Nadi Dosha: Effects, Types, And Remedies in Kundli Matching

Nadi Dosha in astrology

Birth charts of the individuals reveal in detail the traits and other details of the native. As much as they reveal how a person acts individually, it depicts how compatible two people shall be. Among the 36 Gunas, there occurs the Nadi Guna, which leads to the Nadi Dosha if two people possess the same Nadi. Read to know about the Nadi Dosha and its impacts on the horoscope of individuals.

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Kundli of two individuals— the bride and the groom are seen prior to their marriage. It clearly reveals how much two people would be compatible with each other. From their thoughts to their actions, Guna Milan reveals it all. According to horoscope matching, 36 Gunas are there. Of those thirty-six Guna, eight points are for the Nadi Guna. So, if Nadi Dosha is present in the person’s horoscope, their following generation becomes weak. Possibilities are high that the couple might not even possess a child.

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What is Nadi Dosha in astrology?

According to Vedic astrology, there are three Nadis in the human body. The 1st one is known as Aadi Nadi, representing Vaata (air) element. It illustrates energy flow from bottom to top. The 2nd Nadi is the Madhya Nadi, which represents the Pitta (fire) element. It illustrates energy flow both ways. The last Nadi is the Antya Nadi. This Nadi depicts the Kapha (water) element and depicts the energy flow from top to bottom.

Nadi Dosha, as per horoscope matching, signifies a flaw in the horoscope of an individual. As a result, the Dosha causes multiple issues and troubles in the marital life of the couple. When astrologers perform the Kundli Milan, and there are disputes in the Nadi of both individuals, Nadi Dosha occurs.

Say, if a male possesses Aadi Nadi and the female possesses a different Nadi, the marital life is considered auspicious. However, if the female also has the Aadi Nadi, there would be 0 points for Nadi. Thus, forming the Nadi Dosha.

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Nakshatras and Nadi

There is a Nadi attached to each Nakshatra in Vedic astrology. As per the astrologer, each Nadi holds control over nine Nakshatras. Thus, we can say that there is one Nadi assigned as per the Nakshatras for childbirth.

  • So, if Moon placement occurs in the Ashwini, Ardra, Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Moola, Punarvasu, Jyeshtha, Poorvabhadrapada, or Shatabhisha, the child possesses an Aadi Nadi.
  • If there is a Moon in the Bharani, Pushya, Mrigashira, Chitra, Poorvaphalguni, Poorvashada, Anuradha, Uttarabhadrapada, or Dhanishta Nakshatra, the person has the Madhya Nadi.
  • Lastly, when there happens to be a Moon in the Rohini, Ashlesha, Krittika, Swati, Uttarashada, Vishakha, Revati, Magha, or Shravana Nakshatra, the Nadi is Antya Nadi.

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Types of Nadi Dosha in astrology

As mentioned before, there are three types of Nadi— Aadi, Madhya, and Antya Nadi. And people believe that according to Ayurveda, these three represent Tridoshas in Ayurveda. The three Nadi Doshas and their impacts on the marital life of the people would be the following:

Aadi Nadi Dosh

If the couple confronts this Dosha, they shall confront divorce and arguments. There are even possibilities that people might see issues related to children.

Madhya Nadi Dosh

With this Dosh, the couple would face mishappenings and divorce. Also, their kid might inherit health issues and make his/her childhood full of ailments.

Antya Nadi Dosh

Having this Dosha might lead to the death of a partner. Marital life would be cold, and there shall be early age health issues too.

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Effects of Nadi Dosha in the horoscope

Nadi Dosh could be dangerous for the marital life of two individuals. Therefore, it is necessary that natives get their horoscopes matched before their marriage to an astrologer. As much as mutual understanding is vital between the couple, it is quite necessary that their horoscopes or Kundli match too.

See how Nadi Dosha can impact the life of the married natives:

  • Mutual compatibility between the male and the female shall lack. Also, one of them could be short-tempered, while the other would be utterly quiet.
  • There could be miscommunication between the couple. From disagreements to quarrels, everything would be there between the natives. All this shall lead to constant fights and disturbing marriage.
  • As an impact of the Nadi Dosha, the couple would barely enjoy a prosperous life. There shall be no abundance. In fact, possibilities are pretty high that either of the partners might face constant loss and failures in life.
  • Another effect of the Nadi Dosh is that the health of the individual would suffer. Ailments shall be constant. All this may lead to financial issues because of ailments and diseases of both or one partner.
  • The marital life of such a couple shall be cold and unromantic. There would hardly be love between both the partners. Lack of understanding and attraction could be there too. In the worst-case scenarios, the couple might approach separation or divorce.
  • Moreover, such married couples might confront serious or sudden death. There are even possibilities that one or both partners shall face accidents often.
  • Constant doubts about the other partner and lack of belief are another impact of Nadi Dosha. All this would make the family environment negative, tense, and disturbed.
  • With all this, progeny-related troubles could be there as well. Females might find it hard to conceive. However, on the other hand, there are chances that the couple shall have a baby after many years of marriage. But, if the Dosha is strong either of the partners would face infertility.
  • Anxiety, mental stress, and unsettled life would be a constant thing in the marriage. With it, the couple would also see things getting from bad to worse in no time during any conversation.
  • Such people’s children possess health issues for most of their lives. Ailments and diseases shall be there. In fact, if they are out of one disease, it shall not take the time to get into another one.

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Exceptions in the Nadi Dosh

  • It is pretty evident that people shall possess the same Nadi. Thus, there are some exceptions that come with the Nadi Dosha in Kundli matching:
  • When both the partners possess the same Rashis, but their Nakshatras are different, the Nadi Dosh gets nullified.
  • Moreover, if both the partners have the same Nakshatra but their Rashi is different, Nadi dosh gets canceled.
  • There are some pairs that act as an exception from the Nadi Dosha—

If a male and female have the following pairs of Nakshatra, their Dosha gets canceled.

  1. Rohini and Purva Bhadrapada
  2. Magha and Rohini
  3. Punarvasu and Ashwini
  4. Uttara Ashadha and Swati
  • Next in the list of exceptions of Nadi Dosha is when the bride and the groom possess the same Nakshatra but in variable Charan. Having the Nakshatra in different quarters also nullifies the Nadi Dosh.
  • The Nadi Dosha also cancels if the bride and the groom possess a different Rashi, but the ruling planet of it is the same.

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Remedies for Nadi Dosh in Vedic astrology

To wear off the impacts of the Nadi Dosh in the horoscope, natives can approach the following remedies and wear off its malefic effects:

  • As a Nivaran of Nadi Dosha post-marriage, natives can chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. Reciting this mantra with utmost devotion shall make the couple’s marital life strong and auspicious.
  • To wear off the Nadi Dosh in Kundli Milan, one can also perform Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja. It shall nullify the negative impacts. The couple has to make sure that they can perform this Puja together with an auspicious Muhurat under the guidance of an elite astrologer.
  • Donation is considered highly auspicious in Vedic astrology. Therefore, it is advisable that the couple donates money, food, and other needful items to the poor and the needy to wear off the Nadi Dosh in Kundli Milan.
  • To attract positivity in marital life, natives must keep themselves optimistic. Also, meeting and interacting with positive thinkers would help to keep the temper off the relationship. With it, the couple must keep their argumentative nature and quarrelsome attitude in fine check, as well.
  • Furthermore, as a remedy for Nadi Dosh, the couple can wear gemstones, place yantras, and recite Mantras on the recommendation of an astrologer.
  • Moreover, donating food to a Bhramin or feeding cows is helpful too when there is Nadi Dosha present in the horoscope of the individuals.

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