Mercury Transit in Virgo 2020- Tremendous Impact on Every Zodiac Sign

Mercury Transit in Virgo- 6 Zodiac Signs to Have the Best Results

Mercury, the planet of intellect and humor is transiting in Virgo on September 2, 2020, Wednesday at 12:11 pm.

It is the planet that governs intelligence, education, learning capacity, and wisdom of a native. Traditionally, the ruler of the 1st House, Mercury at the present time rules over the 3rd house. Also, the legends mention, Mercury is the offspring of the celestial star Moon and Jupiter, the planet of wisdom. Thus, it controls your mind and knowledge together. Your analytical abilities and communication skills fall under the governance of Mercury. It is also the major planet for salespeople, lawyers, scientists, and artists.

In astrology, reasoning, decision-making ability, memorizing ability, thinking, speech & ability to speak, pronunciation, tact, information, business, commerce, calculative subjects, writing, and intensive study are the factors that Mercury influences. All these components play a very important role in our life, especially in today’s capacity of intellectual capacity. A person with a strong position of Mercury in Birth Chart is blessed with all these abilities.

The transit of Mercury is going to take place from Leo in Virgo from September, 2 to September 22. During this period, how will Mercury affect all the 12 zodiac signs? Let’s find out in the further paragraphs-

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Aries

  • For Aries, planet Mercury will be the 6th House from your sign.
  • You can expect a huge change in your career graph during this transit. It is going to be your time. You will successfully stand in front of your rivals and defeat them.
  • Further, if you have an interest in writing, singing, or learning art forms, it is a fine time to start. For instance, you can learn to play musical instruments or join poetry sessions. Your creative side can receive great appreciation during this time.
  • In your personal life, you might experience arguments with your friends. It can lead you to an unhappy state for a while. However, things will fall into places soon. Yet, to avoid any such situation, control your temper and neglect negative points from the conversation.
  • In addition to this, you should be extra careful regarding your health.
  • A few of your oppositions may try to harm you in different ways, you have to be careful from them.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Taurus

  • For Taurus, Mercury will Transit in the 5th House from your sign. You can take the optimum benefits from this movement. A lot of positive results are coming to your way.
  • In your personal life, you can consider yourself lucky. Mercury transit in Virgo has an enormous favorable outcome for you. You will experience a bloom of love in a relationship with your partner. The understanding between you and your partner will increase in love. It will end all the differences and help you enjoy your romantic life to the fullest.
  • However, at this time your trend can also move towards religious and spiritual work. This is the time when you can expect a rise in your name and fame in your career. The transition will offer you spending a good time with your spouse.
  • In addition to this, your intellectual ability will also grow from this point. Besides, Taurus natives who are students will be successful in studies. It is a favorable period for those who are in the field of teaching, commerce, mathematics, and counseling.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Gemini

  • For Geminis, Mercury will be in the 6th House from your sign.
  • During this transit, the Mercury is in a state of happiness and aspecitng the Karma Bhava.
  • In your professional life, there is a Yoga of success. Therefore, you can expect a nice monetary gain. You will be able to make savings during the transit. Also, you will use the money in all the right ways.
  • If you are in a job, you can get a promotion soon.
  • Further, if you are planning to buy a new property or luxury like cars, it is a favorable time for that too.
  • In personal life, you will enjoy a blissful time with your family. It will give you peace of mind. You will perform great in your social circle as well.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Cancer

  • For Cancerians, Mercury will move in the 3rd house from your sign.
  • Be ready for a mixed result from Mercury Transition in Virgo.
  • You have a constant problem of temper, thus, it can raise a dispute. To avoid this kind of situation, keep hold of your temper.
  • It can cause financial problems.
  • The transit can lead you to disorientation in the mind. Nonetheless, you may make plans for traveling with friends. There is also a possibility of a quarrel with younger siblings. However, things will get better soon.
  • At this time, you should also be careful in money transactions because it cannot be said to be favorable for your financial aspect. Some people of this zodiac can plan to take time out of work during this time to go out with their friends.
  • Overall, luck is favoring you. You will get success with your hard work.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Leo

  • For Leo, Mercury will move in the 2nd House from their sign.
  • You can expect a huge monetary gain during this period. Also, you will be able to save money properly.
  • You will enjoy delectable dishes in this time period. It is a favorable planetary transit for the students. Meanwhile, this time you can do well in the field of education.
  • In addition to this, you have to be smart and aware of your social circle. Your tongue can create chaos. However, you will gain the money people owe you for a long time.
  • Students who are appearing for exams will surely achieve success.
  • This transit is also favorable to fix the connection with relatives.
  • Furthermore, if you are already married, try to build a better understanding with your partner. Also, take care of their health.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Virgo

  • For Virgos, Mercury will be in the house of Ascendant of Lagna Bhav from your sign.
  • This transit is especially favorable for your social image. You’ll get a hike in your social image. You will feel active and happy at this time.
  • You will feel happiness from within. Therefore, it will help you focus on your work.
  • It is an advantageous period to take a trip to a beautiful place with your friends.
  • Both your mental and physical health will improve in many ways.
  • In your personal life, if you are married, you will experience a happy time with your spouse. Also, people who are in a relationship will enjoy a good time.
  • It is a great time to commence your own business.
  • Students who are applying for exams will attain success.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Libra

  • For Librans, Mercury will move in your 12th House.
  • During this transition, your work pressure may increase. Also, you may get new responsibilities in your work. Owing to the movement of Mercury, your expenses will swiftly increase.
  • Further, you have to keep faith in your hard work instead of sitting in the process of luck. Nonetheless, stress will remain by your side because of the pressure of work. But with a little extra effort, you can also control any situation.
  • It is a fine time for investments. However, invest money wisely, otherwise, problems can occur.
  • You have silent enemies, beware of them.
  • There may be a rift with your spouse. So, avoid arguments.
  • Students should pay attention to education, or else, the results may come negative.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Scorpio

  • For Scorpios, Mercury will shift to your 11th House.
  • The transit is extremely helpful for you in your monetary aspect. You can expect a fine monetary gain.
  • Further, if you are unable to save for a long time, Mercury Transit in Virgo will offer you chances to invest and gain profit.
  • In your professional life, you will be able to accomplish your goals.
  • However, you need to be a little conscious of your health. Along with food, be sure to take care of your relaxation as well.
  • In your personal life, you may end up having arguments with your partner. So, control temper and choose your words wisely.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Sagittarius

  • For Sagittarians, Mercury will be in the 10th house. As the 10th house is the house of career, it will be an enormously favoring position.
  • No matter what you task you are assigned, you will fulfill it with creativity and expertise.
  • Your professional life is extremely favorable during this transit. Therefore, you will perform flawlessly.
  • If you are planning to start a business, it is the best time to lay the foundation stone for it.
  • All the new strategies, policies are supporting your ways. If you have planned something, it will be accomplished.
  • Talking about your personal life, amid all the good, take care of your health.
  • In terms of your family, you will enjoy a great time with them. However, such circumstances would occur less as you will mostly find yourself busy.
  • Meanwhile Mercury transit in Virgo, you can go to a foreign land for business.
  • Your personal life will be full of romance and excitement. You will enjoy a lot of quality time with your partner.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Capricorn

  • For Capricorns, Mercury will be in the 9th House.
  • During this transit, you will be blessed with upmost support from your parents.
  • As Mercury, the governor of skills and learning is in your favor, you will experience a boost in your grasping ability.
  • Talking about your personal life, you will enjoy a wave of romance in your life.
  • In your professional life, you will be filled with confidence. However, stay away from overconfidence.
  • Your voice and tone can be both a boon and a curse. Thus, choose your words properly. Stay humble. It will support your luck.
  • You can also enjoy a short journey.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Aquarius

  • For Aquarius, Mercury will be in the 8th House.
  • You will have to go through many ups and downs meanwhile this transit.
  • In this period, while you will get benefit from the economic aspect.
  • Further, you may have to face a few obstacles in your work.
  • In your personal life, there can be a state of estrangement in family life. During this time your siblings may face a problem.
  • You will have to work a little on your laziness.
  • Moreover, a trip is on your way, so, pack your bag.

Effect of Mercury Transit in Virgo on Pisces

  • For Pisceans, Mercury will be in the 7th House.
  • All the natives in the business cam gain phenomenal benefits. Mercury Transit in Virgo is immensely advantageous for you.
  • However, you need to be safe from your own business partner at this time.
  • During this transit, your prestige in society will increase significantly. Also, a wave of love can come in your life.
  • This is also a good time for those who want to have a love marriage. Your spouse will also feel quite happy with you.
  • You will enjoy your married life. Especially females of Pisces Zodiac Sign can get a good relationship.

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