Mercury Transit in Taurus in 2020 and Effects on Each Sign

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Mercury is a planet known for its preserving and protecting nature. A person’s communication skills, intelligence, and intellectual capabilities are related to him. According to Jyotisha, Mercury is the progeny of Jupiter and the Moon. He is the ruling planet of Gemini. The respiratory system and thyroid are associated with Mercury. The transit from Aries to Taurus takes place at 09:54 am on May 9, 2020, and lasts for around 15 days. Then, moves from Taurus to Gemini at 12:04 am on May 25, 2020. So, read further how Mercury Transit in Taurus will affect Each Zodiac Signs-

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Aries (Mesha):

The Mercury transit is in the second house. The person’s speech will be reckoned to be sweet and clear. It is a good time for students to learn new things. Aries-born people in the singing and writing will flourish during this time. They will feel physically energetic and very powerful. It is good to invest in the financial sector because this period will tend to be a stable financial situation.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Taurus (Vrishabha):

The transit will be in the first house. This time brings about harmony in your family. Furthermore, anything associated with your spouse will be happy. Your spouse cooperates with you and provides support in your decisions. If your spouse is working, they will be promoted to the next level. It is a good time for business investments and you are likely to get profits. If you are in consideration of the construction of a new house, this is a great time to start the work. Although your social abilities will be better, it is better to avoid gossips and unnecessary talks.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Gemini (Mithuna):

For you, the transit will take place in the twelfth house. There is likely to be a sharp increase in your expenses, although your income remains pretty much the same. This is the time you can defeat your enemies easily. If you are thinking about settling abroad, it is fine to go ahead with it. But, you are better off not investing financially.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Cancer (Kadaga/Karka):

The Mercury transit is in the eleventh house. During this time, there will be a significant increase in your income due to which you may tend to invest more. And investment will only bring about success. You are in for a good social interaction during this period. You will have a great time with your friends and insights from seniors will help you. However, students must avoid writing at this moment.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Leo (Simha):

The transit will occur in the tenth house. This leads to an increase in concentration. You will also be filled with positive thoughts, which will only be increased by the domestic peace you will have. Further, you will achieve a good harmony with the spouse. But, you must control your speeches, especially in public places.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Virgo (Kanni/Kanya):

Mercury will undergo transition in the ninth house. There will be an increase in your interest and inclination towards both literary and fine arts. Also, people in the media and cinema industry are in for a tremendous success. It is especially a good time for students to study. There will be an increase in your social status. However, there are chances for minor health issues.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Libra (Tula):

The transit will be in the eighth house. Though you may initially experience good circumstances, there may also be some bad situations that may affect you. And you are in for a period of mixed feelings and experiences. Your financial situation remain strong and stable. Always, obey your higher authority and seniors. There will be a spike in your stress, which you can reduce by meditation and yoga. There may also be unexpected losses.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Scorpio (Vritchagam/Vrishika):

Mercury transit is in the seventh house. This is a good time in your love life. If you are single, you may find the love of your life and if you are married, you are in for a good time. There will be a strong support from your spouse and an increase in love. You will achieve success in the arts. Your luck and your spouse will be good in this period. However, you must refrain from big expenditures.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Sagittarius (Dhanusha):

The transit will occur in the sixth house. You will experience struggle in your work life and that is prone to affect you. But, in contrast, putting in hard work, you are likely to have chances of success. There is also a big possibility of economic loss. Your financial situation will be tight. Some health problems may arise during this time and there is a chance for some complications, due to which it is good to have a full-body check-up.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Capricorn (Makara):

The Mercury transition will occur in the fifth house. There are only a few things in which you can expect success. It will be a good time for students to study. Also, this is a good time to gamble some money via lottery and betting. But, do not get into arguments or disputes because it may lead to your separation from your loved ones.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Aquarius (Kumbha):

The transit of Mercury takes place in the fourth house. This is a very auspicious time for you. You will work hard to get great results. Your spouse will also support you in your decisions. Your relationship with your relatives is likely to improve significantly. There will also be strong competition in your work life (which I personally think only makes you stronger as a person).

Effect of Mercury Transit in Taurus on Pisces (Meen):

For you, the Mercury transit will be in the third house. Your concentration will increase and your communication skills will improve during this time. Your relationship with your siblings will also become happier. Due to the improvement in your social skills, your social circle will expand. This period is likely to bring about the turning point in your career. In spite of all these positive outcomes, your confidence level will be somewhat weak.

My Final Take

All these predictions, though, are based on Vedic Astrology, despite waiting for great things to happen, you should always strive to be better.

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