Monkeypox astrology: Another pandemic upcoming?


After months of tracking, the World Health Organisation (WHO), on Saturday, declared Monkeypox a health emergency. The alarm bells were rung by the health organisation after it noticed a rapid spread of the disease across borders.

As per the data, Monkeypox has already infected over 16,000 people across 75 countries. Though not as severe as COVID, yet experts have asked the authorities to be cautious, thus prompting countries to scale up the health infrastructure and tracking of the disease.

In fact, the Indian government held a high-level meeting on Sunday to review the Monkeypox situation in the country. The meeting comes after a 31-year-old person – with no travel history – was found infected with the virus. As of now, the country has reported four cases of Monkeypox.

How does Monkeypox spread?

As the name suggests, the Monkeypox virus falls in the zoonotic category and spreads from infected animals to humans via indirect or direct contact. Human-to-human transmission can occur through direct contact with infectious skin or lesions, including face-to-face, skin-to-skin, and respiratory droplets.

As per the initial research, the current version of Monkeypox is spreading through direct contact with the rashes of an infected person or bodily fluid. Hence, it is again advisable for people to wear masks and maintain their distance from others as much as possible.

Monkeypox astrology

While the spread of Monkeypox is a concerning issue, but the Monkeypox astrology by astrologers predicts a less turbulent impact on India. In India’s 2022 horoscope, the position of the Sun is exactly the same as it was in the horoscope of Independent India. As was it in the independent India, Sun is again in zodiac-ansh-kala. This placement has both positive and negative consequences. 

In this year’s horoscope, the Sagittarius ascendant is rising, which is the eighth house of the Taurus ascendant in independent India. This placement signals the possibility of unfortunate incidents with big leaders.

In India’s horoscope planet Rahu is sitting in the seventh house of Muntha. Meanwhile, Venus, the lord of the sixth house, is forming a dangerous yoga. The sight of Mars is falling on Muntha, which is inauspicious. However, the inauspiciousness is more subjected to war-like situations post 15 August 2022. In addition, the sight of Sun and Mercury on retrograde Saturn sitting at the money position in the year horoscope. This may lead to an economic slowdown. Yet, the good news is that no major spread of virus or calamity is brewing in India’s horoscope.

“Within the next one year, the government may face major opposition from certain sections of the public by bringing major changes in personal laws like marriage, property, inheritance, adoption, etc.”, says Astrotalk astrologer 

“Monkeypox, on the other hand, is an emerging global issue, and the first country to witness a large-scale impact of any such global issue is always India. If the Monkeypox virus spreads, it would only strengthen the economic slowdown situation. Nevertheless, the good news is that the stars don’t predict the spread of any kind of disease in 2022,” astrologer adds.

Monkeypox symptoms

As per the experts, Monekypox, although not deadly, but can stay in the body for long. Monkeypox symptoms can stay for long in your body without you realising it for yourself. The first symptoms are fever and showing up of skin lesions.

To prevent catching the Monkeypox virus, the government has released a host of guidelines. Along with getting yourself checked, in case you get fever, people are also advised to avoid close contact with sick persons, dead or live wild animals, and others. They have also been advised against eating or preparing meat from wild game. Also, try not to use items such as powders and lotions, derived from wild animals from Africa.

To know more about Monkeypox astrology, you can talk to our astrologers.



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