Effects Of Rahu And Moon Conjunction In Different Houses

Rahu And Moon Conjunction In Different Houses

Rahu and Moon conjunction in your natal chart can lead to some extreme emotional situations due to the highly sensitive and psychic nature you possess. Rahu is a powerful astral shadow planet, and when the Moon combines with it, you will enjoy the perception of reality. Not just this, the effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in Vedic Astrology can also make you either suddenly emotional or burst into anger and outrage.

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Indeed the conjunction of Rahu and Moon in any house forms the Grahan Yoga in your natal chart, and with the demonic planet Rahu dominating the conjunction, the native shows more traits of planet Rahu in its life. Thus, a Rahu-Moon person becomes a door to attract impressionable possibilities.

To understand the impact of Rahu and Moon conjunction in different houses, read the lot. However, to know in detail about the Grahan Yoga in your Kundali, speak to our Astrologers at AstroTalk

Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 1st House

  • With Rahu and Moon in first house of your Kundali, you might probably come under the shadow of evil eyes. Hindrances shall chase you before you would realize. 
  • Though, you might be over-smart by nature. But, on the other hand, you might be a false speaker who could easily smash lies in peoples’ faces. Not only could you bend your behavior and answers according to situations, but also show a diplomatic side when in trouble. 
  • Ahead to the effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in 1st house, you shall feel a strong inclination towards a luxurious and modern lifestyle. Possessing a materialistic mind would be easy for you, and “Having the Best” would be all you want.
  • There are quite high chances that with the conjunction of Rahu and Moon in your birth chart, you become the master of imagination. You possess a clever personality and strongly focus on the creative background to pursue the career.
  • However, the ill effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in first house hint that you might have a fickle mind and restless personality. Being into negative thoughts and having secrecy in work and nature may become your habit for life. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 2nd House

  • With Rahu-Moon conjunction in second house of your natal chart, you would possess quite an appealing personality. You would be charming, attractive, and smart. There will be sweetness in your voice. However, on the other hand, you would love to brag about things you own- from money to possessions.
  • With the combination of Moon and Rahu in 2nd house, you would be cunning. Making someone fall in the pit of your words would be easy for you. Thus, you might become a cheater or fraud by nature.
  • There are high possibilities that you don’t have a happy family. There shall be constant disputes and hypocritical people around you. Though your family would be famous, yet they shall have an orthodox mindset.
  • The conjunction of Rahu and Moon in 2nd house shall not be good for your mother. She would have crooked nature and might always have many health issues all her life.
  • Not just your mother’s but your health might sway too. Therefore, you might experience eyesight problems and issues of the mouth as well. With that, troubles related to blood and digestive tract might be occasional. But, all of them shall trouble you for life, making a Balarishta Dosha in your Kundali.

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 3rd House

  • Personality-wise, the Moon and Rahu combination in third house gives good results. You possess a brave and adventurous nature. With great mental health, you also hold the power to build a compelling and convincing conversation. However, on the downside, you may create a wall around yourself and desperately hide your internal fears.
  • In addition to the effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in 3rd house, you would be a comfort appreciator but moody too. Sometimes you would work too much, while other times, you might not even glance at your ongoing life.
  • Also, if you are a Moon-Rahu person, you might have a false ego. On the outside, you may pretend to be pretty bold. However, on the inside, you would be confused and always ready to make wrong decisions in life.
  • With the Rahu and Moon in 3rd house of your natal chart, your siblings may not enjoy a good time with you. You people shall always have opinion issues and differences in thoughts and ideologies.
  • Moreover, there would be multiple sorts of traveling all your life. It could be a vacation or some occupational-related one. There are high possibilities that after a certain point of time in life, you might leave your country and settle outside your native land.

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 4th House

  • With Rahu and Moon in fourth house, you shall be a restless being with a fickle mind. Your brain would process things actively. However, if you don’t use your thinking power wisely, you might possess fraudulent traits. 
  • Due to high desires and desperate wanting, you might remain unsatisfied with your life most of the time. However, the positive effects of Moon and Rahu conjunction in 4th house say that the same will make you a hard-working person.
  • You and your mother might never end up on the same page. Differences in ways of looking at life shall always be there. Also, she shall take too much stress about too many things that might make her sick very frequently.
  • The student phase for Moon-Rahu people would go well compared to the other stages of life. You would have impeccable command over the streams you chose. However, obstacles might come from time to time as well.
  • You might hold health issues all the time. Specifically, blood-related problems and chances of getting into injuries may occur as well.

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 5th House

  • With Moon and Rahu combination in 5th house, you shall be sharp-minded and clever by nature. You would have a sharp mind, but using it wisely would be totally upon you. There could be times when you may feel that nobody gets you, but until you won’t lose your confidence, everything shall be good in your life.
  • With Rahu and moon conjunction in fifth house, you possess Pitru Dosha in your natal chart. Thus, you might have problems pertaining to childbirth. There are even possibilities that you may encounter many miscarriages.
  • There might be problems with learning and concentration. Your work might not occur straightway. Hindrances, troubles, and evil eyes shall follow you the whole life.
  • For the positive impacts of Rahu and Moon conjunction in 5th house, you would have great success in politics. You would be famous and shall have strong and healthy connections with famous and highly authoritative people.
  • There might be many health issues all your life. However, no serious ailments would be there in the first two phases, i.e., childhood and adulthood. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 6th House

  • Moon and Rahu combination in sixth house is not very auspicious for the natives in terms of personality. You may experience mental strain and stress all your life. Your aura might be weak, and keeping people on your side might become hard for you.
  • You shall possess fear from poison and snakes. You would also feel that you have evil spirits surrounding you, which would keep you all held in yourself. With that, evil eyes shall surround you as well.
  • Also, Rahu-Moon n 6th house forms the Abichari Dosha. This shall make you an emotionally strained person but with a revenge-taking attitude. If you would have enemies, you might not leave them before having the revenge in your pocket.
  • Financial stability would surround you your whole life. You would crave traveling. Hence, most of your money might go in the same.
  • You would be very climate prone with Moon and Rahu in the same house in your natal chart. Thus, ailments shall follow you whenever the weather changes.

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 7th House

  • In terms of personality, you would be smart, clever, and independent in nature. However, on the other side, you would be emotional and with a restless mind. Your physique would be great and will have a fair color. However, on the other hand, you will possess a jealous nature and hypocritical mindset. 
  • You shall have a beautiful spouse who will be wise and broad-minded. With Rahu and Moon conjunction in 7th house, you can even expect wealth coming from your wife’s side. You two might have more of an intellectual connection than a loved one.
  • Though, you would have a great spouse. However, you shall experience too much drama in your marriage. If scenarios go bad, you might confront legal issues with your spouse and family.
  • You will be involved in traveling. Change of place shall be ongoing all your life. With it, you will enjoy some business travels and career-related trips around the mid-ages.
  • Furthermore, for the effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in seventh house, you might suffer from sexual ailments. Hormonal problems might surround you as well. And, it would be because of both the planets being strong Marak in your Kundali. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 8th House

  • If you are a Rahu-Moon person and have the conjunction in the eighth house of your natal chart, you shall possess a restless mind with a fickle attitude and crooked mentality. Also, you shall behave suspiciously around people and lack morality when asked to show some.
  • Sensuality would become your second name. You would possess high sexual desires and would want someone around to rely on emotionally with Rahu and Moon conjunction in 8th house.
  • Financially, you will be stable. You shall have good earnings but might have a few hidden expenses too. You shall enjoy the fruit of parental property as well. There are even possibilities that you also get sudden gains in your life and the latter half of your life.
  • Health-wise, you would possess many issues in your childhood. Blame the evil eye that you might possess frequent ailments as a kid. However, in your adulthood, this might change. Still, you would go through problems like digestive problems, eyesight issues, and skin-related diseases as well. 
  • Moon and Rahu combination in 8th house can make you prone to an unnatural death. Your death may occur because of a snake bit or any other related poison. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 9th House

  • For fathers of the natives with Rahu and Moon combination in ninth house, the time shall not be good the whole life. You might see your father suffering from mental stress and incurable ailments. 
  • The crisis won’t end here. There are even chances that you might stay away from your father or run into disputes when around or near. You two shall have opinion problems, and he would hardly speak in your favor because of the same.
  • Also, with Moon and Rahu combination in 9th house, you would face many ups and downs in life in all the areas. Career would sway too much. There are high possibilities that you switch jobs too often and much and never feel contented with any.
  • You shall be highly religious. However, you would try hard to show off your faith more than believing in it. Exploring shrines would interest you, and visiting holy rivers shall give you mental peace.
  • Obstacles would be many if you would go for higher studies. In fact, in your primary and secondary education too, you might go through a lack of concentration and similar troubles. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 10th House

  • Personality-wise, you would be intelligent, smart, and brave. You shall have a courageous attitude towards life but shall have mysterious ways of dealing with life. There are chances that you might not disclose your actual motives to anybody. However, on the other hand, you would have a helpful and emotional knack for being around people in times of need.
  • There might be many setbacks that you confront with Rahu and Moon in tenth house of your Kundali. Professionally, dissatisfaction would be there. You would take immense stress because of your office drama and go unhealthy and energy devoid before you even realize it. 
  • Your public image would be of the popular sort, helping you have a good name and fame. Those who would know you closely might feel that there is always something suspicious going on with you.
  • With Rahu and Moon conjunction in 10th house, you will be very dedicated to your work. You shall love challenges, and winning and getting over the competition at work will interest you all the time. 
  • There might be some disturbances in family life. Your marriage might not run smoothly because of your behavior and dissatisfaction with your spouse. It could be because you possess strong sexual desires, while your partner might not. 

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 11th House

  • If you have Rahu and Moon in eleventh house of your natal chart, you shall have a unique personality. With an attractive aura, you would be liberal by nature. Happy-going is what would define you the best and shall have leadership qualities as well. 
  • Wealth would be enough to “Live Life King Size.” Profits to ancestral gains, everything would be in your pocket. Possibilities are pretty high that you hold multiple sources of earning money and might have illegal way as one of those.
  • Ahead in the effects of Rahu and Moon conjunction in 11th house, you shall have a great friend circle. Opposite gender friendships would be there. You would get into many relationships in your entire life. All your partners will be beautiful, wealthy, and wise.
  • Health-wise, abdominal issues would be many. Liver-related troubles and gastric problems might be there as well. Also, there could be chances that you feel fear from water, snake, and poison.
  • Things with elder siblings might not be good. Legal fights between siblings would be there as well. Plus, in marriage, you might suffer from extreme dissatisfaction with your spouse.

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Rahu and Moon Conjunction in 12th House

  • Anxious personality with decent speech shall be there if you have Rahu and Moon combination in 12th house of your Kundali. Also, you would be curious about things in your life and will be inclined more towards luxurious lifestyles.
  • Maybe you become moody and restless by behavior. There are high possibilities that you get into illegal activities and go to immoral works and against the rules and regulations. Also, you might have a fraudulent mind and become a cheater by habit. 
  • With it, having Moon and Rahu combination in twelfth house, you would have a fallen character. It shall affect your married life and image at the house. Possibilities are high that you take more interest in external relationships and affairs. 
  • Health-wise, you would get more prone to accidents and injuries. The chances of the same happening shall be more during travels and journeys by road. Also, abdominal issues shall be ongoing all through the course of your life. 
  • You shall have a high prospect of settling away from your native land. Plus, you shall have strong and many foreign connections with Rahu and Moon in 12th house.

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