Lunar Eclipse 5 July 2020- Negative Effect on 4 Zodiac Signs

Lunar Eclipse 5 July

The first half of 2020 has witnessed two lunar eclipses and one solar eclipse to date. Another eclipse is estimated on the 5th of July. This penumbral eclipse cannot be seen by naked eyes. Mostly the Grahan will be seen in parts of America and Africa and western Europe and Asia. This particular eclipse is also called Upachaya Chandra Grahan. The full moon eclipse happens when the earth is in alignment with the moon and sun in an indefinite manner. Despite its scientific significance, this graham holds astrological relevance too. Let’s find out the time and effect of Lunar Eclipse 5 July 2020 on different zodiac signs.

Time and Duration of the Penumbral Eclipse

  • First contact with penumbra 8:38 AM
  • The maximum impact of Eclipse 9:59 AM
  • Last contact with penumbra 11:21 AM

Negative Effect of Lunar Eclipse 5 July 2020 on 4 Zodiac Signs

This kind of full moon eclipse is believed not to have a negative impact on our lives. However, they play a vital role in changing the direction of our path. In fact, they are no less than windmills who offer us essential self-reflection. However, according to Indian astrologers, the impact can be severe on these 4 zodiac signs.


Gemini you need to have extra precaution when it comes to physical and mental health. During the coronavirus pandemic it advisable if you limit social activities as much as possible. You can face respiratory issues which can further lead to stress. Your mental health also needs equal attention. Avoid talking about the past or whatever can trigger your peace of mind.


Libra the lunar eclipse of 5 July 2020 will directly affect your third house in your birth chart. This means that you will deviate from spiritual awakening. More or less your interests in religious activity will go downhill. Try to do mediation every morning for 10 to 15 minutes. Don’t indulge in arguments with your partner as it can have a lasting impression.


The eclipse will have an adverse effect on the second house of a Scorpio sign. It is indicated that serious issue like an accident ailing health can cause trouble. Financially it is the worst time for you as money may come an go quickly. It is the period of trying to maintain peace and harmony at workplace. Some of your colleagues may gang up against you in the coming days. All in all, Scorpio keeps your near and dear ones close.


Well, the people born under the Aquarius sign may face trouble for more than 6 months. Your natal charts may witness chaos in the 11th house. the children in your family need extra care during this fatal time. Your child will face setbacks in his career and job. In fact, health issues will make it more stressful. If you are in a romantic relationship then be to face differences along the way.

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