How bangles can change your life?- An Astrological Aspect

How bangles can change your life- An Astrological Aspect

Considered as a part of Solah Shringhar, bangles have been worn in Indian tradition for ages. Be it someone’s marriage or any other festive occasion it is considered incomplete without these beautiful ornaments. They add to the beauty of a woman’s hands and also have health benefits. For the latter reason, men also wear it in the form of a bracelet. But apart from the above mentioned two benefits, they are also supposed to be a symbol of luck and fortune. In addition, they can change one’s destiny and fill one’s life with happiness. However, the lucky color of bangles varies and is different for each Zodiac Sign. In this article, we will be reading, which colored bangles each zodiac should wear and also about the benefits of wearing bangles.


The red color is lucky for you. Hence, wearing the red colored bangles will enhance your luck and change yours as well as your beloved’s life for good.


Wearing golden or brown colored bangles is highly beneficial to you. It will lead to the success of your husband or if you are unmarried will bring you luck.


The girls or women of Gemini zodiac should always wear at least two bangles of pink color in each of their hands. It will bring good luck and fortune in their life.


Wearing yellow or orange color is highly beneficial for Cancer women. This color brings happiness, enhances your luck, and fill it with brightness.


Leo women should wear green colored bangles as it will bring wealth and prosperity in their families. Also, it is good for unmarried girls as it is beneficial for those having delay in marriage.


Wearing violet or purple colored bangles are highly beneficial for Virgo women and girls. It will eradicate all the troubles of their life and bring them happiness.


Wearing light green colored bangles is highly beneficial for Libra. It will be beneficial and will bring them luck.


Wearing eight orange-colored are considered beneficial for Scorpius women. This color brings happiness, enhances your luck, and is considered auspicious.


The girls or women of Sagitarrius zodiac should wear nine yellow bangles as it is considered auspicious for them. It is believed to bring them good luck and fortune.


These women should always wear dual-colored. Any two-colored bangles could be fused and worn as it is beneficial for them. This opens the door to endless opportunities and makes one’s life hassle-free.


The girls or women of this zodiac sign should avoid wearing light colors and wearing dark-colored ones is advisable for them. It will strengthen your relations with your acquaintances and bring sweetness to your life.


Wearing at least two bangles of orange color in their hand is considered good for women with this zodiac sign. They can also wear any other color along with orange. This will bring happiness and luck in their life.


From earlier times, bangles have been considered a symbol of beauty and good luck for women. Not only it adds beauty to their hands, but it also keeps them healthy and maintains mental stability. Mostly circular in shape, they are symbolic of planet Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon. Also, wearing them ensures a successful married life as well as success in a career.

Which Bangles to wear?

The plastic bangles attract the negativity from the surroundings hence it is not at all advisable to wear plastic bangles while the glass ones are considered to bring good luck. The shingling sound of the glass bangles is also believed to fill the environment with positive energy. Wearing gold or silver is also beneficial as it increases one’s vigor and also adds some more years to one’s life span. When they come in contact with one’s body, this element strengthens it and hence is beneficial in improving health conditions. Science also believes in the importance of bangles and recommends wearing the ones made from natural elements. Wearing bangles made of natural metals strengthens one’s bones, removes the negative energy from home, and ensures the longevity of their husband.

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