Planet Jupiter in Astrology- Positive and Negative Impacts

Planet Jupiter in Astrology- Positive and Negative Impacts

Planet Jupiter has crucial dominance in astrology. The name itself suggests the role it plays in one’s life, it is known by the name of Guru and Brihaspati. In words of experts, Jupiter is a fortune planet.

The important aspects of life like teaching, children, wealth, fortune, spirituality, etc are directly affected by the powerful influence of Jupiter. It governs the belief of a person, his intuitions, and the risk he is willing to undertake. People wanting to have a successful career and plenty of wealth should always care about the position of Jupiter in their birth chart and curing the ill effects of it if any under the guidance of an astrological expert. The influence of this planet can make the best and worst of your life.

Characteristics of the Planet Jupiter in Astrology

Jupiter is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Sagittarius. This planet basically governs your life. Rewards of your handwork are claimed and determined by the favorable or unfavorable position of Jupiter in your birth chart. People blessed by Jupiter crave for success in life, they set bigger goals and never settle for something less. It makes sure that a person is willing to earn more, learn more, and become optimistic about opportunities they come across.

One bestowed by the blessings of Jupiter attracts respect from others. As the name “GURU” itself suggests, this planet holds elderly qualities and holds a respectful position in the eyes of other people. Your “Bhagya” and “fortune” are totally proportional to the position of Jupiter in your birth chart. Your wisdom, philosophy, and benevolence flourish with strong Jupiter.

Personality With a Strong Jupiter

People with good and strong Jupiter have an outstanding and very dominant personality. The favorable energy of this planet channelizes always in positive aspects and it also helps people around blessed Jupiter to stay optimized about everything. It makes people be more expressive and confident about themselves.

Personality and image of a person are governed by Jupiter. The person is always working with the goal of self-improvement, he is aware of what goes around him and is proactive about them. You can never have a guide better than a Jupiter.

Organs Affected by Jupiter

Jupiter affects the circulation of blood in arteries, liver, thighs, and fat in the human body. Negatively positioned Jupiter can cause health issues with these body parts.

The Negative Impact of Jupiter

According to the best astrologers of India, unfavorably placed Jupiter can cause serious problems. Following are the result of negative energy of Jupiter:

  • There will be problems and a delay in marriage.
  • A person with weak Jupiter suffers from a frequent change in personality.
  • Such a person will get easily influenced and dominated by others.
  • They will always be pessimistic about things and deal with them negatively.
  • They may suffer a constant attack of depression.
  • The person suffers from a lack of knowledge and it gets difficult for him to retain things.

Nothing is more important than one’s mental peace. A poor Jupiter can totally damage it. Therefore, this calls for an urgent need to treat it. Therefore, it requires the guidance of an expert astrologer.

Remedies For Weak Jupiter In Horoscope

Following are the remedies that one can practice in their day to day life:

  • Using yellow sapphire can actually help to control negative effects. Additionally, on Thursday wear Topaz in the index finger and pray for it.
  • Practicing fasting on Thursdays religiously.
  • Worship religiously Lord Vishnu daily
  • Chant “Vishnu Sahasranamam” to get positive vibes.
  • Applying turmeric on your forehead.
  • Avoid bathing in places like rivers, oceans, ponds, etc.
  • Wear gold ornament.
  • Clean nasal passage before doing anything new

Mantra for Planet Jupiter

Om Graam Grim Grom Sahaa Guruve Namaha”

Always aim to have balanced Jupiter in your life. Attracting more stronger Jupiter can also attract negative energies and poor health.

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