, negative results are expected.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 5th House

It’s a beneficial place to the ascendant lord. As the 5th house itself represents creativity, romance, hobbies, children, stock, trading, gambling etc.

The native’s focus throughout life is on Education, love matters and creative art. He/she will be a generous and business-minded person. In addition to that,  the native also gets benefits from speculations, share market and gambling.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 6th House

Lord of Ascendant in the 6th house is not a good placement. The native may face physical and mental happiness, has surrounding of health-related problems, debts, obstacles, disputes enemies etc. However, all these ill-effects will come to an end during the Dasha period of the ascendant lord. Also, the native will be very competitive in nature and possibilities are that he/she may succeed in competitive exams.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 7th House

It’s the house of your partner. This placement is beneficial for all kinds of partnerships. Be it business-related or in a relationship. Likewise, the native is very loyal to his spouse and also earns good money in business partnerships as well. 

Lagna sitting in 7th House

In fact, the native flourishes after marriage. These are the people who find their true self from their spouse. The native’s focus throughout life is on dealing with matters related to their partner, marriage, contracts and agreements.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 8th House

8th house is one of the malefic houses. It rules over death, longevity and sudden events. This house is also the house of mysteries, occult science, transformations and joint wealth with the spouse. The native’s focus for the whole of his life is mainly on matters related to mysteries, darker side of life, occult sciences, hidden things and sudden events.

If the ascendant in 8thhouse is afflicted, then the native may also have to suffer from incurable diseases.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 9th House

The ninth house is also the house of Lucks and fortunes. Hence, the placement of ascendant lord in 9th house is beneficial for the native. Its generic interpretation that the native’s relation with his father is good and he may go to a foreign land to earn money.

The native may also have an inclination towards religious activities and is active in religious activities and the person usually has very strong principles.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 10th House

Ascendant in 10th house is very auspicious. As a result of that, the native gets huge success in his career. He may be in at a reputed profile in his profession or business.

In general understanding, the person’s focus throughout life is on matters related to career, status and responsibility etc. Their life revolves around work, fame and status. It’s like all other aspects of life become completely insignificant.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 11th House

Placement of Ascendant in 11th house indicates gains which means that the native will have a materialistic approach towards life. It is one of the most favourable positions for the ascendant lord.

Lagna sitting in 12th House

Also, as the 11th house represents elder siblings, the native will have good relations with his/her elder siblings. The native will have a long life if the ascendant has favourable placement here, if not, it may cause problems.

Lord of Ascendant/Lagna sitting in 12th House

It’s the house of losses, expenses, foreign land, imagination, spirituality. The 12th house is also the house of self- undoing and imprisonment.

Nonetheless, it remains the house of losses, so whichever planet goes in 12th house. It brings about a bundle of losses. Native doesn’t have much of self-confidence and rather suffers from perplexity. If the ascendant is weak or afflicted by any tamasic planet like Mars and Saturn or any watery sign, then the native’s may incline towards illegal relationships.

However, different planets will behave differently as the ascendant lord will sit in each house. if you wish you know what each planet represents and what effect do they have on our lives, you may click here


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