How Feng Shui can Enhance Love in Life, Relationship and Marriage

How Feng Shui can enhance your love life and Marriage relationship

There are many reasons which may act as a blockage in love relationships, but attractiveness and beauty is something which can bring that life back in the relationships. Not facial beauty but the surroundings, atmosphere where you live, and spend most of the time should be enhanced beautifully to let that beauty reflect in your soul and thus in your relationships. If your home is disordered, clutter, and not properly lit, then you greatly block the love to be filled around you and lessen the chances of experiencing a healthy love life.

Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Love in Life, Relationship and Marriage-

No matter which problems you might be facing, these simple tips will surely help you create a home that flourishes a beautiful and healthy love life.

– Create an inviting bedroom atmosphere

Although we all prefer a king-size bed, Feng Shui suggests opting for queen size bed to enhance love life. Moreover, you must keep an eye on the placement of your bed, which should not be jammed against the wall, which gives a signal that you are not open to receive and give love.

Also, make sure that your bed should never be jammed again the wall with a toilet as it gives even a bad impact and flushes away the love from your life. Lastly, to maintain equality in a relationship, Feng Shui also recommends that both sides of the bed should have equal space.

– Keep enough Privacy in Your Bedroom

Placing family photographs on the walls of the bedroom is not really a very good idea; instead, family photographs should be placed in the drawing-room, keeping your bedroom private romantic sanctuary.

– Your bedroom must be gadgets free

Nothing is more annoying than watching your partner more interested in his/her Laptop and I-Pad. The bedroom is a place to relax; keeping a television or other electronic gadgets in your bedroom gives a completely non-romantic signal. In case you cannot remove some important gadgets, keep them in a corner place. Keep them away from the bed.

– Stimulate your Southwest Area

According to Feng Shui or Vastu, love is located in the southwest corner of your home. Stimulate this area with candles, flowers, crystals. You can make the effect even better by keeping a chandelier, which has both crystals and lights.

You can also place a beautiful painting of lovers, of love ducks. If your bedroom is located in this southwest area, then nothing can keep you away from receiving and filling your soul with love.

– Keep negative memories away

Keeping the gifts or items given to you by someone you don’t want to remember keeps you stick onto negative energies. It gives a signal that you do not want to move on. Get rid of those reminders and keep those things out of your bedroom.

In case of any particular guidance about Vastu for a particular area of life, feel free to connect.

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