Planet Venus in astrology- Benefits and Ill-Effects

Planet Venus in astrology- Benefits and Ill-Effects

Planet Venus is a governor of the signs of Taurus and Libra. This planet is all about Love, sex, marriage, dance, music, looking for beauty in every possible thing. It tells you the way of finding joy in your life, your taste, your hobbies, your pleasure, and all those things that bring happiness in your life. Venus is the Goddess of love. It talks about your emotions and least involved with logic and mind. You learn a healthy way of living when blessed by Venus. It is how you attract pleasure and the way you perceive your relation.

The warmth of Venus will make you fall in love with them. It helps you to realize what actually you need to have a healthy, beautiful, and balanced life. Taurus and Libra are contradicting by their core nature itself, Venus is the ruler of both these zodiac signs. This planet also is known as “controller of attachment” can make a person fun living and peacemaking. A person holds very calming and peaceful vibes.

Professions ruled by Venus

Venus is an expression of pleasure and art. It is all about love and brings happiness to your face. When it comes to the choice of a profession, most preferable are music, poetry, dance, food industry, art industry, clothing industry, beauty parlor, jewelry, etc.

Venus is a feminine planet and jobs dealing with females are highly favorable for people with dominant Venus in their birth chart.

Characteristics of Venus in astrology

Libra and Taurus don’t have much in common but they are connected by what Venus blesses them with. They both enjoy luxury and get pleasure from materialist things like care, food, clothes, money, etc. Their core characteristic is that people with dominant and favorably placed Venus are fun-loving and attracts people with their calming vibes.

They tell you how to live your life with all things you are interested in. You will be mesmerized by their charm and grace. They know the real meaning of beauty. Venus will appreciate you and will demand your constant respect and appreciation.

Remedies to Strengthen Venus

Venus makes you believe in love and look for beauty in everything around you. Negative effects of Venus included skin problems, issues in your love life, and other relations, reproduction between man and woman. People tend to sleep more during the day-time. I

ll facts also include channelizing energy towards extramarital affairs. These all things decide our happiness and thus this should be cured under astrological experts and cure should be carried on religiously.

Body parts related to Planet Venus

Venus is the controller of sexual organs, eyes, throat, bladder, etc. Unfavorable Venus results in health problems with these body parts. Day for Venus is Friday and the lucky color is white.

It represents water in Panchbhootas (five elements). It is also dominant in semen and should be religiously prayed by people facing problems with reproduction and having kids in their marriage.

Jupiter is neutral towards Venus. However, the planet is in contradictory terms with Sun and Moon. It is in friendly terms with Mercury and Saturn.

Remedies for Ill effects of Venus

Following are remedies than can help you to get out of ill effects of Venus.

  • Use camphor lamps to reduce negative energies around you. You can light a camphor lamp every evening inside your house.
  • Refuse taking gifts and to receive anything from others for free.
  • Always wear washed clothes and avoid wearing clothes without washing them.
  • Donate pure cow ghee in religious places.
  • As Venus is a feminine planet, give sweets to small aged girls and widows.
  • Keeping square silver thing in your regular purse to keep negative energy away.
  • Additionally, be faithful to the person you love.

Mantras for Venus

Recite these Mantras for 108 times daily-

Om Shum Shukraya Namaaha

Om draam drim droum sah shukray namaha

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