Moodiest Zodiac Signs according to Astrology

Moodiest Zodiac Signs

Mood swings are what every one of us experiences once in a while. However, some people’s mood change can give you whiplash. These people are sensitive and even the slightest of comment can disturb them. They take things to heart and can cause serious confusion because of their mood. Zodiac signs are categorized in a similar fashion some moody while some quite the go with the flow types. Nevertheless, today we will discuss the moodiest zodiac signs according to astrology.


Cancerians are known to have a temper that isn’t stable. They are highly sensitive to any gesture be it good or bad. You may shower them with love and attention and they will cry tears of joy. But a sudden change in your behaviors can cause them to become depressed.

In fact, Cancer is the moodiest zodiac sign of all. They will express their gratitude towards you and get into their zone the next second. However, they know how to control others’ moods with a snap of a finger.


Yes, another water sign, overly sensitive can be triggered with anything and anything. They tend to get offended easily in a cheerful environment thus zoning out. They give a lot and expect double in return. When it doesn’t get fulfilled they get certain mood swings that no one can treat.

You will notice that the change in their behavior is internal, they isolate themselves. They don’t share their concerns but get detached suddenly. This is not bad at all if you view it from their perspective. Indulging in creative activity is their only get away from their constant moodiness.


Scorpios are passionate and open to whatever comes their way. However, on many occasions, they can flip out on you for no apparent reason. Their disgust and anger are all over their face. If you enter their bad books then be prepared for vengeance.

When in the company of a Scorpio choose your words carefully. Any harsh comment can set them off. The only downside is that it is completely okay if they pass remarks. But certainly, a no-no if you do the same with them.


Aries have a reputation for being needy as well as moody. They can be the life of the party but they can ruin it too. They get jealous easily and treat people like competition. One should befriend the firey Ram only when they are sure they can handle their quick changing temperament. Very vocal and aggressive Aries gets into fights easily. Anger management is not their best trait. Thus they are among the 4 moodiest zodiac signs.

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