Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020- Effect on Each Sign

Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020- Effect on Each Sign

Mars is the red, rugged, aggressive, and valiant of all planets. In old history, people venerated Mars in the form of a god of war. In Vedic Astrology, Mars is a radiant, warm, flaming world. On May 4, 2020, Monday at 21:04 Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 will take place.

After the Sun Transit from water sign Pisces to fire sign Aries on 14th April, the mighty Mars will transit from Earth Sin Capricorn to Air Sign Aquarius. As a vibrant planet, Mars depicts bravery, integrity, positive self-expression, energy, endurance, capacity, and control. It plays a very important role in our lives. Mars rules facets of life including all red stuff, domestic life, head and face, connectivity, imagination, relationship, sexual relationship, career, and karma.

Mars is the planet of valor. It fuels all the violent energies in you to combat hurdles in your life with the spirit of a warrior. In addition, it is called Bhumi Putra. Thus, it signifies native land. A person with a powerful Mars in Horoscope has stamina, determination. It makes the person fortunate in terms of leading capacity. However, with an ill-positioned Mars, native becomes a coward and lack determination.

Till May 4th, Mars would be exalted in Capricorn sign. Now, as there were already too many planets in Capricorn, Mars entering the House of Water-bearer would be a fascinating astrological event. These people are humanitarians. They signify determination, help, and friendship. When a fiery planet such as Mars enters the house of humanitarian, it will encourage benevolent behavior around you.

As Mars holds the commander-in-chief kind of position in the solar system, when it moves from sign to another, it draws enormous effects on the life aspect it governs. So, read ahead how Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 will affect your life-

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Aries

Mars in Aquarius will help you have a wonderful time with your team or colleagues. As Mars is your sign lord, this transit will you many results. Since your governing planet approaching the play-field, get ready for a lot of action on your social scene. You can agree to just let the soldier in on account of the purpose of your selection. Including inspiration to grow, you will try to spend time with people you love.

This transit will also help you to be much more in line with your broader picture and hopes for the future. Additionally, there will be many causes for you to feel passionate. It’s a great time to encourage people as well as yourself. However, you might become a part of a squabble on people’s opinions about you.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Taurus

This transit will offer you the opportunity to make an impression in the professional sphere. It is “all eyes on you” type of a situation. Here, you will decide whether what you can do. This is your moment to do something you are best at and do it make yourself shine.

Would you have any interesting ideas about how your working life might be better? For you, it is the moment for doing brilliantly at what you do, not by steeply scaling the organizational hierarchy or gathering your coworkers’ heads.

Mars is energizing your profession by encouraging you to try a different approach. You will display your technical originality and settle for something more unique. It’s a great time to make progress. As Aquarius signifies technology, the progress might appear in terms of the technical aspects.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Gemini

For Geminis, it is a phenomenal transit. During this transit, you will be highly motivated to learn. Especially, you will feel encouraged to develop your thoughts to discover the globe.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is not an ideal time to step out of the house. So, you will have to limit your physical movement. However, you could always extend your knowledge base at home. After all, this is the 21st century. For a start, you can pick up a book and start learning. You can explore mysteries on the internet. You can download as many films as you can! Expand your knowledge and communicate what you learn, because not only will you become a more excellently-rounded person during this transit but also you will interact with others.

Thus, get the brain cells going and come up with the ground-breaking ideas as you always do.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Cancer

This transit is a big bingo for you. Aquarius is a sophisticated, intellectual sign, with the energy of Mars it will make you flawless in terms of career and self-expression.

Besides, it will affect your romantic life very much. Simply, it will put your sexual life on flames. It will fire up the intimacy zone of your chart. So, while you are making small talk with your special someone it will be lit. Also, at this point in time, you will try to get to know all their quirks at a deeper level.

Significantly, you will make a better understanding of your bar. You will try to know them. In addition to this, you will realize how important they are for you, and you will realize how much they affect your everyday lives.

Intimate relationships are going through their paces as someone close to you may want more than the usual room to move around. However, looking at your financial life, if you’re in the middle of the financial issue, you can solve them.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Leo

Mars is a friendly planet of your ruling lord Sun. Thus, its transit in Aquarius is obviously good news for you.

Your one-on-one relationships are becoming intensified by Mars in Aquarius’s energizing influence. On the plus side, this might mean you spend more time with boo, get along amazingly with your BFFs, or add some new members to your group.

However, at this transit’s worst, it could mean you butt heads with others and get into unnecessary conflict. Leo and Aquarius are both stubborn fixed signs, so remember to take a step back and focus on compromising rather than winning.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Virgo

This transit could be a wonderful time. There can be major happening in your health, sickness, and job zone of your chart. If you force yourself to start cultivating healthy behaviors and get into a routine, this transit is going to be great. Yet if you stick to the same bad habits, you’ll continue to notice the effects.

For you, it is WORK WORK WORK. Even in your free time, you don’t wish to take rest. Now that with this transit, Mars will be in your workhouse, you are going to be extremely occupied in your work. Though you like it so much to be active and working, a little rest is important.

Additionally, there can be some health issues for you in your way. Thus, you have to be a little more concerned about your health.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Libra

During this transit, your family requires your utmost attention. As you re a family oriented person, you put them before yourself. Thus, even though there can be a slight conflict in your family, you are going to solve it like a pro.

In addition to this, at this time the fun factor in your life will turn up. It is a hint that you may start having a good time with the people around you. As Mars will be in your 5th House, it will have a hitting impact on your romance, pleasure, and joyfulness. Owing to this, your sexual life, romantic life, and imaginative instinct will grow. Speaking of which, your romantic instincts will be stronger than ever before.

Mars is completely supporting your life this time. Therefore, you must not miss a single chance to have fun.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Scorpio

Mars is your ruling lord. Therefore, its transit will affect you more than any other sign.

With Mars entering Aquarius, you may have problems for a long time. As you are an empathic human, and Mars is intensifying your emotions. You will focus on your family and life at home during this time. Basically, you’re going on a long trip down the memory lane.

Using the memories of beautiful time by interacting with your friends, cleaning up your house, and taking as many constructive lessons.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Sagittarius

You are very much a Big chatterbox, Sagittarius, and Mars in Aquarius is charging the desire to make the presence known.

However, this transit is a lot more than just energies in your way. It will bring you a perfect time to flaunt your excellence at your workplace. However, you’d benefit from double-checking your inbox every day, because the most valuable information comes your way.

You are a popular personality. Especially, at your workplace. So make sure you hold it in if you feel like you’re coming off a little too fast. This way, you will get to know the people around you on a different level and make fun of new interactions.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Capricorn

Mars transit will make you concentrate more than normal on your material belongings. When you feel like you are low on cash, this transit encourages you to work hard and get paid. This will generate the ability to make you spend excessively, so do your hardest not to spend a lot of money.

This time is all about financing for you. Thus, you may find that the costs are rising, or that you need to spend money. It’s a perfect time to invest in new technologies or to hold a cold knife of justification to cut needless costs and pursue innovative financial solutions. It’s also a great time to take a look at your technical skills or find an original skill.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Aquarius

With Mars in your sign, you will feel inspired to follow your personal goals and make your dreams a priority. You will prefer to concentrate on helping others before you help yourself, but this transit allows you to be a little selfish. As you are a very compassionate zodiac, and you are likely to channel these vibes into trying to help & support others.

You will be holding all the cards. Mars is engaging the power-drive on your life track, and you will now leap to near the speed of light to the target of your choice.

Effect of Mars Transit in Aquarius 2020 on Pisces

Given the social, outgoing vibrations of Aquarius, this transit actually will make you feel more introverted. Thus, you will in an identity-reflective mindset, so you will work behind the scenes instead of in the spotlight. In such a scenario, running alone can be profitable, particularly if it’s in the direction of some benevolent initiative, but just don’t expect praise for your endeavors.

Besides, just wait until Mars enters your sign. It’s also a perfect way to refresh your energies by concentrating on you for a minute. Mars will soon be in your sign, which will make you feel energized and inspired. However, take it as easy as you can for now.

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