Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020- These Zodiac Signs will be least affected

Mercury Retrograde in Cancer 2020

The year 2020 got no chill, there have been a series of events one by one. We are already dealing with the pandemic, other natural calamities along with economic downfall. The planet Saturn, Jupiter Venus, and Pluto are already in retrograde and now Mercury too. This summer is very challenging for the whole of the world. These planetary motions are causing more havoc than any other year. Mercury Retrograde in Cancer took place on the 18th of June further worsening the situation. The coronavirus cases are increasing at an unprecedented rate, the amount of terror has also taken a toll.

Mercury symbolizes communication, technology, and transportation. As the planets go retrograde all the given factors will be slightly shaky. However, the water signs will be least affected by this transit.


The transit is taking place in the Cancer zodiac sign. This will help you evaluate your relationships with your loved ones. Communication will rather be at a halt now thus you have enough time to contemplate. Further after a while, you will find yourself in a better place with your people.

Your work life will seem to be peaceful without any hindrance. Just keep your mind open to new ideas and opinions. Love will face some setbacks which will revive after the transit bid you farewell.


Scorpio zodiacs this is a period of serious contemplation about your life. If you have an upcoming exam or areas related to academics consider your options. Its a matter of your life decisions that you just cannot wrong with. This planetary movement will give you ample time to look at what’s right and what’s not.

Further, our patience is at stake as you will be compelled to take impulsive decisions. So take up meditation or any form of yoga to ease your mind. This period is for you to evolve as a better more patient person. Maintain a list of things that you would like to cover after the transit. Hopefully, all your major events will be a boon.


Pisces consider yourself lucky as this Mercury retrograde in Cancer will have no serious repercussions on you. There will be less drama and more love around you. You will come across a like-minded person who will share the same liking as you. However, your past may still haunt you in one form or another. But your past crawling back will make you realize why indeed they need to remain in the back.

In fact, you will experience more creativity due to the lockdown. Yes, some ideal time with your hobbies will bring you closer to it like never before. Take your passion to another level Pisces this time may never come back again.

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