Sun Transit in Aries 2020- How it Will Affect Each Zodiac Sign

Sun transit in Aries 2020

Sun or Surya or Ravi is the mightiest of all the planets. It has a fiery and fierce form. In Vedic Astrology, Sun is the ruler amongst all the other planets. It transits through every sign each month every year. Sun takes about 30 days to transit through a moon sign. The complete zodiac period takes about 1-year of travel. Additionally, people recognize this transit by the name of Sankranti. Sun transit is a very significant astrological event that draws a tremendous impact on each sign because of its astrological value. Sun represents the Soul of a person. It signifies your outer self and gives your identity the uniqueness which distinguishes you from the rest. On April 13, 2020, Monday at 20:39, Sun Transit in Aries 2020 will take place.

The impact of Sun transit has a significant value in our lives. As the Sun represents respect, elder figure, father, father figures, government sector, designation, authority, and pride. A person with a strong Sun in Kundali is always blessed with respect and a phenomenal career.

The Sun is has a leading role in Astrology, Sciences, and our common life. Its transit in Aries is a positive planetary transit because the ruling lord of Aries, Mars has a friendly relation with Sun. Speaking of which,

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Aries

  • For you, Sun will be in your House of Ascendant or Lagna Bhaav. It represents your physical shape, personality, body, upbringing, wellbeing, ego, and self-consciousness.
  • As the mighty Sun is entering your sign, the transit will make a greater impact on your life than any other sign. As Sun is a fiery planet, you might not receive only good results of this transit. There will be issues for you.
  • The Sun Transit will make you hyper. There will be chances of debates and arguments during this period. Thus, to eradicate the issue of conflicts, keep yourself calm. Though Aries natives are commonly shy and silent in nature, the transit can light the fire inside you.
  • Looking on the bright side, you can get benefit from the government sector. Especially in the area of the profession, you can expect good news.
  • Along with this, Sun governs over your career and business aspects. Therefore, you may get fine opportunities in your work. People at the workplace will appreciate your efforts and there will be chances of leading the squad at work.
  • There will be benefits in your financial life. Also, your family will have a great time with you, especially your father.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Taurus

  • For Taurus, Sun will transit in your 12th House. Being the last of the circle, it is the house that signifies end and beginnings both. This house represents insights, thoughts, hidden feelings, emotions, detachment, self-undoing, and imprisonment. It also rules over expenses, loss, Moksha, abroad trips, and so on.
  • Being the house of a foreign land, if you are working in a foreign country, you will see a rise in your career. However, there may be health issues like fever and headaches. So, take proper health care. Avoiding health checkup can bring troubles to you.
  • As Sun is in your house of Spiritual beginning, you will grow good command on your spiritual life. People who are willing to pull you down will fail miserably.
  • This is a transit that will introduce you to financial gains. You may invest in numerous sectors. Besides, you will buy a property or luxury. For instance, a house or a car. Although, it is also a house of losses. Thus, hold your horses before you spend too much.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Gemini

  • For Gemini, the majestic Sun will transit to your 11th House. It is the house of income, wealth, financial gains, and fame. This house is also known as the Labha House.
  • As Sun will enter your house of financial gains, get ready to party because you are going to see enormous monetary benefits. There will be an increase in your source of income. You may get a promotion as well as a hike in your current job.
  • The 11th House also signifies friends, well-wishers, and elder siblings. Thus, during this time, you will connect to them on a different level. You will make a better understanding. They will help you in your tough period and support you to come out of problems.
  • While this is the time of monetary benefits, keep an eye on your expenses.
  • There will be ups and downs during this period. However, you will come out of them using strategies by the grace of your sign lord Mercury.
  • Your fame will increase. Your name and fame will have a rise. During this transit, you will earn respect in society.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Cancer

  • For Cancer, Sun will transit in your 10th House. It is also known as the Career House or Karm Bhaav. This house represents your professional life, status, designation, goal, father, and politics.
  • For you, this transit is a blessing. You will receive many kinds of benefits. Significantly, with your work & effort, you will impress your seniors at your workplace. There will be spectacular results in your professional life during this transit.
  • As a result of your hard work, you will get a hike in your income as well as respect.
  • At your workplace, both your juniors and seniors will take and appreciate your suggestions. However, do not let the emotions overflow and make you egoistic. Keep a tight hold on your ego.
  • In your personal life, things will be good except for your father’s health. Thus, take special care of his health. Otherwise, it can generate stress.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Leo

  • The vigorous planet Sun is your ruling lord. Thus, its transit draws a great impact on you every time. For you, Sun will be in your 9th house. It signifies your charitable instinct, good karma, instincts for religion, good luck, dharma, ethics, higher education, and good deeds.
  • With this transit, your reputation in society will increase. People around you will come to you for your advice. You will perform great at your workplace and get appreciation.
  • It is also a house of pilgrimages and religious journeys. Therefore, you may take a religious vacation during this transit.
  • During this period, fate will be on your side. You will find situations in your favor. You will become successful and take many trips for both fun as well as work.
  • It is a beneficial period for your financial situation. You can expect monetary gains.
  • Along with this, you have a great instinct for charity. As the 9th house represents charity & donation, you will head forward to donations. It will bring you joy.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Virgo

  • For Virgo, Sun will transit in your 8th House. It signifies sudden gains and losses, headaches, health issues, sickness, and depression.
  • As Sun will enter the house of miseries and illness, you may have to suffer from severe fever, headaches, stress, and sadness for a while. However, these physical problems will end soon. Just visit a doctor if necessary.
  • In addition to this, it is the house of sudden gains. So, you can expect sudden monetary gains. While on the other side, you will spend unnecessarily. Thus, keep a tight hold on your expenses.
  • Perhaps you may have to travel unnecessarily. Tough you like traveling.
  • Even if you are forced, don’t participate in any illegal work. It can bring you a crisis for a long time.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Libra

  • For Libra, Sun will transit in your 7th house. It represents marriage, spouse, partner, love, and relationship. Additionally, it signifies all kinds of partners including business and professional partners.
  • If you are in a relationship or are married, take special care of your partner. Do not pick up fights. It can cause longtime stress.
  • As you are popular for your harmonious nature, make sure you balance your relationship too. Avoid disputes and arguments.
  • Talking about your professional life, you can expect a monetary benefit soon. You might get a promotion at your workplace.
  • Besides, if you are in business coordinate with your partner better or it may directly affect your trade.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Scorpio

  • For Scorpio, Sun will enter your 6th house. It is a house of health, wellness, sickness, monetary gains, and debts. In addition to this, it regulates over the immunity system, illness, pain, opportunities, and legal matters.
  • In this transit, you will lose all your fears and move forward. It will eventually bring you success.
  • At your workplace, your seniors will guide you in the right direction. Also, if you are looking for a new job, you can get one right now.
  • Your expenses may grow during this period. So, keep a tight clutch on your pocket.
  • Moreover, a legal dispute may arise tension in your life.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Sagittarius

  • For Sagittarius, Sun will transit in your 5th House. It is the house of all the love, joy, pleasure, and romance in your life. Additionally, it represents children, intellect, education, and opportunities.
  • During this transit, opportunities will increase and there will be a rise in your income. You will be happy at your workplace and will perform extremely well.
  • In your personal life, you will share a good time with your children and spouse. However, make sure your ego doesn’t hamper your personal life.
  • It will be a time of change. Your financial status will rise. Thus, you will have to keep your ego on a halt to have a peaceful time.
  • You are a social life bird, your love for social media can hinder your studies.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Capricorn

  • For Capricorn, Sun will enter your 4th House. Significantly, this house represents your mother and your relationship with her.
  • As a result, there can be a decline in your mother’s health. Thus, take special care of her. You can take her for a routine checkup to ensure her wellbeing.
  • It is also the house of comfort, pleasure, properties, and emotions. You may look forward to buying a new vehicle during this period. There will be a gain in your luxuries.
  • It is also the house of popularity, due to this, you will see a rise in your name and popularity in society.
  • There will be a happy environment at your home. You are often a dominating person. Do not try to dominate your family at this time. It will not bring good results.
  • You will be in the utmost comfort during this transit. Also, you can expect a piece of very good news.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Aquarius

  • For Aquarius, Sun will transit in your 3rd House. This house signifies.
  • During this transit, you will be free of fears and will move towards success. As this house represents courage and optimism, you will undertake the toughest of the task with zeal, valor, and passion.
  • If you are married, it is a great time for you to enjoy yourself with your spouse. Besides, you will have monetary benefits from your partner.
  • Meanwhile, there will be uniqueness in the way you communicate. As this house signifies communication, you can expect Sun’s grace over your communication in the form of confidence.
  • It is a favorable period for you and you will focus on your goal and achieve them.
  • On the other hand, there may be some health issues. Also, you may have a conflict with your sibling. Thus, avoid cold words.

Effect of Sun Transit in Aries 2020 on Pisces

  • For Pisces, Sun will enter your 2nd house. It represents speech, voice, possessions, and money. Also, it governs over non-materialistic things.
  • As it is the house speech, you will have to regulate your tone and way of talking. Otherwise, it may land you in difficulties and heartache.
  • If you are in a relationship, you may have arguments with your partner. In this case, avoid using bitter words. It can spoil the sweetness of your bond.
  • It is also the house of family, wealth, and monetary status. Your personal life may not extremely flowering and warming during this transit. Thus, talk less but talk with love. Otherwise, you may grow a sore relationship with kins.
  • In your professional life, there will be gains. However, it will not set you free from the trouble, there can be some health problems. To avoid stress, you can look for sources of joy.

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