Mars Transit 2020- Effect of Mars Transit in Each House

Mars Transit 2020- Effect of Mars Transit in Each House

Mars Transit through one sign to another in about one and a half months. Which means, it takes about 45 days to travel from one sign to the next. During this time span, the vigorous planet Mars affects the lives of the natives according to its position in the different houses of each Sign. Mars is a fiery, energetic and hot planet. It governs over the valor and aggression. Therefore the position of Mars in a horoscope draws impact on the temper and tone of the person majorly.

When the position of Mars is strong in the Horoscope, the person becomes energetic, strong, healthy, and courageous. However, when it has a malefic position, it causes the person to suffer injuries, bad accidents, surgeries, allergies, burns, and cowardliness.

Mars outlines the features of a fighter, motivation, sex, enthusiasm, strength, desire to conquer, battle, rushing, desire, sustainability, instinct to protect, desperation, trust, rage, soldier, etc.

Significance of Mars in Astrology

Mars or Mangal in Vedic Astrology regards as the lord of Fire Element. It symbolizes all the red things, anger, courage, action, raw energy in your life. It also referred to as the Bhumi Putra. Mars is the Karaka of native land. It signifies brother, athlete, and enemy.

According to the Hindu sacred writings, the Red color of Mars is the symbol of fire. For this reason, Mars is regarded as the War Lord.

In the Kundali or Janma Patri or Birth Chart, Mars represents bravery, determination, aggression, passion, enemies, accidents, stitches, allergies, and surgeries. Mars has a firm association with the valor and appearance of the body. Along with this, it governs over the blood-relate diseases. Blood is the major element of the body that planet Mars determines.

Mars Transit 2020 Dates

February 8, 2020, Saturday at 04:14

March 22, 2020, Sunday at 15:02

May 4, 2020, Monday at 21:04

June 18, 2020, Thursday at 20:41

August 16, 2020, Sunday at 19:21

October 4, 2020, Sunday at 09:10

December 24, 2020, Thursday at 11:00

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Effect of Mars Transit in Each House

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on First House

The first house signifies body, physique, viewpoint, strength, and weakness.

When the robust planet Mars enters the 1st of the house, the person faces a lack of energy, strength, valor. They may have low self-expression and self-confidence. To fill up the fear, their ego takes command of their speech. Owing to this, the person may become extremely furious about normal incidents. Also, this position creates issues with unnecessary fights and conflicts.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Second House

The second house is the house of possessions. It is also the house of wealth and finances.

When Mars Transit in the 2nd house it boosts a person’s interest in the materialist objects. During this phase, the person starts working hard to achieve all the wealth they desire. They are filled with energy and fire to get what they want. Besides, They spend well on all the great things they desire. On the other hand, they may experience a rise in their anger issues. Also, they may tend to grow excessive physical pleasure.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Third House

The third house represents memorizing abilities, trips, brother, friends, preferences, traditions, knowledge, and correspondence.

When Mars enters in the third house, the person wastes their precious energy in many unnecessary things. They may experience mood swings, have debates with their friends and increase the situations of dispute. Yet, on the bright side, they experience a hike in their valor. Besides, there can be a threat of accidents from vehicles.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Four House

The fourth house signifies wealth gain, relationship with mother, Bandhu (friends).

Moon is the ruler of the 4th House. It represents the mind of a person. As Mars stands for aggression, its position in the fourth house brings destruction to the person. They become anxious and angry. There can be many conflicts among the person and their family. They may misunderstand their family in the rage of their ego.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Five House

The fifth house signifies playfulness, joy, pleasure, and romance.

When Mars transit in the 5th house it can be an auspicious position for the natives. People who wish to have a good time with their family, partner and children would embrace a blissful relationship with them. Alongside this, the grace of Mars shines on them and they become more attractive in appearance. They experience a desire to speak, express and lead.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Sixth House

The sixth house defines debts, wellbeing, sickness, daily life, and health.

Mars in the 6th House makes a person disciplined, well maintained, and organized. It is an extremely favorable position. Regardless of what effort does a person makes, they achieve success in it. They become confident and successful. There can be small issues. However, they would come out of them like a boss.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Seventh House

The seventh house represents the partner of all kinds.

When Mars is in the 7th house, it doesn’t bring any good or happy results. It can create causes for separation and divorce. Besides, it makes the person extremely aggressive. They become short-tempered, bitter. There can be several legal matters and losses. Owing to this, the person becomes rigid & angry in speech.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Eighth House

The eighth house signifies health, longevity, sudden gain, and sudden loss.

Mars in the 8th House makes a person often taste defeat. They may have to experience a loss due to fire or theft. Herein, Mars is no very auspicious. It creates high self-defense in the person, though. However, they may have to go through physical pain, accident or surgeries.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Ninth House

The ninth house signifies truth, thoughts, dreams, and axioms. It represents one’s inclination towards the Dharma and good deeds.

In the 9th House, Mars can create legal issues and disputes. However, here it creates situations where the person may grab great opportunities. Their ego, anger rages nonetheless. In this house, Mars pays a person the good results of their hard work and efforts.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Tenth House

The tenth house signifies career, profession, and business.

When Mars Transit in the 10th house, the person gains positive results. As this is a favorable position, they receive monetary several benefits. Their career attains valor and energy, It flames their efforts in the right direction. They gain popularity and money. However, people with children may end up establishing bad terms with their children.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Eleventh House

The eleventh house regards Labha or gain. It signifies all kinds of monetary gain, income, wealth, and prosperity.

When Mars transit in the 11th House, the person receives positive results. They become patient, calm, and discipline. However, there can be issues among friends and family. Yet, the monetary gain makes them happy.

Mars Transit 2020 Effect on Twelfth House

The twelfth house represents self-undoing, imprisonment, and detachments.

In the 12th house, Mars Transit makes a person has to suffer severe grief. Especially in their marital life, they may be very disappointed and upset. Herein, Mars is not in a good or favorable position. There can be a loss of money and a decline in income raising the issue of liabilities.

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