What To Not Do On Thursday? An Astrological Insight

What To Avoid On Thursday

Ever heard your mum saying, “Aaj Guruvaar Hai, Baal Nahi Dhona!” We are sure you have. For ages, such things have been running in our culture and believed and followed by many folks, especially Dadis and Nanis. But why and what to avoid on Thursday? What happens if you do so according to astrology? Well, you directly affect Jupiter planet.

With many unpromising effects like lack of money, hurdles in life, etc., you may also possess bad luck and much more. But, you may skip onto these ill-effects like dodging a bullet shot by looking at the list of activities to avoid on Thursday.

Thursday and Astrology

Well, according to astrology, the planet Jupiter is a planet of auspiciousness and rules the Thursday from our weekdays. It is the planet that shall be most beneficial to a person’s life in all. Along with being the day of religion, it is also pondered the heaviest among all the planets.

It is the exact reason why works that convey lightness to your house or body must be avoided. Also, because if you make Jupiter lighter and weaker in your life, it would affect your spiritual personality and shall lead you to failures in possessing education.

Moreover, it also brings inauspiciousness in your life and makes things harder to deal with. Therefore to know what to avoid on Thursday is a need.

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Avoid washing your hair

The sacred text says women must prohibit hair washing on a Thursday. It is the most famous one you would hear from the list of what to avoid on Thursday. It is so because Jupiter acts as a planet for the husband in the chart of a female and is a factor of offspring too. Therefore, planet Jupiter solely influences a woman’s children and husband directly.

If you wash your hair on Thursday, it might weaken your Jupiter and reduce its auspiciousness. It may or may not affect you directly but, there is a pretty high chance that your husband or child may suffer from its consequences. Their progress might hinder, or they may face hurdles in their education and life.

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Avoid cutting nails and hair

Another one to what to avoid on Thursday is cutting nails and hair. Mentioned in the scriptures is that Jupiter is ideally a living entity. Jiva signifies life, and life has a direct connection with age. Nail is a part of our body, and so is hair, and therefore directly influences vitality or life. Cutting the same on a Thursday weakens the positive impacts of the planet Jupiter.

Moreover, if you trim your beard or even try to give a shape to your moustaches, don’t! According to astrology, cutting hair from your body decreases days from your age. Therefore, listen to your mums, folks! they say it all right about not doing some kinds of stuff.

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Avoid all this in your home

The planet Jupiter not just influences our body but also affects our house and household life. According to Vastu in astrology, our Northeast area of the house is ruled by Guru, i.e., Jupiter. Also, the same is responsible for the younger family members, the children. Plus, the direction also governs education and religion.

Thus, what to avoid on Thursday is washing overweight laundry and taking out the junk on a Thursday. Moreover, mopping the house or cleaning the house also makes the Northeast corner of your home fragile and inauspicious. All this eventually leads to lessening the effects of Jupiter and shows ill results to children, sons, religion, and education of family members, etc.

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