Swayamwar weddings have never survived, will Mika’s be any different?


Swayamvar is an ancient Indian practice. The practice of Swayamwar, which started in the Vedic times with the Swayamwar of Sita, Draupadi, Damyanti, Prithivraja, and many more, exists even today. In fact, many modern personalities in the past have had their Swayamvars on national television, including Ratan Rajput, Rakhi Sawant, Mallika Sherawat, Rahul Mahajan and more. And now, we have singer Mika Singh looking for his bride through the old-school Swayamwar way.

Yet, when it comes to Swayamwar wali shaadi, there is a fact associated with it. And the fact is that none of the Swayamvar weddings that have happened in modern times in India have survived. Be it Rakhi Sawant or Rahul Mahajan, none of these celebs have been able to make their wedding work after spending millions of sponsor money. In fact, there have been times when celebrities have even refused to marry the winner of Swayamvar.  

So the question arises, will Mika Singh’s Swayamwar wali shaadi be any different? Or will it too bite the dust? Well, here is what astrologers predict. 

Will Mika Singh’s wedding survive the test of time?

Mika Singh’s new show – Swayamwar: Mika di Votti – is winning applause from all nock and corners as Indians feast on their favourite conversation topic – wedding. Mika, on the other hand, is very excited to be a part of the show as he hopes to find the love of his life. However, finding a suitable bride is not going to be easy for Mika as he himself knows that most of the contestants participating in the show are just here for his name and fame, says the astrologers. 

Mika Singh has a weak placement of Venus and Mars in his horoscope, which explains the delay in marriage in his life. When the placement of Venus is weak in your chart, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a native will have a delayed marriage but it does mean that you might find it tough to find a compatible partner.

When it comes to Mika, he says that he has rejected 100s of marriage proposals just because of the missing compatibility. This explains the role weak Venus plays in his life. Do you have a weak Venus? Or is your marriage getting delayed? Ask astrologers why

As far as Mika’s wedding is concerned, the astrologers are of the view that the singer will have a decent run. Astrologers clarify that Mika is now trying to settle down in life as his stars predict. Hence, he is serious about who he lets come closer to him. In fact, Venus in a favorable position is helping Mika to make better choices for himself in love context.

Talking about the upcoming time, the next three years might be sensitive for Mika and his bride, and they will have to work on the difference during the same. Mika Singh Astrotalk Kundli says that Mika’s natal Moon falls in the semi-sextile aspect, which indicates that there are chances of having disputes in marriage after some time. To make a marriage work, the couple needs to tolerate and understand each other. 

How lucky will Mika’s bride be for him?

Mika’s post-marriage phase will be a time of revamping his ambition. The good thing is he will be able to make a strong impact on others and may be given a major career break or large-scale opportunities. However, Mika needs to be cautious while selecting or negotiating any professional contract and be in touch with his wife to help him make important decisions in life.

Furthermore, after 2024 Saturn’s influence opposite Saturn is likely to be lucky for him. This may bring something unexpected to Mika’s life. But it’s not over here; it is likely a time that will test his patience with the relationship. 

Overall, astrologers are of the view that Mika would gladly be able to claim that he has made India’s first Swayamwar wali shaadi work. And his life is only going to improve from here. 

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