Sun Transit in Gemini 2020- Effect on Each Sign

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020- Effect on Each Sign

Sun is the mightiest planet of our solar system. It is the source of life. With its glare, Sun runs the entire life circle in the world. It is the reason for the change in seasons and warmth & health on Earth. In Vedic Astrology, it is the pride and prodigious planet. Thus, it is the ruler amongst all the nine planets. It transits through each sign in a time span of 30 days. The Sun Transit is an extraordinary astrological event and it draws tremendous on each of us as it transits through one sign to another. In Astrology, Sun signifies soul. It is the significator of diversity in self-expression and values. On 14th June 2020, Sun Transit in Gemini will take place.

Sun transit has a substantial effect on our lives. Sun is the significator of respect, pride, confidence, father, elders, father figures, government sector, authority, and designation. A native with a well-placed Sun in Kundali is blessed with respect, authority, and good self-expression. Alongside its role in the Solar System, Sun has a leading role in common life both Astrologically and scientifically.

In the early days of the year, Sun Transit in Aries took place on 13th April 2020. Further, it moved to earth sign Taurus on 14th May. Now, the mighty Sun is about to enter in Air sign Gemini. It is a dual sign popular for its unreliable and unstable nature. However, Sun shares a healthy bond with Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini. Therefore, transit may bring a lot of positivity. Speaking of the same, let’s read how it would affect natives of different signs.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Aries

  • For Aries, Sun is your 5th lord and it will transit in your 3rd House. It is the house of communication, brother, sister, adventure, and intelligence. It is the house of fortitude.
  • As transit is taking place in your house of journeys, there may be some professional trips. Thus, be ready, pack your gears.
  • 3rd House is the abode of mental strength thus, Sun will gift confidence to you to express it.
  • You are going to make plenty of advancement in your decisions at your financial front. As a result of that, there will be enormous benefits.
  • Furthermore, it is the dominion of siblings. Thus, you are going to have a great time with your siblings. Eventually, it will improve your relationship with them.
  • 3rd House signifies social media and communication. Therefore, during the transit, you would be getting benefits from this sector.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Taurus

  • For Taurus, Sun is your 4th Lord. Additionally, Sun Transit will take place in your 2nd house. It is the abode that represents Dhana or Money. All kind of financial aspect, gain & loss is a part of this house.
  • During the transit, you have to neglect people as they may try to take benefit of you. Thus, avoid making promises to prevent losses.
  • Sun in the 2nd house is a signification of wealth.
  • The second also governs speech. Thus, do not let the pride of Sun flaunt in your tone. Practice a humble demeanor.
  • Moreover, there can a few small issues. You will deal with them like a pro. Just try to be a little more patient.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Gemini

  • As the Sun is transiting in your sign, the event will affect you more than any other sign.
  • For Geminis, the robust mighty Sun will transit in your Ascendant house. It is the house of personality, self-expression, physical appearance, temperament, and ego.
  • As a result, you will for no good reason feel anger and aggression. It will trigger your temper and fill you with rage. However, you will sooner or later work on it.
  • During this time, you will have to work a little hard to achieve goals. It would be good if you avoid risks. Perhaps, a bit of planning may prove to be helpful.
  • It is a perfect time for your professional aspects. You will be blessed with Sun’s grandeur. Therefore, your effort with courage will help you have success.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Cancer

  • For Cancerians, Sun will be your 2nd Lord and will transit in your 12th house. The 12th House signifies salvation, loss, self-undoing, and spiritual journeys.
  • This transit may prove to be a little disturbing for you. In personal aspects, you will be distracted.
  • In terms of health, it is not the very best time for you. Minor issues like fever and headache might trouble you during this time.
  • Sun is transiting in your house of foreign benefits. Thus, you may expect a few.
  • 12th House is also the house of expenses. Therefore, to avoid loss, make investments with probabilistic thinking and scrutiny.
  • For the desired money flow, do proper research, and plant the management.
  • During the transit, do not trust people too much. Often, people who you trust may disappoint you with deceitfulness. Therefore, do not make any emotional decisions.
  • You need to communicate with your partner well. It will prevent the creation of misunderstanding.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Leo

  • For Leos, Sun will transit in their Labha Bhav or House of Gain i.e. 11th House. It signifies all kinds of financial benefits, social circle, and well-wisher. It is a prosperous transit for you.
  • A longed profit may finally cross your path this time. Owing to Sun in 11th House you will be influential, administrative, and very well organized to combat at the forefront.
  • In professional life, there will be support from an authoritative or government agency.
  • In terms of personal life, you may expect the beginning of a new relationship. Especially, if you are seeking love, it is a perfect time.
  • If you practice flexibility, you will receive tremendous benefits.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Virgo

  • For Virgos, Lord Sun will transit in your 10th House. Commonly known as Karma Bhav or Career House, it represents your professional prospects.
  • Sun in the 10th House will bless your status and goals. It will create a peak time for your career.
  • A lot of new opportunities await you outside in the world, you have to take a deep glance. Therefore, it all depends on your potential and effort.
  • Especially, businessmen and professionals can take a major advantage during this period.
  • Your ability to judge profit and loss will grow at this time and it will help you in analyzing gains & avoiding loss.
  • Sun is the prime significator of the father. Thus, at this time, you will receive support from him.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Libra

  • For Librans, Sun will enter their 9th House. It is the house of Dharma. All the instincts to good learning & doing, fortune, and spirituality fall under this dominion.
  • Sun Transit will not particularly bring good results for you. As mighty Sun can often be brutal, the transit may bring your troubles.
  • For some time, there will not be many new opportunities.
  • Do not think of embarking on any new journey. It might not be very helpful.
  • Avoid any kind of argument with your siblings. It can fuel squabble.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Scorpio

  • For Scorpios, Sun will enter your 8th House. It is the dominion of sudden loss and gain.
  • Here, Sun might offer you a few ups and downs in your professional life. All you have to do is be patient and trust your work.
  • There will a stage of transformation and uncertainty.
  • Additionally, you might feel anxious and disrupted. However, you need to control this feeling, or else it may result in despondency among family.
  • You will need to pay some extra attention to maintain discipline.
  • Moreover, a little control over anxiety and health issue will help you have a better time.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Sagittarius

  • For Sagitarrius, Sun will transit in your 7th House. It is the abode that represents all kinds of partnerships. Including professional partners and personal relationships, all are a part of the 7th house.
  • The transition may make you a little impatient and aggressive. Therefore, you will need to control your temper before your partner otherwise it will result in disputes.
  • During this time, you will be filled with mixed feelings. The mighty Sun will directly aspect your house of Ascendant. Thus, it will enhance your decision-making ability and authority.
  • Here, your ego mixed with temper will cause you some trouble.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Capricorn

  • For Capricorn, Sun will transit in your 6th House. It signifies debt, well-being, sickness, enemy, and competition.
  • As a result fo the transit, you will feel competitive. Also, you will recover quickly if you are having any disease currently.
  • In any legal case, it is a prosperous time when you can win.
  • It is the house of debts, with the grandeur of Sun in it, you will be able to get rid of debts and loans.
  • There can be some financial gains coming your way.
  • In professional matters, your work will receive an acknowledgment.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Aquarius

  • For the water bearer Aquarians, Sun will enter your 5th house. It is the abode of intelligence, relationship, pleasure, romance, and playfulness.
  • Herein, your timid and rigid attitude can drift your partner apart. Thus, you will need to control your tongue a bit.
  • It can be a tough time for your love life. You need to work a little extra to open the knots.
  • In professional terms, it will be a fine time.
  • If you are a student, it is a prosperous position of Sun for you. However, people with children might find it a tough time.

Sun Transit in Gemini 2020 Effect on Pisces

  • For Pisceans, Sun will enter your 4th House. It is the house of possessions. Also, it signifies your relationship with your mother. This house is also known as Bandhu Bhava.
  • Sun in the 4th house is not a strong position. Thus, it can bring your misery. You might feel the heaviness of emotions.
  • This transit will take away your comfort for a while. However, you will recognize and accept it. You will become action-oriented.
  • There can be some health issues for your mother. Eventually, it will create worry for you.

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