Meera- the untold story of the exiled princess

Meera- the untold story of the exiled princess

Meera Bai or Mirabai, a Rajput princess, a prolific poet, and devotee belongs to beautiful deserts of Rajasthan’s western Indian province. She was born with the utmost care, respect, and affection as the only child.

Even then, she shapes herself to be the pristine and honorable as a Rajput. At the point when she was only four years old, her mother tells her about a marriage ceremony. The innocent Meera asks her mother when she looks at marriage, “Who am I going to marry?”

Meera’s mom grinned, and half-jokingly pointing to the picture of Lord Krishna and stated, “My sweet child Meera, Sri Krishna will be your spouse”. She then demonstrated a profound dedication to Lord Krishna. unfortunately, Meera lost her mother shortly after, when she was 7.

Her devotion begins in childhood

Meera s mental state prepared her only to accept Lord Krishna as her husband. As she grew up, Meera was delightful, mild-mannered, easygoing, talented and sang with a resonant voice.

When pressurized, reluctantly, she agreed to wed Rana Sangha, who was the incredible King of Mewar. It was in her daily routine that after her family unit obligations were finished, Meera would go to the sanctuary of Lord Krishna, venerate, sing and move before Lord Krishna’s Idol devotedly.

Meera Bai's devotion begins in childhood

Nevertheless, her relatives and other women of the family didn’t care for her ways and constrained her to venerate Durga, the only goddess allowed to be worshipped by females. However, she still kept up, never mind the restrictions of the world only for her Krishna.

Regularly, she faces questions, humiliations, and conjecture by her in-laws for infidelity. They believed that Meera secretly had a lover for whom she sang all the time. Udabai planned to criticize the guiltless Meera. With his sister, he went to the sanctuary around evening time tore open the entryway, and discovered Meera alone in her delighted state of mind talking and singing to Krishna’s idol.

He yelled “Meera, show me your sweetheart with whom you are talking now”. Meera answered, “There sits He—my Lord’. Her significant other was heart-broken however he stayed great and felt for her until his demise.

Meera Bai and the poison cup

There is a famous tale about Meera Bai, a devotee so pure that even Lord Krishna transforms a cup of poison to divine nectar for her. Meera received a container with a cobra inside and a message that the bushel contained a wreath of blossoms.

Meera opened the crate and found inside a flawless icon of Sri Krishna with a laurel of blossoms. A cup of toxic substance saying that it was nectar was also planned and placed. Meera drank it, after offering it to her Lord Krishna as Prasad. surprisingly, it did not kill her. The bed of nails that Rana sent changed into a luxurious situation when Meera rested on it.

At the point when the torment and embarrassments proceeded, Meera sent a letter to Tulsidas and requested his recommendation. To which Tulsi Das Ji replied, “Relinquish the individuals who can’t get you”. The connection with God and the adoration for God are the main components that are valid and interminable; every single other relationship is stunning and transitory. Mira Bai met her tutor Raidas. She went into the ghettos regularly to be in the Satsang with this extraordinary instructor.

The defining moment in Meerabai’s life happened when once Akbar and Tansen came in camouflage to Chittor sanctuary to hear Meera’s reverential and motivating melodies. At the point when Rana heard this, he got irate. He ordered Meera to suffocate herself in the stream and never present her face to the world in the future.

Years of exile

Complying with the wishes of the king, Meerabai continued to the stream to suffocate herself. Reciting “Govinda, Giridhari, Gopala” She moved in euphoria on her way to the waterway. A hand got a handle on her and grasped her. She turned and saw her Lord Krishna. She blacked out. Sri Krishna grinned and tenderly murmured: “My devoted Meera, your existence with your human family members is over. You are completely free. Be bright. You have consistently been mine.”

Years of exile

She at that point moved to Vrindaban. A contrite Kumbha came to Vrindavan to approach Meera for absolution and implored her to return Meera said to Rana that my life has a place with Krishna. For the first time, he really comprehended Meera’s commended perspective and prostrated before her with respect.

He at that point expeditiously left Vrindavan a changed soul. Her notoriety spread far and wide in line with KumbhaRana, Meera came back to Mewar and Kumbha consented to her solicitation that she would dwell in the sanctuary of Krishna he would not confine her developments and wanderings.

A water bubble will and must merge into a flowing stream of pristine water after a certain time. On Janmashtami, the moment arrived. At the sanctuary of Krishna in Dwarka, she said ‘Gracious, Giridhari, are you calling me, I am coming’. Kumbha and the rest witness in wonderment, there was lightning that wraps Meera and the sanctum entryway shuts individually.

A heart so pure for the Lord

Numerous holy people have lived on earth in different nations and changed areas and most-such obvious holy people have abandoned accounts of their immaculateness and forces. Her story still has a tremendous hang on individuals and occupants of India.

A heart so pure for the Lord

She ate with Krishna, her better half. She drank the holy ras of Krishna-Premarasa. Mira sang unhesitant from the center of her heart about her one of a kind profound encounters. She was, in fact, one of the premier exemplifications of Prem-bhakti and a motivated poetess that at any point strolled on earth.

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