Rahu In 12th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

In astrology, the twelfth house represents detachment, solitude, and seclusion. It is also the house for spiritual liberation. And, placement of Rahu in 12th house hit the natives’ aura and mind. But, do you really have Rahu in the twelfth house? Contact our astrologers to find out. However, if you already know, read all about Rahu’s placement in the 12th house of your chart.

Being amongst the evilest planetary bodies in the astrological system, Rahu symbolizes mischief and materialism. It might also push you towards bad habits, speculation, and other theft-like habits. Also, Rahu in twelfth house may intensify your most ill side. However, you shall become a veto-breaker and propose many revolutionary ideas.

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Yes, it does shadow the planet it gets placed with. But, there are definitely other factors too to consider prior to understanding the effect of Rahu in 12th house. And they are:

  • Rahu transits: If Rahu sits in the 12th house during the transit, it might attract an evil period for you. Mental depression, suicidal tendencies, and quarrelsome behavior with people shall be there. All in all, the transition of Rahu in 12th house brings inauspiciousness in your life.
  • Planets conjunction with it: Its placement with some is favorable as well. If you have Saturn in the twelfth house of your natal chart, Rahu will be all kind to you, and you will have a calm mindset. However, if Rahu has a conjunction with Venus or Sun, Rahu will show ill effects and influence Rahu in the wrong way.
  • Zodiac Rahu is in: If your Rahu in twelfth house has the zodiac sign like Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, or Gemini, then Rahu shall give the kind of results you wish for. However, if placed in zodiacs other than this, then it would be unfavorable for you.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 12th house

If you possess Rahu in 12th house, you shall be an encouraging personality. You would love donating and doing charity. Social works would interest you, and the same would get you fame and name in life. Your behavior towards everybody will be sympathetic and soft. Moreover, you will look after everybody keenly and help people in all possible manners. You will be truthful and loyal towards your workings and deeds. Also, you would accomplish most of your tasks with a moral and noble attitude.

With Rahu in twelfth house, you would benefit from the hospital and legal matters. Insurance claims or winnings in litigations would be there. There are even possibilities that you may travel to foreign countries and establish a business there. There shall also be foreign connections that will support you in later stages of life. Also, with Rahu in 12th house, you will possess sudden gains or accumulate sudden wealth.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 12th house

Rahu in 12th house is not very positive according to Vedic astrology. Therefore with this placement, you might possess chances of being involved in the hospital or legal matters. You might also be involved in wasteful expenses and spending on unnecessary items. You would love all sorts of comforts and luxuries but possessing the same would be really hard for you. There might be some possibilities that you have secret relationships and involvement in more than one relationship at a time. Though you will be creative and drag towards meditation, concentration while doing so would be lacking.

With Rahu in twelfth house, you may suffer from financial instability. Getting into penalty and fines would be there. Also, there are even chances that you bear money and assets loss. Plus, if you are involved in some loan, it might become hard for you to be out of it. You will suffer from past Karmas and deeds and troubles. However, your nature would be helpful, but people would take you for granted because of the same.

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Rahu in twelfth house remedies

Some effective remedies to control the ill effects of Rahu in 12th house are:

  • Avoid consuming your meals outside the kitchen. You must prepare your meal and have it in the kitchen itself.
  • With it, take Khand and Fennel (Saunf) under your pillow for a sounding sleep and removal of malefic effects of Rahu in twelfth house.
  • Also, you can wrap some fennel in a red cloth and keep it beside you all the time to be away from scary visions and have a pleasant mindset.
  • You must also give a part of your income either to your aunt or your sister.
  • You must possess silver on your neck. Along with it, also have water in silver glass and avoid the same in bronze one.

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