Lucky Cat in Feng Shui: Significance and Benefits

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Feng Shui is believed to be the highest and purest form which signifies alignment between inner and outer peace. Originated in China, it is practiced today all over the world. It is a living skill and considers some objects lucky that bring one wealth and prosperity. One such object is the lucky cat or the beckoning cat. Originally known as Maneki Niko, this cat with one palm raised up in the air is symbolic of good luck.

We all might have seen this cat may be in some one’s shop or in someone’s home and considered it a beautiful piece of home decor. But, it has much more to do with it. It can bless one abundantly with luck, prosperity, wealth, and peace. In this article, there’s everything you should know about Maneki Niko or the welcoming Cat.

Significance of the Lucky Cat

On the one hand, Cat is considered inauspicious in India while on the other, the Japanese cat is considered a symbol of peace and prosperity. The followers of Feng Shui, along with crystal turtle, wind chimes, laughing buddha, also keep this lucky cat in their home and workplace. According to Feng Shui, this lucky is fortunate enough to protect one from upcoming trouble.

One of the hands of this Lucky cat is constantly waving up in the air. This lucky cat is also termed as a Money cat and its origin is in Japan. It is of great significance in Feng Shui and the story behind it is equally significant. It is believed that the God of wealth was once roaming in the town to examine the people and it started raining heavily. To protect Himself, He took the shade under a tree and was holding it. The very next moment, his eyes fell on a cat who was waving her paw and calling God. The God of wealth was fascinated and moved towards her. As soon as He reached there, the lightning struck the tree and made it fall.

Due to the cat’s call, The life of God was saved and He blessed the cat’s owner with wealth and prosperity. When the cat died, her owner got a statue of a cat, waving her paw made and named it as Maneki Niko. After this incident people started keeping this statue in their homes to protect them from troubles and worries.

Benefits of Lucky Cat in Feng Shui

  • The lucky cat, also termed as beckoning cat is seen as a symbol of inviting someone. Hence, it is believed to increase sales in one’s business as it would attract and invite customers.
  • The beckoning cat, with the left paw raised, is symbolic of inviting wealth and prosperity.
  • The lucky cat, with the right paw raised, wards of negative energy and serves as protection.
  • It invites good fortune, customers, visitors, and wealth.
  • It harmonizes the flow of energy, enhances relationships, and create positive surroundings.

Which cat represents what?

Different colors of Maneki Niko are symbolic of different emotions. The tricolor version, red, green, and white is supposed to attract wealth, abundance, and prosperity. White represents purity hence a white cat harmonizes the environment and spreads happiness. The Golden cat, which is mostly seen, attract wealth and commerce. It should be kept in places where you wish to increase income. The black cat protects one from negative energy while the red helps with vitality and well being.

Where to place the lucky cat?

As the cat is believed to attract customers hence it should be placed in the entrance such that it is visible to people entering the workplace.

Additionally, it is much beneficial if one places it near the cash counter or record register as it is believed to increase the cash.  Feng Shui also believes that left palm raised cat attract women while the one with right palm raised, attracts the men. Hence, the right palm raised cat should be used in beauty salons, etc. while the latter in restaurants or other businesses.

Also, one should take care that the cat is not facing the wall. For placement of Maneki Niko in the house, it is advisable to place it in the southeastern corner as it is believed to be the corner of wealth. For the people working from home, the cat should be placed near the office in the Southeast corner.

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