Mouni Roy’s transformation: Can astrology influence your look?

Mouni Roy astrology

If you know Mouni Roy, you must also be aware of the unimaginable physical transformation she has gone through over the years. And though you may quote money as the reason behind her hot-babe look, but we surely can’t overlook the role of astrology in Mouni Roy’s transformation.

When we say astrology, we speak of numerous elements in astrology that influence a native’s look. Starting right from the Lagna to Nakshatra that you are born in, all of these elements have an influence on how you grow up to look like.

For example, a person born in Ashwini Nakshatra is generally tall, has a broad forehead and a long nose. These elements and their influence on the native is the reason why sometimes even when neither the father nor the mother is tall yet the child happens to grow taller.

The same role of astrological elements has, over the years, worked for Mouni too, besides her natural genes.

Mouni Roy’s transformation

Mouni Roy, a Virgo ascendant, has a strong Mercury in her kundli. Any person with a strong Mercury in his or her chart tends to be lean and tall. Besides, these people have a general tendency to upgrade themselves, and the influence of Mercury helps them in doing so. Also, considering Mouni Roy astrology, as Jupiter aspect Lagna from the 5th house and Mars aspect from the 7th house in her chart, Mouni was bound to have light skin even if she didn’t have it once.

Mouni Roy started her journey in the Television industry with Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi in 2007. Since then, she has been in the news for her fabulous transformation. 

During Naagin 2, when people suspected that Mouni Roy had gone through lip surgery to get the ‘fuller lips’ look, the actress straightway denied undergoing any kind of surgery.

Well, astrologers believe that there is no reason to suspect that she was lying about the surgery as again, astrology has a role to play in giving that trendy lip look to her.

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