Effects Of Rahu And Sun Conjunction In Different Houses


Rahu is one of the most dreaded planets in astrology and its conjunction with any other planet in your Kundli can have both advantages and consequences. And the same applies in the case of Rahu and Sun conjunction in different houses.

Rahu in astrology 

Rahu in astrology is the north lunar node, and along with Ketu – a shadow planet. Rahu is said to cause eclipse and has no physical form. Despite being a shadow or an invisible planet, Rahu has been configured the status of a planet by the sages. Rahu is known to bring its malefic effects in a human’s life and these could be laziness, delays, hurdles and much more. 

Rahu usually stays in a person’s zodiac for 18 months. These months are sometimes the toughest that one would witness. Rahu can bring depression, emotional disbalance and other such malefic effects upon you. However, when you read the last sentence, a good amount of your foucs should be on the word ‘sometimes’. That’s because Rahu is not always bad. For example in Rahu enters the house of the enemy, it can really help you in fighting your demons and overpowering them. 

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Also, as Rahu stays in your life, it moves from one house of your Kundli to another. As this moment happens, Rahu may conjunct with other planets in different houses. When in conjunction with friendly planets, like Venus, Mercury and Saturn, Rahu may do you good. But when in conjunction with enemy houses like Sun and Moon, the results are usally negative.

Sun in astrology 

To learn more about Rahu and Sun conjunction in different houses, understanding the planet Sun becomes important. In astrology, Sun is also called Ravi or Suryadev. Sun is the main God and thus also a giver of life. Sun as a planet signifies wisdom, vitality, power and immunity from any adverse events. Sun is also responsible for the development of physical characters. 

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So when Sun is in any house of your Kundli, most of the time, it betters the particular aspects of that house. However, as we mentioned above, the planet Sun and Rahu are not friendly but enemies. So when Rahu and Sun are in conjunction in different houses, the results are often negative. However, they also bring positive effects, which we will discuss here. 

Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 1st house 

  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the first house endows the native with leadership qualities. You can lead any situation better.
  • If you have a confidence problem, the Rahu and Sun conjunction in 1st house can help you deal with the same.  
  • The people who have this placement in the 1st house are likely to have a hold on political power. 
  • However, these are likely to be self-obsessed and selfish. You, for the most part, think only about yourself before anyone else. 
  • This conjunction also results in the person losing the sense of judgement of right and wrong. This leads to ineffective decisions making. 
  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in 1st house could lead to a change in the place of residence. The chances of separation among couples due to the presence of the third person also exists. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 2nd house 

  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 2nd house makes you an introvert. You may find it tough to socialise and interact with people around you. 
  • The conjunction of Sun and Rahu in the 2nd house also infuses a passion for treasuries and assets. In a nutshell, you may turn materialistic and may want things just because others have them.
  • For the most part, conjunction in this house is malefic and thus may infuse as a sense of greed in you.  
  • Rahu and Sun in the 2nd house can unstabilise your family, finance and health due to Vani dosh. 
  • However, this conjunction can help you in getting back the money that you may have had lent to someone. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 3rd house 

  • One effect of the conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 3rd house is that it betters your communication skills.
  • If you have any kind of competition or enemy, you will easily be able to overpower them due to the conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 3rd house
  • Sun and Rahu in the third house make a grahan yoga, which is not good for your siblings. 
  • One with this conjunction is usally very brave. However, s/he has a habit of showing off this bravery and maybe egoistic about it. 
  • These people are also very sensual and have some of the best experiences in bed. 
  • The ones having Sun and Rahu in the 3rd house must rely on self-efforts if they seek success in life. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 4th house 

  • For the ones whose Rahu and Sun conjunct in the 4th house, you may have the luck of owning property and vehicles from a very early age.
  • However, you will have to work very hard to keep your marriage in place when Rahu and Sun are in the 4th house of your Kundli.
  • This conjunction helps you in making some high profile friends. However, you need to vary off what they think about you.
  • As the 4th house in astrology is about family and home, you may also have to deal with problems related to childbirth and also with your mother. 
  • Also, this conjunction of Rahu and Sun embeds in you the tendency to come under the influence of others. Be vary off the same.

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 5th house 

  • For the ones whose Rahu and Sun conjuct in the 5th house, you may have good luck in making money through the stock market. 
  • Professional success, however, may not come easy to you if there is a Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 5th house.
  • If the given conjunction happens for you, you would be rigid towards your goals. You may strive to win and thus may turn a tad bit egoistic too. 
  • Also, karma will be stronger for you. So any sin or good you do will come back to you faster than it does for anyone else. 
  • Sun and Rahu in 5th house can inflate liver and abdominal problems for the human. 
  • This conjunction also makes you very social. You will be able to influence people well. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 6th house 

  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 6th house gives rise to immoral and illegal activities. But on the other hand, it is also fateful for your enemies. 
  • With Rahu and Sun in the 6th house, your chances of acquiring a government job increase. However, getting one for yourself would take time.  
  • You will be more prone to digestive and dental problems. Also, you must not ignore any kind of health issues as they could turn fatal for you. 
  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun is also lucky for foreign travels. These could be both for fun or professional. 
  • Any kind of negative energy will attract you more than anyone else if your Kundli has Rahu and Sun conjunction in the sixth house. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 7th house 

  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 7th house allows you an abundance of passion in your relationship. You and your partner will be very sensual and romantic to each other. 
  • However, this conjunction also heightens the possibilities of issues related to the health of the spouse. Any past diseases may emerge back when Rahu and Sun sit in the 7th house.
  • The possibility of misunderstanding between father and child also increases when Rahu and Sun conjuct in the 7th house. 
  • There are very strong signs of foreign travelling if you have this Sun and Rahu together in seventh house of your chart. 
  • As the seventh house is about partnership, you shall deal with patience when it comes to professional partnerships. However, your love partnership will bloom. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 8th house 

  • If Rahu and Sun are in the 8th house of your Kundli, then you may be short-tempered, full of ego and not the best decision-maker. 
  • The chances of suffering from mental health issues increase when Rahu and Sun are in the 8th house. 
  • While on the one hand the Sun and Rahu conjunction in the 8th house prompts you to invest in betting, the conjunction also increases the chances of losses when you do so. 
  • This conjunction allows you to have happiness through your children. 
  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 8th house makes you very secretive. You tend to hide things from your family often. However, it doesn’t imply that the thing you are hiding is a wrong deed of yours.  
  • You will have issues related to parental property. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 9th house 

  • When Rahu and Sun conjuct in the 9th house of your Kundli, the chances of attaining wealth and luxuries increases for you.
  • Though this conjunction gives passion for philosophy, however, it can unstable your life and luck. 
  • The ones born with this conjunction are very money-minded people. This results in them turning selfish and having a lack of confidence.
  • Legal and tax-related issues may haunt you often if you have this conjunction in your Kundli as per our astrologers
  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 9th house may result in a lack of faith in God for some natives. 
  • You need to be very cautious of road journeys when any such conjunction is present in your Kundli. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 10th house 

  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 10th house brings a passion for leadership. You will be highly successful in leading roles. 
  • The one born with this conjunction has a sharp mind. You are great at making choices for yourself and even for others. 
  • Though you have high self-respect for yourself, but that could inflate your ego if not handled with care.
  • If you take self-efforts, you will improve your chances of getting success in life.
  • In professional place, you will lack satisfaction. You may also have to deal with misunderstandings between you and your boss. 
  • Sun and Rahu conjunction in 10th house also heightens your sexual desires. This may prompt you to attract flings, which is not the best thing for your emotional health. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 11th house 

  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 11th gives the native access to a lot of unearned wealth from multiple sources. 
  • These people can have a good career in politics if they try. In this act, your excellence in being able to make friends shall help you. 
  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction, however, adds-on to the issues you may have with your father. You two may not have the best relationship.
  • Any kind of speculative market investment will be beneficial for the ones with Rahu and Sun in the 11th house. 
  • Though you are destined to have a long life, but you shall take special care of yourself as you will have to suffer from some fatal diseases if not careful. 

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Effects of Rahu and Sun conjunction in 12th house 

  • The conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 12th house enhances the spirituality quotient in you. 
  • Also, this conjunction is very lucky if looking forward to adding a spark to your relationship. This is because this conjunction brings bed pleasure into the life of the native.
  • The Rahu and Sun conjunction in the 12th house inundates enemies. You have to be very careful when it comes to making friends. 
  • This placemnet in the 12th house is indicating native’s health maybe not good. Native may be suffering from fatal diseases in the latter part of their life. 
  • If one with conjunction of Rahu and Sun in the 12th house, you must be careful from accidents and fire. 

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