Planet Mercury in Astrology- Positive and Negative Influence


Planet Mercury is important energy that holds a dominant position in a birth chart. It is the closest planet to the sun and is a symbol of cleverness, intelligence, wit, and humor. Mercury is also called “Budh” and the word itself means wisdom. People born with strong mercury are intelligent and sharp but also have issues like anxiety and indecisiveness. As the influence of mercury is very strong, it can act both as a beneficiary for you and can also be harmful in other aspects.

Planet Mercury is a ruler of communication. It will deeply affect your day-to-day expression and communication activities. That is why professions demanding orator skills are very preferable for people with dominant and favorably placed mercury.

It is the planet famous for its indecisiveness nature. Thus, it makes it difficult for a person to stick to a mundane job and needs something challenging and interesting field to work in with full energy. Mercury attracts professions requiring logical reasoning, coordination, and sharp skills.

It is the governing planet of zodiac signs, Virgo, and Gemini. Planet Mercury as a lord of 6th, 8th, and 12th house in a horoscope is not a favorable position. Body parts affected by mercury are lungs, arms, nervous system, skin, and ears, etc. Orbit time for mercury for a single zodiac is 25 days and the whole zodiac is 10 months (approx).

Nature of Mercury dominated people

These people are of dual nature. They have a great influence on people due to their orator skills and can easily make people convince. They have a good sense of humor and are very intelligent. Another part of nature is that they lack concentration and feel bore frequently.

Influence of Mercury-

Positive signs

A person with favorable and strong Mercury receives the blessings of the following advantages.

  • Strong Mercury makes a person a good speaker and is great for communication skills. A person gets successful in influencing people with his voice easily and effectively.
  • Behaviour is well organized by the planet. It makes a person well behaved and he is born with in-built impressive personality.
  • Nature of a person with strong Mercury is like by all. He is always generous and sweet to the people around him. He is able to attract a lot of attention because of his good sense of humor.
  • Intelligence is the governing factor of planet Mercury. This is most reflecting part of the character of people having a strong Mercury position in their birth chart. It is a symbol of wisdom, wit, and cleverness.
  • Mercury attracts fame and respect. It makes a person famous and makes him hold a dominating position in the society.

Negative signs

  • Mercury if unfavorable can cause harm in one’s life.
  • Mercury might cause problems with speech and argument skills if an unfavourable house of the birth chart.
  • People with strong Mercury are indecisive and cannot easily make decisions.
  • They are born with inbuilt anxiety that sometimes becomes hard to deal with.
  • Many health-related problems might also have to be faced.

Cure For Inauspicious effects of Mercury

The day associated with Mercury is Wednesday and the color is green. In order to tackle the ill effects of Mercury various things related to Mercury can be donated. Things that can be donated include elephant tusk, sugar, green clothes and flowers, Kapur, Moong dal, etc. This should be religiously donated before sunrise on Wednesday.

Mantras of Mercury

Beej Mantra-

“Om Bran Breen Braun Saha Budhaya Namah”

Vedic Mantra

Priyangukalkasham Roopoonapratim Budham |

Saumyam Saumyagunopet Va Budh Pranamamyham ||

Chanting these mantras helps people to reduce the ill effects of Mercury and increase the energy of positive effects.

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