Mandira Bedi shares her astrology experience


Actor, anchor, influencer, a single mom – there is nothing that Mandira Bedi couldn’t be. And her doing all of these at an age of 50 gives us all kinds of inspiration.

Today, when we often try to mold our choices based on others’ perceptions, Mandira Bedi’s humble and self-owned choices are what place her on a different level. As an entertainer, not only is she unafraid to show her real side, but in doing so, she ensures she inspires many to follow the course. All through her life, Bedi has shredded taboos attached to women, be it by toning down her body to making career choices that many women were afraid to make before her.

Yes, we are talking about Mandira Bedi being a sports anchor. Mandira Bedi is one of the first few women to have hosted cricket tournaments on television. She has hosted Cricket World Cups in the years 2003 and 2007, the Champions Trophies in the years 2004 and 2006, and the Indian Premier League Season 2. And the best part? She did all of it while she was pregnant.

Mandira Bedi and astrology

Mandira has surely achieved a lot through her dedication and hard work. But she tells us that astrology too has played a big role in helping her find direction in life.

Mandira Bedi shares with us that an astrologer had once told her mother about her that she would get success through sports. But Mandira didn’t believe the prediction at that time as she didn’t have any connection with sports whatsoever. But months later, she was chosen to host ICC tournaments by Star Sports. This one true prediction made her believe in astrology.

Since then, Mandira trusts astrology and is now a regular user of the Astrotalk app for all her astrology consultation needs.

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