Miraculous Astrological remedies to strengthen your Jupiter

Miraculous Astrological remedies to strengthen your Jupiter

Jupiter is significant in one’s horoscope and is considered symbolic of one’s wealth, family, knowledge, business, and respect in society. In Hindu Shastras as well, Lord Jupiter has been considered a cool and significant planet. It can bless one with a long life span, a good job, a father’s love, prosperity, and wealth in abundance. In addition, it is this planet which is responsible for finding a good groom for a girl.

At the same time, if the planet Jupiter is not favorable in one’s horoscope, it can affect his or her health, job, education, and can also lead to family disputes. Also, if the planet Jupiter is not favorable in a girl’s horoscope, then it can even bring numerous hurdles in her wedding. Hence, to live a happy life it is important that Lord Jupiter should always maintain His blessings on you.

In this article, we will be reading the fifteen miraculous remedies that can strengthen your Jupiter for wealth and money in abundance.

Remedies to make your Jupiter Strong

Saffron Tilak

Every day after taking bath, apply a dot of Saffron Tilak, also known as Kesar Tilak to your forehead and navel. Also, In breakfast, one should have something made of saffron or at least eat a little Saffron before consuming anything else in the morning.


Every Thursday, offer prayers and perform guru puja by yourself. You can learn the mantras or prayers from any learned men or sage. Worshipping Guru on Thursday will give you a lot of benefits.

Respecting Sages and Brahmans

Respecting sages and Brahmans is what makes Lord Jupiter, shower His blessing on you. One should always respect them and offer anything they could. Also, one should worship a Peepal tree to get positive outcomes.

Peepal Tree

Starting from Thursday, if you offer water, yellow pulses, and a yellow sweet to the roots of people tree every day, it can also make your Jupiter strong for wealth and money.


Yellow color has a huge significance with Thursday, Hence every Thursday, you should donate yellow pulses wrapped up in a yellow cloth, jaggery, yellow sweet, yellow flowers, banana, sandalwood, turmeric, and holy books to the temple. Offering yellow sweets and yellow pulses to sages is also beneficial.

Offering pulses to Horse

By worshipping Jupiter for seven Thursdays and offering yellow pulses in the puja, one can gain benefits. After the completion of seven Thursdays, you should offer it to the horse yourself for gaining benefits.


Wearing Panchmukhi Rudraksha in a yellow thread on Thursday also blesses one with Lord Jupiter’s blessings.

Offering sweets to sages

Inviting sages to lunch and offering them with Besan Ladoos and saffron kheer also strengthens Jupiter and hence blesses with abundant wealth, money and prosperity.

Chanting Mantras

If possible, it is also advisable to chant Vedic Guru Mantra to prevent the malefic influence of Jupiter on you.

Distributing Bananas

Distributing bananas among small children as well as sages, especially on Thursday, can make Lord Jupiter bless one with good health and wealth.

Donating Stationery items

Arranging stationery for any Gurukul or any school and distributing among the children can also make Lord Jupiter extremely happy.

Chanting Gayatri Mantra

Gayatri mantra is the remedy to all the problems. Chanting both Guru Gayatri or Vishnu Gayatri mantra one hundred and eight times also leaves a positive impact on one and strengthen Jupiter in the birth chart.


One should keep five chunks of turmeric wrapped in yellow cloth with them, especially the ones having weak Jupiter or the ones having the malefic influence of Jupiter over him or her.

Roots of religious trees

Wearing the roots of the banana or peepal tree in your right arm on Thursday is also considered highly beneficial.

Pukhraj Stone

In a religious place after chanting religious mantras, wearing Seven colored Pukhraj stone on your finger is also beneficial and may bless one with Lord Jupiter’s blessings.

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