Mars transit in Pisces 2022: What To Expect For Each Zodiac Sign?

Mars transit in Pisces 2022

According to Vedic astrology, Mars is generally associated with butchers, engineers, real estate builders, and agents. Around mid-May, Mars transit in Pisces 2022 will occur. Some people shall seek its benefits, while there would be few zodiac signs that shall confront its negative impacts. Read in detail to know how Mars transit in Pisces zodiac sign shall impact all the zodiac signs.

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Soon, Mangal Gochar 2022 shall occur in the Pisces zodiac sign. It shall act as a revolutionary sign for the planet. However, because of the nature of the zodiac sign, natives shall confront multiple ups and downs during the phase. It is because Pisces is known as the sign of duality, which shall make natives less dominant and a little controversial.

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Mars transit in Pisces 2022: Date and Time

Planet Mars will move in the Pisces zodiac sign on May 17, 2022, at 9:52 AM. It shall remain in this zodiac sign for a month. Later it would move in the Aries zodiac sign on June 27 at 6:00 AM.

Read the effects of Mars transit in Pisces 2022 on each zodiac sign.

Mars transit in Pisces 2022: Predictions for the zodiac signs

1. Aries

  • For Aries, Mars will transit in the 12th house of losses, expenditure, and journey. As a result, natives shall face some ups and downs in their lives during this phase.
  • Natives would feel low in energy and stamina. Contentment would be away. However, after motivation, they shall perform activities actively and in an impactful manner.
  • Health-wise, people would become fragile and become prone to headaches, fever, accidents, and injuries. The lethargic feeling would accompany it too.
  • On the other hand, students with the Aries zodiac sign would be lucky. They shall get success in their studies and work. Moreover, researchers and students would have a favorable period too.
  • Financially, time won’t be favorable. Profits and gains will be away from you. In fact, investing in the share market would be unfavorable too.

2. Taurus

For Taurus men and women, Mars transit 2022 will occur in the 11th house of success, gains, and profits. As an impact natives would possess friendly and favorable results.

  • A favorable period would be there for natives who are married. They shall share serene time with their spouse. In fact, with their support, they would seek monetary gains.
  • Time would be promising for the natives who possess love relationships. They shall enjoy a great time with their partner and receive positivity from everywhere.
  • Students with the Taurus zodiac sign shall hear good news. They would have confidence and focus on their studies and work.
  • Professional natives would enjoy a favorable period too. Also, there shall be substantial growth for those who have a business.

3. Gemini

For Gemini natives, Mars transit in 2022 would occur in the 10th house of profession and career. As an effect, people would see dynamic results, but with some mixed possibilities.

  • Gemini people would feel energetic and strong. On the other hand, there may be some issues and conflicts in family life. Members of the family shall get into fights with each other. Also, there are chances that you may have quarrels with dear ones.
  • Mother of the native would confront some health issues. Also, there are possibilities that there may be fights with her.
  • There shall be overwhelming situations in business. In fact, possibilities are high that the natives shall enjoy new opportunities in business expansion.
  • Professionally, the time would be favorable for the Gemini natives. A productive time for freshers shall be there. Thus, they must try for jobs and upskill.

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4. Cancer

For Cancer people, Mars transit would occur in the 9th house. It is the house of fortune and luck. It shall help the natives seek favorable results in the majority areas of life.

  • Cancer men and women would possess a strong inclination towards new cultures and things. Also, they shall try to gain knowledge by visiting shrines and spiritual places.
  • Moreover, with Mars transit in Pisces 2022, students would seek attention and strong dedication to studies. Facing exams during this time would act in favor of the natives.
  • With the father, the relationship of the native would become strong. Also, it would act as a favorable time for his heritage and pride. In society, the reputation will become better. Moreover, he may involve himself in donations and charity.
  • Financially, the time will be great. Therefore, natives can make investments. Also, they shall attain fame and name because of it.
  • Luck shall shine on the natives, and they would seek productive results in many fields of their life.

5. Leo

For Leos, Mars will move in the 8th house of sudden events. Those who have favorable Mars in their horoscope shall seek beneficial results. However, if Mars is ill-placed, natives may have to face negative impacts.

  • Natives may be low on energy. Moreover, they may become prone to injuries and accidents. There are even chances Leo men and women may lose their peace and comfort during this time.
  • Ahead, as an impact of Mangal Gochar 2022, natives may find themselves in a state of miscommunication. They might possess a cold war situation with close ones.
  • There are even possibilities that Leo people shall have a conflict situation with their father. Plus, chances of possessing a fight with him could be there too.
  • Furthermore, there shall occur changes in the professional life. Temporary changes in the place of work might be there too. There are some possibilities that the natives’ reputation in the workspace might degrade a little.

6. Virgo

For Virgo people, the Mars transit in 2022 shall impact the 7th house of marriage and partnerships. As an impact, people shall seek ups and downs in their personal life.

  • There could be some troubles in the marital life of the natives. There are some chances that third-person interference may occur as well. Along with it, frequent fights and quarrels could be there too.
  • However, on the other hand, Mars transit in Pisces 2022 will be great for single Virgo men and women. They shall find a compatible and understanding partner for themselves. Also, love and romance would bloom in their lives.
  • Furthermore, predictions say that folks who possess travel plans must avoid it during this phase. The purpose of the trip won’t be fulfilled. Thus, people must be very careful about their plans for the trip.
  • Moreover, natives in the business sector shall see a wonderful time. They would get into partnerships with profitable and faithful partners and clients.

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7. Libra

For Libra men and women, Mars would move into the 6th house of diseases and fights. The transit shall show natives with Libra zodiac sign mixed results.

  • For couples, the period shall show some uncertainties and tough times. There are possibilities that they may separate. Also, chances of frequent issues and quarrels could be there too. Opinion differences shall occur as well.
  • Students with the Libra zodiac sign shall seek favorabilities. They will feel the dedication and focus on their studies. Also, they shall prepare and perform well in their examinations. Acing any test won’t be hard for them.
  • Professional people would also have a positive time. Their opposition won’t stand a chance in front of them. Also, recognition shall increase in the workplace.

8. Scorpio

For Scorpio men and women, the Mars movement will occur in the 5th house of the horoscope of the natives. It is the house of relationships, studies, and romance. As a result, natives shall see positive effects. However, some uncertainties could be there too.

  • Singles shall feel in love. They would have the possibility of having an affair. Also, they would love their partner and shower surprises for them.
  • Health-wise, situations might degrade. Therefore, natives must take care that they stay precise about their eating habits. Also, avoiding spicy food would be good too.
  • Time would be great for students too. They will have concentration and focus. Also, there would be success in your life professionally.
  • Financially, time would act in favor of Scorpio men and women. They shall have more than one source of income. As an impact of Mars transit in Pisces 2022, business natives must be careful in their approaches, as the time might give them mixed results.

9. Sagittarius

For Sagittarius people, Mars would transit in their 4th house of family, motherhood, happiness, and property. During this planetary transit in 2022, natives shall seek positive results.

  • Sagittarius natives would feel energetic and dynamic during this period. They will also become ambitious about their aims and goals.
  • On the other hand, about personal life, these people shall become possessive of their close ones. Also, they would watch out for them a little more intensely than ever.
  • People in the Sagittarius zodiac sign shall also spend money on comforts and luxuries. There are high chances that they may spend money on land and vehicles.
  • Natives must keep a watch on their kids’ health. As an effect of Mars transit in Pisces 2022, they might face issues with their health.

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10. Capricorn

For Capricorn, Mars transit will occur in the 3rd house. It is the house of efforts, siblings, and strength. As an impact, natives shall face negative impacts. However, in some areas, positivity shall be there.

  • Bonding with the siblings might face conflicts. There are chances they might have fights over petty reasons.
  • Health-wise, situations shall improve. If the natives possess any disease, they shall recover from it during the Mars transit in Pisces 2022.
  • Socially, the natives would improve drastically. They would possess a heightened recognition. Also, the friends’ circle would get better as well. Furthermore, communication skills will get better during this phase of transit 2022.
  • Moreover, professionally, people would have a great time. Some natives would get their dream job. However, some would convert their hobbies into their profession and earn from it.

11. Aquarius

For Aquarius natives, transit of Mars in 2022 will occur in the 2nd house of property, wealth, speech, education, and family. As an impact, natives shall see good times. However, efforts in excess will be needed.

  • Professionally, Aquarius men and women would have to be precautious about people in their workplace. They might drag your reputation and create hurdles in your ongoing tasks.
  • Financially, natives would do well. However, if they possess plans for investments, time won’t be good. Thus, during Mars transit in Pisces 2022, people must refrain from involving money in such things.
  • The behavior of people in the Aquarius zodiac sign would become irritable and moody. Their performance in multiple areas of their lives would suffer because of the same.

12. Pisces

For Pisces, Mars transit will affect the ascendant or the 1st house. It would create a Raj Yoga for the natives and bring positive results for the people of this zodiac sign.

  • Personality-wise, natives might act a little irritated. There could be mood swings and issues with everyone during this period.
  • Moreover, people with the Pisces zodiac sign shall try to spend more time with their families. It will act fruitful and in their favor.
  • Financially, the period would be uplifting. Ongoing business would flourish. Plus, the period would be great for expanding business too.
  • Professionally, Mars transit in Pisces 2022 will be great. Reputation in the workplace shall get better. Also, seniors and fellow workers will appreciate their work.

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