Effects Of Benefic and Malefic Rahu In Horoscope

Malefic Rahu In Horoscope

Rahu is known as the North Node of the Moon in Vedic astrology. It does not exist as a physical planet. However, it holds a major impact on peoples’ lives. As per astrology, Rahu creates illusion and enhances materialistic gains. Not just this, for some zodiac signs it also rules over luck and fate and impacts the religious beliefs of the natives. Let us read in detail the effects of benefic and malefic Rahu in horoscope.

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Planet Rahu in Vedic astrology

Rahu in astrology depicts speculative nature and past life karma in astrology. Moreover, it illustrates old age diseases, alcoholism, smoking habits, etc. too. It holds no lordship over any house or zodiac sign in a Kundli. However, when an astrologer performs Kundli analysis, they make sure to consider the condition of Rahu.

Moreover, in Vedic astrology, Rahu indicates paternal grandfather. It depicts natives with evil thoughts and actions. An individual who holds dissatisfaction regarding life and is fond of traveling has a strong impact of Rahu on their Kundli. Such natives live life on others’ expenses and hold ill health most of the time. 

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Benefic and malefic Rahu: Houses and planets that impact Rahu

Planet Rahu in astrology doesn’t possess the lordship of any house. However, it rules over a few Nakshatras— Ardra, Swati, and Satabhisha. Some astrologers believe that the planet exalts in the Taurus and Gemini zodiac sign. But, when it is in the Scorpio and Sagittarius zodiac sign, it gets debilitated. All this leads to benefic and malefic Rahu in horoscope of an individual.

Along with it, when Rahu placement occurs in the Leo, Virgo, and Aries zodiac signs, it gives favorable results. Also, the position of Rahu in the 1st, 3rd, 6th, or 11th house from the ascendant, makes Rahu benefic in the horoscope of the natives. 

With all this, even the Rahu transit impacts the condition of the Rahu planet in the natal chart of the person. Lastly, the Mahadasha and Antardasha of Rahu also hold immense impacts on the effects of benefic and malefic Rahu in the Kundli.

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Effects of benefic Rahu in the horoscope

If there is benefic Rahu in the birth chart of the natives, they shall see the following results:

  • From education to ancestral property would be average to normal. However, the native shall spend the majority of his childhood with financial troubles. In other words, money-related issues would be there.
  • Personality-wise, the person would be naïve and innocent. However, on the other hand, he shall possess sharp features and a wise mind.
  • Also, he would be an atheist for the majority of his life. But he shall possess some fear of God.
  • Multiple life-changing events would occur in his life. In fact, his luck would change suddenly in the most unexpected way. He will possess a keen mind to achieve his goals and make his wishes true in all means and manners.
  • With benefic Rahu in the Kundli, natives would also possess a strong desire to earn immense wealth. But with that, he would make sure he takes the help of nobody in doing the same. 
  • Ahead, with benefic Rahu in the horoscope, the native would give speeches on integrity and loyalty. Interestingly, the person’s preaching shall impact a large crowd and influence people of all age groups.
  • Natives would attain spirituality around the middle ages. Also, he shall have utter discipline and thoughtfulness in his life.

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Effects of Rahu malefic in the Kundli

With Rahu malefic in the horoscope, natives shall confront the following results, as per Vedic astrology:

  • They shall find it hard to maintain ancestral or self-purchased properties. Also, there would be trouble dealing with other property-related matters. 
  • Natives would possess good education. However, on the other hand, their lifestyle shall stay below expectation and nearly low class for most of their life. 
  • Ahead, as an impact of malefic Rahu in horoscope, people may seek sudden death of close ones— friends, partners, family members, etc. Along with it, if natives have an elder or younger brother, they would lack recognition and fame.
  • As an ill impact of Rahu malefic in the horoscope, natives might confront loss in speculation, trading, business deals, etc. Moreover, financial troubles might chase these natives most of their lives, and possibilities are high that such natives shall spend money on useless stuff.
  • People would have faith in God. However, interest in spiritual practices shall lack. Also, they shall possess poor judgment regarding many situations of their lives as an impact of Rahu malefic in the Kundli.

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Remedies of malefic Rahu in horoscope

Here are some astrological remedies to improve Rahu malefic in the Kundli:

  • Natives can wear sandalwood wrapped in blue thread. It would save the people from fright and anger issues caused by ill Rahu. 
  • People can meditate during the Rahu Kaal each day to protect themselves from malefic Rahu in horoscope. 
  • As a remedy of Rahu in the birth chart, natives can donate coconuts to a shrine or temple during Amavasya. 
  • Praising planet Jupiter (Guru) is another way to get rid of the ill impacts of planet Rahu in the Kundli. Along with it, chanting Rahu Beej Mantra would be helpful too. Remember to chant it 18000 times in 40 days.
  • Colors are of immense importance in astrology. Thus, to please Rahu in the chart, natives can wear dark blue clothes as much as possible. People can also perform fast on Saturdays and have a meal post-sunset. 
  • Moreover, natives can donate black and blue shaded clothes to the needy and the poor. Also, offering food would be helpful too if there is malefic Rahu in horoscope. 

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