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Astrology Of Success In Stock Market

This article is going to be all about the impact of astrology on the Share Market /Stock Market. Every time an investor invests, they are afraid that they will gain or have to suffer loss.

Can the Investor be guided by the help of astrology or not?

YES, Along with the advice to invest in the market, astrology can also tell us which share an investor should invest in and in which sectors the investment will be beneficial? Automobile, Information Technology, Chemical Industry, Commodities, Which of these sectors can bring more profit?

Which house should be paid more attention to horoscope?

First of all, the 5th House should be focused on the horoscope. If the 5th house is not affected by debilitated planets, then investing in shares can give you much profit. 11th House should also be seen together. Together our Wealth House should also be an inauspicious effect.

Profit in Business

Who can be highly profitable?

  1. The most important thing should be lord of 5th House i.e. Panchmesh, the lord of 11th House i.e. Namesh and the lord of 2nd House i.e. Dhanesh, should be inauspicious and strong positions.
  2. Simultaneously, there should be an interaction between the 5th house, 11th House and House Of Money.
  3. In case, the owner of the 5th House and the 11th House or the owner of the Wealth House makes a combination, then the native can get benefit from the market.

Effects Of Mercury Planet:

Planet Mercury is an indicator Of Trade And Commission. In the case of Stock Market astrology, it is important to have a look at sentiments of mercury. In case your Mercury Planet is good, you may be a good Share Market Advisor.

Planet Astrology

Effects Of Rahu:

Even if Rahu is looking at the 5th House, seeing the beneficiary or moving towards the profit place, you still have the possibility of profit.

If the condition of the planets in the horoscope is not good, with the help of “Mantra Shastra” or “Ratna Shastra”, you can collect the energy of the planets in the right direction.

Every Investor Should Consult An Astrologer For Kundli Analysis.

Which Planetary Positions Can Harm You?

If Rahu is in another place, then avoid investing. Together the combination of Sun-Rahu, Rahu-Moon, Rahu-Jupiter can also harm. Rahu being in the center, may also result in profit but after losses in the initial stage.

What Can Be the astrological measures to be successful in Share Market?

  1. Chant Rahu Mantra every day in the morning and evening Time. राहु मंत्र: “ॐ रां राहवे नम:”
  2. Wear a silver star around your neck.
  3. Feed fishes with pieces of flour on Wednesday and Friday.

If You Want To Call/Chat With Astrologers, for consultation regarding Share Market: Click on the link

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